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Web design trends of 2014

This information about the current trends in web design will be useful for everyone who is going to create a blog or website, or who is planning to develop the Internet resources in 2014. Of course, the best design – is the one that conceptualized and specifically designed for a particular site. But let us speak about the trends of 2014.

The first item that should be mentioned is minimalism. This fashion did not start yesterday and will not end tomorrow. In 2014, web designers will continue to strive for simplicity and brevity. Clear space, minimum decorations – nothing should distract the user from the site content or blog. Perhaps this is the main trend of web design in 2014!

The next point is flat design. It suggests an absence of volume elements in the design, created by the shadows and gradients. The reason is quite clear. It is because of technical issues. Due to the development of the mobile technologies, the quantity and variety of which are highly increasing, one could not guess how this or that site will work with a number of not very simple effects in various versions of any browser. It is better to draw an uncluttered icon because most users will be able to see it. The same goes about animation effects in 2014.

Pay attention to the bright typography next year. Due to new trends of minimalism the word performs not only a meaning, but also graphics. Fonts can create a special atmosphere or deprive  the charm of the resource.

Big brands require a developing of its own and unique font. But what counts here is that it can not be sparsed because most of browsers will not be able to display it.

Simple doesn’t dim. One can highlight titles with the help of bright neon effect. It will attract the user’s eyes. By the way, neon signs beckon on a psychological level.

The next trend is ‘black & white’ contrast. The use of such images in the best way possible harmonizes with a bright neon.

Images will be used as a background. Recently, the designers used to begin a web page in such a way. Today we are talking about a single attractive photo or a picture of a very large size like this one:


For those who cannot decide which exact picture could be preferable used, the designers ease such a problem in terms of using of block web design. This trend is gaining popularity with the slogan: show the user a maximum, create a variety!


So, to sum it up it is important to remember all these web design tendencies of 2014:

  • Minimalism
  • Flat design
  • Bright typography
  • Unique font
  • Bright neon effect
  • ‘Black & white’ contrast
  • Images as a background
  • Blocking

Probably due to the new requirements people will notice the change in the popular CMS. And maybe there will be new platforms, engines that will make super-modern blogs and websites.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a person has inquiring mind. She has several hobbies such as design, traveling and health care and writing essays custom. Melisa knows that she can share her knowledge with other people. Melisa will gladly communicate with you on Google+.


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