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We Love America

By grandelelo
We Love America

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A perfect for 26th of May event the USA holyday (memorial day), a nice color combination, with an american flag colours, feel free to change the flayer to make it the way you like, this is A5 Flayer and and it come with Facebook TimeLine bonus

You can download the non standard fonts here:

LHF Sarah Script Neue: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/charlesborges/sarah-script/

Bebas Neue: http://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font

Attention: You can replace the picture of the Model very easy, i made a layer as a placeholder for you ready.
The woman used in the preview is just an example how you could do it. This picture is not included. It’s just
for demonstration purposes!

Thank you.

Visit my portfolio: http://graphicriver.net/user/grandelelo/portfolio

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