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Retro Web Design Elements PSD

By PSD Bucket
Retro Web Design Elements PSD

A really nice collection of over 100 retro elements for your web design projects.

You’ll find everything from badges to stars, sliders to chunky buttons, information boxes to ribbons. There’s also a handy collection of social icons each having a choice of five colours.

The folder contains two psd files in two colour styles, blue and green. Each graphic element is detailed and decorated with patterns and styles.

Graphics are scalable and can be mixed and matched so that you can easily create your own retro selection. I have also included a read me file with links to all of the fonts used.

File Information

  • Two psd files for the blue and green colour styles.
  • Wood backgrounds shown are included in the psd.
  • The vector elements can be easily edited, colours changed and re-sized.
  • Read me pdf file

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