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Designer Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or freelance job, or just curious what kind of creative minds are needed, PSDbucket’s creative jobs  listings is the right place to stop by. We list employment opportunities for designers of all kinds – print, 3d, web, flash, etc.

We update this list daily, so even if you have not found a job of your dreams today, don’t hesitate to visit this page tomorrow!

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Revolution Messaging needs Lead Web & Interaction Designer

Revolution Messaging is hiring a Lead Web Designer to join our custom design and development team. The ideal candidate will feel comfortable honing their craft in a rapid response environment spanning a broad spectrum of progressive clients and projects.

If selected for this position, you will provide guidance, mentorship, and direction to a growing team of designers, developers, and strategists. Your expertise will help political campaigns, organizations, and nonprofits succeed in an increasingly digital world. You'll do interesting and important work for nationally recognized organizations who are looking to make the world a more progressive, safe and tolerant place to live. You’ll work with our technology team which is remotely distributed across the United States, joining our remote workforce if desired. Note that this position will require occasional travel to our headquarters in Washington D.C.

The Ideal Candidate

You're ready to help invoke real change in the American political system and are comfortable leading design projects and overseeing a growing team of designers. You:

  • Have 5+ years of experience designing for interaction and the web.
  • Have 2+ years of agency experience.
  • Exemplify strong leadership, backed by previous leadership experience.
  • Speak the language of design and can confidently communicate design decisions to clients and developers.
  • Are equally comfortable designing complex interactions, offering guidance to your team or developing and researching new techniques to help your team work efficiently.
  • Feel at home collaborating with a remote workforce and communicate digitally with ease. (We primarily use Slack, Basecamp, Invision and Zoom.us.)
  • Believe that a website is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Possess a conceptual understanding and passion for modular design practices.
  • Invest thought into improving design workflows and client deliverables.
  • Understand that designs develop through productive conversations with project stakeholders.
  • Sweat the details and have a knack for detecting and preparing for edge-case scenarios.
  • Can come up with a creative way to include the phrase “Vive la révolution” in your cover letter.
  • Have a diverse portfolio that demonstrates a thorough understanding of design systems.
  • Love to solve complex problems visually and like to help others do the same.
  • Have a master-level understanding of the Adobe Suite of design products and familiarity with modern design tools like Sketch.app and Invision.
  • Live and are legally eligible to work in the United States.

About the Position

The Lead Custom Web Designer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of web design at Revolution Messaging, working to bridge the gap between creative, development, and management. You will:

  • Provide leadership and mentorship to the web design team by building strong relationships through regularly scheduled meetings and periodic training with key team members.
  • Set design standards and protocols for the custom web development team.
  • Ensure product quality and consistency through design reviews.
  • Recommend and develop tools, technologies, and processes to increase design efficiency and quality.
  • Develop, maintain, and grow an internal library of design procedures and documentation as directed by the Director of Custom Web Development.
  • Work in close collaboration with tech team management to identify web design needs and recommend technical, procedural or staffing solutions as directed by the Director of Custom Web Development.
  • Be responsible for ensuring quality design is shipped on time, on budget.
  • Report directly to the Director of Custom Web Development.


In addition to a great work environment, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits. Some of these are:

  • Work remote
  • Medical and dental plan
  • 15 days paid time off per year
  • Your birthday off (16th paid day off)
  • Cost-splitting oppertunities for Conferences and learning materials
  • 401k
  • Laptop (We’re primarily a Mac shop.)
  • Competitive salary and bonus compensation based on individual performance

About Revolution Messaging

Revolution Messaging, founded in 2009, in Washington, D.C. by key members of the 2008 Obama campaign, is a leader in cutting-edge progressive strategies for a digital world. Our clients include government agencies, nonprofit groups, unions and political campaigns and candidates. Revolution Messaging specializes in a bevy of in-house digital strategies, including mobile, advertising, social media, video, creative, fundraising and web development.

Revolution Messaging is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is Revolution Messaging’s policy to recruit, hire, train and promote individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, length of time spent unemployed, as well as other classifications protected by applicable laws.

Brushfire Technology needs Front End Web Developer

Brushfire is looking for a Front End Web Developer who is

  • driven to create captivating and interactive web experiences,
  • skilled in layout and has an eye for attention to detail,
  • familiar with web application development patterns and practices,
  • experienced in building published, high quality web sites and applications,
  • stimulated by collaborating with a team to define, design and ship new features.

Ultimately, we want someone who cares about making great, high-performance software and who will take pride in learning quickly and contributing fully to create an experience our users will love. If that sounds like you, hit us up.

We value your time and efforts, so salary is commensurate with experience and includes benefits. We build a work environment for our staff where people learn and grow with the company. We are collaborative, creative, and innovative, with each person expected to contribute to meaningful outcomes.

Successful applicants will be asked to show proof that they can legally work in the US.

What you'll be doing:

  • Assist in designing web applications using HTML/CSS/Javascript and some C#.
  • Collaborate closely with other developers and graphic designers.
  • Participate on multiple projects from concept through completion without continual supervision.
  • Provide quality control over in both code and visual concepts/designs.
  • Grow to eventually lead sessions in your areas of strength while supervising and inspiring those involved in your process.

