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The Artist Vol.2

By ShermanJackson
The Artist Vol.2

Transform yourself into an Artist with this handy photoshop file called The Artist. This is perfect for your photo manipulations, edited or raw photos. Now with a rich canvas texture and effects you are all set to be the Artist.

The Artist – Volume 2 comes with a photoshop action to add a painterly effect to your photo to add more realism to your photos.

All of the effects, textures, and tonal adjustments sit on their own individual layers which gives you the power to transform your photos into real works of art.

This is the first such photoshop file of it’s kind. Try it out now!

Get a load of these features:

  • A4 Size, great for printing
  • Tonnes of Stunning effects to choose from
  • Highly Editable – Each element sits on it’s own layer
  • Editable Mask
  • Organized Layers
  • Realistic canvas effects and painterly elements
  • Super Easy to use
  • Well Documented & Friendly Help file
  • Youtube Video to help you get started


Here’s the Artist Vol.1: http://graphicriver.net/item/the-artist-volume1/1794864

The Photos used for the previews are not included in the download.

Buy the Canvas Mockup too

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