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Photorealistic 3D Mock Up

By mucahitgayiran
Photorealistic 3D Mock Up

Photorealistic 3D mock up. Great for presentation logo or making 3d effect texts. You can easily change and edit your own design in seconds. Unlimited different combinations, fully editable, shadows, lights, textures etc… all of them seperately layered. Also you can make your own texture for 3d bevel.

You will get;

  • 8 different specially rendered for this perspective grounds
  • 15 different texture/material for 3d beveled smart object
  • 3 different displacement maps. That means you can make your mock up for example; broken, grungy, wood etc. displacements.Just edit layer mask.
  • Many different premade light setup also they are made with adjustment layers you can easily play with them.
  • Additional lights for more realistic look.
  • Editable smart object layer styles to get perfect render for your material.

If you watch video you will see what can you do with this amazing mock up file. You will enjoy when playing to catch unique effects.

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