What you really need to have:

  • One or more years of experience coding web applications using HTML/CSS/Javascript and some server-side language (Ruby/PHP/Node/etc -- ASP.net is preferred).
  • One or more years of experience with mobile responsive design using popular frameworks such as Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.
  • Familiarity with consuming HTTP Web API's.
  • Familiarity with distributed version control systems such as git/svn/etc (Git/Github preferred).
  • Ability to communicate fluently, pleasantly, and effectively—both orally and in writing, in the English language—with customers and co-workers.
  • Passion, integrity, and energy

What we think would be cool, but aren't deal breakers:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Experience with graphics design programs (Photoshop/Illustrator)
  • Experience with wireframing/mockup tools (XD/Sketch)
  • Experience with native mobile development.
  • Experience with back-end, server-side MVC architecture.
  • Familiarity with relational database (SQL) design and/or non-structured persistent data stores (NoSQL)
  • Demonstrable experience on past projects (via Github, BitBucket, Google Code, etc). A candidate with an active commit history at a site like these will be favored over a candidate without similar history.

Company Description

We are Brushfire Technology and we are here to provide churches, ministries, and not-for-profit organizations with world-class event management tools, service, and support. We specialize in events of varying complexity including customizable registration forms as well as general admission and assigned seat ticketed events and compete directly against the largest event management companies in the world. We now have over twenty team members across four states and thrive in a distributed work environment with no physical central office. Qualified applicants should check us out at brushfire.com.





We help clients discover and tell their stories. We need your help to do it.

Our clients trust us to take care of them – and their brand – especially when crafting their digital experiences. We believe the combination of curiosity, design, writing, development and a little bit of adventure can create something more than just a website. Our holistic approach allows us to put goals before technology and meaning before jargon.

The Design Rangers are a small, 4-person design and marketing strategy firm based in sunny Colorado Springs, Colorado, where we play (almost) as hard as we work. We're celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and proud of our humble basement beginnings.


  • Someone who sees code as art. Art that when combined with strategy, design and content, becomes a masterpiece.
  • A designer-turned developer or a developer with an HUGE appreciation for good design
  • A willing collaborator who wants to work with a team to make the best experiences possible
  • A life-long student
  • Someone who likes to laugh and have fun


Below are some of the things we're all about. If they make you want to lace-up your boots and join the camp, we'd love to hear from you. If not, your adventure lies elsewhere.

  • Fun and lively – Our Slack channel makes full use of Giphy. We like to talk, joke, have fun and eat tacos (even on a Monday.)
  • Storytellers – We believe every client has a story that will connect them to their audience, and we love discovering it.
  • Collaborators – We think together is better.
  • Contributors – Free marketing workshops for nonprofits, sharing lessons learned with our competitors, connecting with our community. We want to be part of the conversation.
  • Outdoorsy – This is Colorado after all. Several of our clients are based in the outdoor/recreation industry and we're out in it whenever possible.
  • We work with nice people – Because life's too short to work with jerks.
  • Cause related – Nonprofits love us and we love them.
  • Honest – We are Rangers, and open and honest communication is part of our DNA.


We're actively moving away from the linear design-and-dev, templat-and-test approach to creating websites and digital products. Instead, we prefer to create design and dev systems that are flexible from the start. And not only for the end-users or stakeholders, but for the content managers, who are often left to fend for themselves.

We've been watching industry leaders and adding our own Ranger insights to the mix, using atomic design principles and new deliverables like element collages to forge a new path. Don't know what those things are? You should be looking them up. Currently we're using tools like Sketch, InVision, WordPress, the X Theme/Pro/Cornerstone framework along with hand-crafted design, code and content to get the job done.



We believe that passion and willingness to learn can move mountains. But we also need a foundational skillset to build-upon. Here's what we need you to bring to the table:


  • Front-end development – You know, the crafting of HTML, CSS & JS into art like we talked about earlier. Oh, and it's 2017 for goodness sakes, EVERYTHING has to be responsive.
  • Wordpress development – You don't need to be a PHP genius, but you do need to understand how basic hooks, actions, logic and structure work. Things like:
    • WordPress best practices
    • Theme development, child themes and template creation
    • Working with the WP Codex
    • Working with existing frameworks and plugins
    • Creating basic extensions and/or plugins
    • Creating intuitive, user-friendly experiences, even in the back-end
  • Flexible approach to design and development – Everyone has their own way of doing things. We need someone who is always willing to experiment and change workflows when and if it makes sense.
  • Tenacity – Dev can be frustrating, trust me, we know. But we need someone who won't give up. Someone who curses the existence of IE but finds the solution and rises triumphantly nonetheless. #winning
  • Detail-oriented – Sorry, 19px Arial is not close enough to 1.25rem Proxima Nova. You'll need to be a stickler for all the little details. We all do.
  • Thinks beyond the brackets – Your key skill is code. Our key differentiator is creating great experiences. Creating them requires thinking about the entire solution, not just one piece of it.
  • Able to take and give feedback – Your opinion matters. So does ours. Let's make great things together!


