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Minimal Colourful Party Flyer Template

By redeffect
Minimal Colourful Party Flyer Template

A3 & A4 / 8.5×11 & 11 x 17
CMYK / with bleed / safe text area
Modern, minimal, multicolor flyer, poster design with vector geometric background, for your event, party.
Fully layered, named and grouped PSD file.
Easy to modify, re-size and change color.

  • A4 300dpi
  • Print Ready
  • 7 colour variations
  • Vector editable geometric background
  • Easy color change


  1. Got the files. Thanks for sharing! There are some posts here from ppolee who are happy and/or proud not to have either a FaceBook account or a Twitter account. Holy crap! It’s friggin’ 2012 and you call yourself a developer and you have neither a FB or Twitter account? Guess what, THEY ARE FREE. Man, I am just astonished by this. Old folks, teens, ppolee who are effectively computer-illiterates can have them. Are you like hipsters or something where you don’t have them because it’s too mainstream or something? I’m really curious.

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