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Vertical Colored Bands

By TanyDi
Vertical Colored Bands

The package contains 80 stripes patterns in 2 styles – intensive and vintage colors. The intensive color patterns have combinations of 4-5 fresh colors. Vintage look patterns are made in low saturation colors. You can use these patterns as banners and layer style.

– 40 JPG images Intensive colored bands 1000 x 1000px / 300 ppi

– 40 JPG images Vintage colored bands 1000 x 1000px / 300 ppi

– 1 PAT file with 40 Patterns – Intensive colors

– 1 PAT file with 40 Patterns – Vintage colors

– 1 PSD file 1000 x 1000px, layered with Fill patterns adjustment layer and custom color hue/saturation layer. You can change the blending mode of fill pattern layer for more results after activation of the background layer (double click to change the basic color).

– Help files

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