  • OK with frameworks and **gasp** even plugins – Yes, we said the "P" word. We know custom code is always cleaner and faster. Yes, we know frameworks can add additional overhead. We also know that they can jump-start great solutions instead of re-inventing the wheel.
  • Basic design principles – You don't need to be a designer, but you should be able to see that Stripe's website looks a lot better than Electrifying Times.
  • A student of life – We learn something new every day. So should you.
  • Problem-solver – Our clients have challenges. Help us solve them.
  • Communication skills – Be clear. Be concise. And above all else, be human. Bonus points if you can make us laugh.
  • Tasks both big and small – Sometimes we're creating a site that brings a client to tears. Sometimes plugins need updated. You'll be responsible for these things and everything in-between.


  • PHP skills
  • Full-stack skills
  • Familiarity with Agile design principles
  • Familiarity with Atomic design principles
  • Familiarity with GIT versioning
  • Web and/or print design skills
  • Loves to create a good process
  • Up on modern standards/techniques
  • Familiar with Sketch, Adobe and InVision products
  • UX experience
  • Theme and/or plugin development




  • Crafting code – Creating digital experiences that foster an environment of success for everyone involved:
    • The end user
    • The content managers
    • The stakeholder
  • Websites – Creating websites, from single-page campaign support to full-blown corporate basecamps.
  • Design systems – Creating pattern libraries of design and code that can act as Lego blocks for a brand.
  • Surprise-and-delight – Micro-interactions and small additions that make a big difference.
  • Processes – Building and documenting Ranger-approved ways of working that can be re-used and enhanced over time
  • Web maintenance, updates and refinements – The little stuff that's critical to keep a site running smoothly.
  • Extending and refining existing client sites – Based on data, behavior and business needs.
  • Determining the best dev solutions – Using a holistic approach that considers the entire experience and all audiences including content managers.
  • Support – Respond to and take action on support tickets and on-going web refinements for clients.
  • Keep the Ranger site looking tip-top – because it tends to get neglected. Like hasn't been updated in 2+ years neglected.
  • Contributing – to our on-going discussion of how design and dev can help get to the essence of the client's story.



  • Full-time preferred, part-time with secured hours considered.
  • In-office working arrangement preferred but open to a remote working situation.
  • We'll require finalists to take a sample design and dev it. Paid of course, but you can't BS your way through it.
  • We'll want to know a lot about who you are and if you're a fit.
  • Sell us! Write something interesting that lets me know who you are and what you can bring to the table.
  • Tell us the most interesting development problem you've solved.
  • Show us how you've used WordPress in interesting ways.
  • MUST show completed websites and/or products you've worked on.
  • MUST provide code examples via said websites and/or GitHub, CodePen, etc.
  • Salary requirements.

Razeware LLC needs Senior Fullstack Developer

About Us

Razeware is the company behind raywenderlich.com, the most popular iOS development site on the Internet. We're a small 10-person company that has been profitable for 7 years, and we're all remote - with folks in Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and England! :]

About the Job

We are seeking a senior full-stack engineer to help us make a major overhaul of raywenderlich.com.

Our web stack is based on Rails 5, deployed via Docker on AWS, code reviewed through GitHub and CircleCI, and deployments are done by a single command to a Slack bot. We're always looking at how we can improve, and are currently evaluating React and Redux as possible ways to improve the UX on our front-end apps.

You'd be working with a small team of one other senior engineer, and one designer, so you'd have tremendous influence on the project and engineering at Razeware in general. This is a great chance to work on a green-field project with some great developers using lots of exciting new tech, and to take an already popular site to the next level! :]

Skill Requirements

  • 4+ years of software engineering experience
  • Experience with Ruby-on-Rails
  • Demonstrable knowledge of architecting microservice-like platforms
  • Deep understanding and interest in a wide range of technologies and design patterns
  • Experience with front-end technologies—React and Redux a bonus
  • Top-notch communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills—the ability to weigh costs & benefits and arrive at a sensible compromise-
  • Strong problem-solving ability—in a technology agnostic manner
  • Desire to learn new technologies
  • Interest in / experience of teaching programming

What's In it For You

  • Remote working: live anywhere - no time tracking - set your own hours!
  • Health insurance and 401K match (US only)
  • Generous PTO - plus 1-week company-wide Christmas vacation
  • Competitive salary
  • Professional development (conferences & training)
  • Free trip to our annual conference - RWDevCon

Webconnex needs UI Developer

We are looking for a Front-end Web Developer (Mid to Senior level) to join our team as soon as possible. This position is remote and full-time contract to full-time permanent. Looking for someone excited about user experience and eager to be part of a quickly growing team and company. You will be responsible for the user interface of our application and marketing platforms.

About Us
Webconnex is a small team in charge of creating a suite of products to enable users to create and manage all forms of registration applications ranging from donations and race registration to conferences and ticketing. Our team is full of smart and motivated people looking to make awesome products.

