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Marketing Text Styles – Christmas Edition

By stefusilviu
Marketing Text Styles – Christmas Edition

This is a great pack of Photoshop text styles created to be used in marketing, product names or over product package. Also, because this is the Christmas edition, you may use those Photoshop text styles for creating your own Christmas cards, badges, invitations, or ever you need for these holidays.

You can use all these styles in web design but I made them in 2 different sizes (72dpi ans 300dpi), so you can use them both on web and print projects. Acutaly you can even resize all styles using the “Edit -> Image Size” option or “Layer -> Layer Style -> Scale Effects…” option.

Features on this pack:

  • includes 2 PSD files very well organized layers
  • 3D realistic look
  • 10 text effects
  • Designed using free fonts
  • You can change de size of each Christmas text style using the options mentioned above.

The ZIP arhive contains

  • 2 PSD files with 2 different sizes of text styles
  • HTML help file
  • a surpirse just for you

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