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Whirls Technology A4 Indesign Print Template

By weeklypixels
Whirls Technology A4 Indesign Print Template

Whirls Technology A4 Brochure Template is a high quality Indesign brochure template with a solid and dependable look and feel which is perfect for startups, corporations, businesses and non-profits.
It comes with a cover and back design and includes four full spread designs.


The print size is A4 (A3 Spreads) and includes 5mm bleeds. The file is CMYK and print-ready.


– a CS5 indesign file

– a cs4 compatible IDML file

– four Illustrator files with the graphics of the whirls

– one Illustrator file with the pie chart which you can edit the sizes of the slices

– one Illustrator file which you can place your vector logo into

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