Our customers include: Crossfit, Major League Baseball, Google, The American Red Cross, TEDx, Southwest Airlines and ColorVibe

We like to have fun and work hard. Benefits include:
- Remote work flexibility
- Yearly trips to work out of the country as a team(primarily in someplace tropical).
- Competitive salaries

Find more information at: http://www.webconnex.com

Skills and Requirements
- Good verbal and written English communication skills. Experience working with distributed teams.
- HTML5 + CSS 3
- JavaScript
- UX, UI, Responsive Web Design
- Sass (CSS frameworks knowledge beneficial. Bootstrap and Bourbon)
- Familiarity with React, Angular and build tools like Gulp and Webpack
- Linux, Shell

Key Responsibilities
- Build and maintain responsive dynamic user interfaces across all of our apps
- Work closely with back-end engineers and product managers to iterate on current product
- Prototype proof of concepts with product team
- Help further optimize the UI mark-up
- Strong understanding of both mobile and web user experiences
- Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch.

For more info and to apply visit demo.regfox.com/front-end-developer-application

MeetEdgar needs SEO Specialist/Content Manager

*This is a remote, contract position for approximately 20/hrs week. Strong likelihood of growing into a full-time role.*

We’re starting a new blog on web development and dev ops topics, and we’re looking for someone to lay the SEO groundwork and oversee content creation.

You’ll be working on a brand new product from the MeetEdgar team. Since 2014, we’ve grown Edgar into a profitable tool with thousands of happy, beautiful, paying customers, and we want your help to do it all over again!

This is a greenfield project, which means you’ll be instrumental in making the decisions of how it all comes together. (So if you like having a wide berth and building cool stuff, yay!)

This role will be kicking off our marketing team and working alongside a small team of developers who are currently building the product. While the project is relatively new, you’ll also be a member of our larger MeetEdgar team, and have all the associated resources (like design and dev help) to pull from.

About You

You will do the keyword research to create an in-depth SEO and content plan for a brand new company blog. That includes making sure all of the technical details (like Google search console, proper sitemaps, etc.) are covered, as well as ensuring that SEO best practices are in place for all content from day one.

You won't be the primary writer, but you will be overseeing and editing writers, as well as doing content research and link building of your own. (You're less of a blogger and more of an editor/manager.)

Your duties include:
Systemizing SEO practices for blog and site content
Sourcing and managing freelancers and guest posters
Sourcing curated/roundup content
Forming relationships with writers, experts, content partners, etc.

Ideally, you have some kind of background or interest in the dev ops/development world. You do not need to be an expert yourself, per say, but you need to be familiar with the basic terms/concepts, and be prepared to manage a blog tailored to readers with a strong background in those subjects.

About Us

We’re a small team of 30-some people, all working remotely across the US & Canada. We do a lot of collaborating and meme-swapping on Slack, along with virtual team meetings and super-futuristic video calls. We also do a twice-annual retreat week where we work together on cool projects all day and rock the karaoke mic all night. (Spoiler alert: This means you have to be willing and able to travel to those retreats! The karaoke, however, is optional.)

We’re proudly bootstrapped and profitable, which means we get to turn down VC money a lot and keep doing things the way we like. We’re pretty serious about building and maintaining an awesome, positive company culture, so, you know, no jerks.

We'll probably get along if you’re someone who wants to be creative, have a pretty-serious-but-not-inhuman amount of responsibility, and work with people who make going to work not suck. (And be one of those people yourself. We like those people.)

And on that note, we’re proud to be an equal-opportunity employer genuinely committed to building a diverse team, and to fostering the type of inclusive environment in which diversity thrives.


  • At least two years full-time experience working in content marketing and/or SEO
  • You love to learn about and keep up with SEO best practices
  • Proficient editing skills
  • Live anywhere in the USA or Canada
  • You know how to communicate effectively and work as part of a team trying to build something great
  • Passionate about improving processes and recognize the value of an awesome company culture
  • Not a jerk


  • Some level of coding ability
  • A background in the developer world and developer-oriented topics

Modern Tribe needs Digital Project Manager

Modern Tribe is looking for a talented and experienced freelance digital project manager based somewhere in North America to join our Product’s Team.

If you are drawn to order like a moth to a flame, then drop us a line. If you like maintaining lists and seeing team members make progress because you set them up to succeed, then you are perfect for this gig. We are looking for someone comfortable with leading product development project within the plug in development space.

If you are skilled in agile, waterfall and whatever-suits-the-project techniques, then we should talk.

To be transparent, this is NOT a Digital Producer role. We have Strategists that you will be working with as well as UX team members. This gig is about organization and management more than it is about creative input.

Who We Are

Modern Tribe is a rapidly growing software & design company. We develop custom solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, government institutions and smaller growing organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge people and technology and to bring the passion and dedication of an entrepreneur to every project. Our team is composed of talented employees and freelancers around North & South America (and a smattering across the globe).

Who You Are

We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work primarily with freelancers and coordinate their talents for large projects. To be on our team, you must be:

  • Happy: Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a positive disposition allows us to achieve great things and to support each other.
  • Helpful: Always looking for ways that you can help others.
  • Curious: It is essential that you have a passion for learning. Technology changes daily, and life has a way of constantly raising the bar.
  • Accountable: Our clients expect us to get the right thing done on budget and on time. Communicating expectations and meeting them is the cornerstone of success.
  • A Freelancer: This means that if you live within the USA, you will also maintain your own personal client list and that Modern Tribe will only comprise a proportion of your total income. Regardless of where you live, you need to be already freelancing.

For this role specifically, you should feel comfortable wrangling a chaotic digital media project into an organized one. You should ask lots of questions and feel a need to. We are hoping you will not just project manage, but understand the project, the business goals and engage in the technology enough to be able to anticipate scope, budget and timeline challenges.


Your primary responsibility is to shepherd the project to success. We pride ourselves on our projects arriving on time, on scope, on budget with a happy team and customer. You will create confidence through organization and oversee communication. To do this, you will need to:

  • Manage scope, timeline and budget execution
  • Manage expectations for everyone on a project including the team, the account managers, and the customer
  • Run scrums and other status meetings
  • Review team hours
  • Write SOWs
  • Review budget
  • Set up and maintain tickets in the management system
  • Manage collection of assets and information from the customer
  • Perform meeting prep, prepare agendas, and handle all follow up
  • Produce weekly and monthly summary reports

Personal Competencies

  • Strong communication and/or experience working as part of a remote team
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight
  • Fluent English speaker

Required Knowledge & Experience

  • At least 5 years of experience working as a PM, ideally on a distributed web design / dev team
  • Experience with agile and waterfall management styles
  • Experience producing large CMS powered websites
  • A whiz when it comes to online collaboration tools. You feel at home when we talk about Slack, Google Hangout, Google Docs, Dropbox or any number of online PM tools.
  • Experience managing projects with budgets over $100k

Additional Experience (Bonus Points)

  • Experience with WordPress
  • Technical experience as a frontend or backend developer
  • Experience with enterprise level web development projects
  • Design experience


Given the nature of this role, we’re exclusively seeking applicants located in North America who have a perfect command of the English language. Please do not apply if you are not totally fluent in English or are located / work outside of traditional U.S. business hours.


Pay is $50USD per hour commensurate with qualifications and experience. The gig is about 10 hours per week of work. This is a one time contract position, though we are always seeking longer relationships with kick-ass people.

Modern Tribe needs Senior WordPress Frontend Developer

Modern Tribe is looking for a talented WordPress frontend developer in North America to join our team.

We’re currently working on high-profile WordPress implementations that range between conventional to seriously bleeding edge. We will want to see plugin code examples – public plugins are ideal. We want people that are able to develop code that can withstand high profile sites and intense loads. You should be comfortable working as part of a team – your code will have to integrate into an existing architecture. If tightly optimized code get’s you excited – you’re probably a good fit.

Do you have a dog eared copy of ‘Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja’ beside your bed? Would you be excited to work on large scale WordPress projects that actually require your JavaScript skills? Would you be stoked to push the limits of where JavaScript and WordPress can play nicely together?

The opportunity calls for a mixed set of skills. We need someone with expert level CSS skills, impeccable WordPress experience, and solid JavaScript, PHP & MySQL skills. Experience building sites with extremely large loads is a plus. We like our stuff to run fast and smooth. We are looking for a unique snowflake – maybe it’s you?

Who We Are

Modern Tribe, Inc. is a rapidly growing software & design company. We develop custom solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, government institutions and smaller growing organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge people and technology and to bring the passion and dedication of an entrepreneur to every project. Our team is composed of talented employees and freelancers around North & South America (and a smattering across the globe).

Who You Are

We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work primarily with freelancers and coordinate their talents for large projects. To be on our team, you must be:

  • Happy: Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a positive disposition allows us to achieve great things and to support each other.
  • Helpful: Always looking for ways that you can help others.
  • Curious: It is essential that you have a passion for learning. Technology changes daily, and life has a way of constantly raising the bar.
  • Accountable: Our clients expect us to get the right thing done on budget and on time. Communicating expectations and meeting them is the cornerstone of success.


  • ARCHITECT: Work with design team to architect and document theme solutions using best practices
  • ADAPT: Integrate code into existing theme architecture
  • COLLABORATE: Coordinate with designers, back-end developers and other theme devs
  • PERFORM: Produce code solutions that load quickly and smoothly
  • REVIEW: Be a part of QA team and optimize / review other team members’ code

Personal Competencies

  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working as part of a remote team
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented
  • Strong organizational skills
  • A methodical approach to all tasks
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines
  • Fluent English speaker

Required Knowledge & Experience

  • Experience with LESS or Sass
  • Experience with es2015 and Babel
  • Comfort in advanced JavaScript projects
  • Mid level to advanced PHP Skills
  • GIT
  • Experience with extending and customizing the WordPress media manager and other JavaScript in the WordPress admin
  • Experience with API requests and parsing responses in JavaScript

Additional Experience (Bonus Points)

  • Knowledge of WordPress theming best practices
  • Examples of plugins / code that you’ve released to the open source community
  • Proficiency at local environment development
  • Experience with JavaScript templating. We like: Angular, Backbone, Handlebars, React and Underscores templating. Basically we hope you will be pro at one of the many different templating options out there right now.


Work from anywhere in North, Central or South America. Please do not apply if your timezone is outside of the US range and if you are not totally fluent in English. You just need a computer and a strong wifi signal to support daily video chats with the Tribe.


Pay range is between $50-$75 US per hour commensurate with qualifications and experience. We are currently looking for both Full Time devs and freelance contractors about 15-20 hours a week for this gig.

Smashcut needs Senior Product Designer

Senior Product Designer

Job Summary

Smashcut's is building an online film school to empower emerging filmmakers with a best-in-class filmmaking education within a mentor-driven, project-based, interactive program. We are an early stage start-up seeking to hire a talented design leader who share our values in quality and innovation to help us produce and market a product that's simple to understand, easy to use and fun to experience.

We are looking for a strong and experienced Senior Product Designer who will report to the head of product. You will work collaboratively with Founder/CEO, product & design talents and a team of engineers to bring our vision to a platform that solves real problems and bring real values to the customers.

What you will do:

  • Design and deliver new concepts and design solutions based on the product blueprint.
  • Own the end-to-end design process and communication, including wireframes, high-fidelity mock ups, user interaction flows, and the implementation with the engineers.
  • Oversee the entire design of the web app (desktop and mobile web) as well as the mobile apps on iOS and Android platform.
  • Manage the design of marketing and user communication channels including the branding, marketing website, email templates, and other event specific offline collaterals.
  • Review, delegate and manage design workload with in-house design consultants or external agencies as needed.
  • Be the champion of design standards and consistency as well as the new trends and innovations applicable to our product.

Skills and knowledge you should possess:

  • 5-10 years of experience as a web product designer, user experience designer, interaction designer, or similar UI/UX-related role with accompanying experience in visual/graphic design.
  • Strong experience with iterative product design work with a single web/mobile product or client.
  • Experience creating design prototypes or highly detailed wireframes.
  • Strong ability to communicate your design vision verbally or via writing, sketching, or quick mock ups to small or large groups of stakeholders.
  • Strong ability to defend of your design decision rationally and accept critical feedback with openness.
  • An online portfolio or samples of work demonstrating relevant experience, especially work that demonstrates your ability to simplify complex concepts or UX.
  • Strong to expert level skills in HTML and CSS.
  • Well-rounded understanding of user-centered design process, as well as strong knowledge of user experience principles.
  • Experience working in a collaborative and iterative team environment.
  • Perennial self starter that can create schedules and define scope of work even without explicit requirements and direction.

Bonus points:

  • Experience in directly relevant fields such as video, filmmaking, online education/instructional, social online community, paid subscription model, etc.
  • Experience with modern project management and communication tools such as Github, Basecamp, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Experience with working remotely, participating in weekly check-ins via video chat, flexible hours of collaboration with those in different timezones, social engagement with fellow teammates via group chat, willingness to travel for occasional team meetings, etc.
  • Candidates in NY/NJ/CT area preferred. Candidates in EST timezone strongly preferred.

A little bit about us:

Smashcut is building an online film school. A mentor-driven, project-based curriculum will provide an innovative and affordable alternative to existing film education options. Upon acceptance, students are assigned industry mentors who will guide them through a variable-paced interdisciplinary curriculum comprised of Screenwriting, Cinematography, Directing, Editing - with Sound Design and Cinema Studies incorporated throughout. For a fraction of the price of traditional film schools, Smashcut will provide technical skills, aesthetic concepts, mentor-student relationships, and career guidance. By increasing access to a meaningful media creation curriculum, Smashcut will champion a diverse population of emerging film students, and usher in a much needed democratization of film education.

Interested? Please contact us with your resume at:


TapClicks, Inc. needs Graphic Designer

A full-time position is available in the Marketing Department for a Graphic Designer. The Marketing Department is responsible for all sales and marketing collateral – digital and print. We focus heavily on inbound and content marketing, demand gen, and paid advertising.

This position is responsible for establishing and promoting brand standards for the entire company. Day-to-day tasks include graphic design for print collateral, display ads, content marketing initiatives (blog posts, infographics, white papers, etc.), email campaigns, websites and more.

Requirements and Technical Skills

  • Strong portfolio with print and screen examples
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Proficient with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop)
  • Experience preparing digital files for print
  • Familiarity with interaction design and designing for screens (mobile and desktop)

About TapClicks
TapClicks is a world-class SaaS reporting platform for agencies, media companies and large brands. TapClicks was founded in 2009, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and has satellite offices in Boston, Nashville and Montreal.

Neon Canvas needs Web Designer

We’re looking for a skilled and hard working designer with a front-end development skillset to join our team. You will work closely with our CEO, other designers, content/SEO team, and account managers to help lead the art direction for our clients. Our ideal candidate will be team-oriented, flexible, and work with high ethical standards and an excellent disposition.

The right candidate is enthusiastic about web design and it's trends and has the ability to tackle any design or front-end development task thrown their way. We are consistently investing in employee growth and will encourage on-going improvement and knowledge in the role.

Some of the specifics we are looking for:


  • Creative and fresh designs that set trends and appeal to a modern design aesthetic.
  • Ability to work on smaller projects like logos and print ads to larger more complicated web design and development projects.
  • Solution oriented thinker who looks to solve problems through dbesign and user experience.

Addt'l Skills

  • Front-end developer - Able to write clean HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Knowledge of CSS pre-processors - Preferably Sass
  • Experience building and managing websites using WordPress
  • Flexible in workflows. Can you easily navigate a work-flow to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Self-Starter - Needs little to no oversight
  • Experience with DNS
  • Experience with GIT, SVN
  • Familiarity with responsive design principles
  • Experience with e-commerce sites, specifically Woocommerce

To apply, please send us brief introduction, explain why you would be a good fit for Neon Canvas, and include your resume, desired compensation (salary), and a link to your portfolio.

To learn more about Neon Canvas and what we do, please visit www.neoncanvas.com

Fission Strategy needs Senior Designer


Do you want your work to make a difference? Do you want to make a measurable impact on the world? Do you like the idea of jumping into an amazing team and collaborating with like-minded, passionate, exceptional people to engage digital communities and create social change? Welcome to Fission.

Fission builds digital-driven movements that succeed through the power of people. We specialize in helping the world’s leading nonprofits and foundations tell powerful stories, engage their supporters and implement strategic digital platforms to drive social change in their communities. We’ve participated in 2 successful social enterprise startup exits and bring the best ideas from startups to the nonprofit sector. Our mission-oriented company is virtual and consists of team members who are powerhouses in our field.

Our clients are fantastic (http://fissionstrategy.com/projects/) and the projects are exciting. Some of our recent and current clients include ONE.org, MomsRising, Everytown for Gun Safety, Greenpeace, Define American, and many more. We are a "virtual" company of 15 people -- our team is distributed across the US. We have a small, fun crew that stays in touch throughout the workday on Slack, Google Hangout, Email and Zoom.


Do you enjoy coming up with new, innovative and compelling campaign ideas? Do you live and breathe design? Are you an out of the box thinker and problem solver? Do you aspire to support social change through the use of technology and design?

If this sounds like you, then you are the right fit for Fission Strategy.

We seek a highly driven and proactive Senior Designer to work with the world’s leading non-profits to create amazing custom websites, print graphics, infographics, social ads and share graphics that mobilize large-scale social action.


  1. Remote but East Coast Preferred

As Fission’s Senior Designer, you will:

  1. Implement a combination of strategic, conceptual and art direction skills
  2. Inspire and embrace challenges and new ways of thinking
  3. Create and manage original, persuasive, conceptually compelling work for campaigns, content and experiences
  4. Proactively research and pursue ideas for professional development
  5. Use high level creative skill and understanding of design industry software, photography, typography and image editing practices to develop a wide range of visual solutions, balancing creativity and attention to objectives
  6. Provide accurate time and cost estimates to Account Managers and Project Management for use in project proposals
  7. Successfully interpret diverse project scopes and requirements for deliverables, evaluate multiple inputs and points of view, and work within agreed-on timelines as well as urgent deadlines
  8. Identify opportunities and risks for delivering the company’s products/services, including third-party creative services like photographers, videographers, illustrators and other partners. The Senior Designer will also work directly with these resources to manage budgets and creative integrity. Keeping up with design and advertising trends is essential to this role.
  9. Prepare and present designs for projects according to instructions from the Project Manager and/or Account Manager as well requirements from clients, including determination of size, placement and layout of visual components and text copy;
  10. Follow client brand guidelines for style and communication, and assist in creating or modifying these guidelines when appropriate or specifically requested;
  11. Prepare print ready and web ready design files for various vendors and developers.

You’d be perfect at Fission, if you:

  1. Are creative and passionate about design;
  2. Can successfully juggle multiple design projects at once;
  3. Are self-directing and able to start and contribute to new assignments with minimal instruction;
  4. Have a positive “can-do” personality;
  5. Can keep an accurate record of all time spent on client business;
  6. Are excited about doing work that makes a difference in the lives of others.


  1. Beautiful and unique graphic, web, and event design skills.
  2. Bachelor's degree in Art, Media, or Design related field from four-year college or university or equivalent experience; and/or 7+ years related experience in an agency, organization or corporate marketing communications department.
  3. Proficient in all graphic design applications including but not limited to InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  4. Proficient designing within the constraints of Powerpoint and Google Presentation.
  5. Knowledge of basic HTML & CSS, Wordpress, and Balsamiq Mockups wireframing software is preferred.
  6. Great understanding of content and how to translate it into various visual forms of expression
  7. Great understanding of the requirements and processes in digital environments
  8. Ability to multi-task with strong organizational and time management skills.
  9. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, together with the ability to work collaboratively and courteously with colleagues

BriteCore needs UI/UX Designer

Do you want want to make a difference solving interesting problems? Do you want to influence the direction of your career and play a key role in shaping an application’s design? Do you love good typography and are excited about creating a scalable design system?

If you answered "Yes!" to all of those questions, then you might be a great fit for BriteCore. As a member of our design team, you will work with an excellent group of engineers to solve complex problems with clear, effective design. Currently, we are looking for a UI/UX designer who is able to contribute to the entire design process at BriteCore. This includes:

  • Creating initial design sketches and workflows
  • Coding up designs in HTML and CSS
  • Testing designs with real users.

If you have expertise in these areas, please apply with us today!

Benefits and Compensation

  • $40k-$60k based on experience and proven performance
  • Benefit from working alongside and observing a team of world-class engineers and designers
  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage including medical, dental, and vision
  • Flexible schedule
  • Relaxed work environment
  • Remote work
  • Flexible learning time — explore your ideas and new technologies on the clock

Technologies You Will Utilize

  • Sketch, Balsamiq, or other wire-framing tools
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML5
  • SCSS, PostCSS
  • Javascript experience a plus (our developers use jquery, vue.js)
  • GitHub
  • Command Line (previous experience a plus, but not required)

We’ll expect you to

  • Create usable designs around complex workflows
  • Inform design decisions with data, user testing
  • Communicate clearly
  • Welcome feedback and collaboration
  • Be friendly, confident, and patient with others
  • Self-direct
  • Have a keen sense for what makes an attractive UI
  • Stay up on industry best practices and trends

About the Company

At BriteCore, we build gorgeous, scalable, and usable cloud-based insurance software. This is a company where design is deeply valued and has a seat at the table. We have created a team of top performers developing modern systems for the insurance industry. Our team enjoys working together, and takes tremendous pride and ownership in our platform. The environment is progressive – we are building a modular design system for use across all of our products. We love great technology and design and it shows in every aspect of our product. Our team enjoys a flexible, balanced, and stimulating environment. We promote a high quality of life for our employees by allowing them to choose their own schedule and location. Bring creativity, focus, and productivity to your job, and enjoy 40 hour work weeks, flexible paid time off, and remote work.

If you don't hear from us, you can guarantee an interview by sending us a great submission for the following project:


Beck & Stone, Inc. needs Multi-Disciplined Creative Individual

We're seeking a multi-disciplined individual with experience in senior designer, copywriter & front-end engineer. For this role, strength in CSS/HTML is a key priority, but you should have some working knowledge and understanding of guiding principals of copywriting and design and experience working with JavaScript.

Based on initial mockups and an existing code base, the you will design in the browser as needed, bringing uniformity and intuitiveness to the rest of the site. Extreme attention to detail is greatly desired. (We don't believe in shaming designers for being picky.)

The designer should be able to work quickly and collaboratively. Familiarity with responsive grid frameworks, in this case, Foundation, is a must.

Data Driven Safety, LLC needs Unconventional Software Developer

Wanted: A competent (read: excellent) developer who truly enjoys writing code and producing efficient, stable, long-running applications. We're looking for people who love to tinker with computers (hardware and software), who work with text terminals all the time (and prefer it!), and who work well remotely and under pressure. People who like to fix problems by finding solutions that fundamentally address any problems and improve the underlying systems. People for whom different languages are merely different tools--each with its strengths, weaknesses, and best applications. Does this describe you?

Skills & Requirements

  • enough experience to dive in quickly and be up-to-speed in moments
  • ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • strong coding skills, of course (essential familiarity: java, ruby, php, bash; extras: perl, lua)
  • self-motivated and object-based (we don't care about face time)
  • Debian or Ubuntu experience is very helpful; working in Linux essential
  • MySQL experience

Additional Details

Work remotely from anywhere (our employees often do), in-person frequently in Los Angeles, or on-site in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Looking for mid-level, but will consider junior and senior level as well, as long as you eat sleep and breathe this stuff, have been doing it as a hobby for a long time (in the case of the former), and aren't stuck in your ways (in the case of the latter).

Challenging environment: New projects come in all the time, so we build current systems to last, using the best tools for the job.

Full-time. Competitive compensation. Planning to hire by 1505458800.

No recruiters please.

About Data Driven Safety

How DDS is described by our employees: "No bs, no corporate politics, no dress code, financially-secure company, flexible work schedules, objective-based approach, employees all over the world, telecommuting is as normal as on-site, love what I do (at least most days), ... what did you want me to say again?"

DDS is a small company with a close-knit employee group. We have maintained a nearly 100% client and employee retention rate. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages to smart, loyal, creative thinkers that excel at problem solving.

DDS collects public record data (e.g., arrest, crash, judicial, etc.) directly from thousands of governmental agencies. This information fuels a number of unique services that are utilized nationally by large and small corporations, a state risk pool, municipalities, educational institutions, hospital systems and insurance underwriters. Our only publicly marketed service is Envision, a comprehensive driver improvement platform. However, most of our growth during the past several years has been driven by a set of predictive underwriting, fraud prevention and claims management services that were created at the request of our customers in the automotive and health care industries.

Data Driven Safety, LLC is dedicated to improving public safety. We have been in existence since 2009 and are owned through the Graham Group, a billion-dollar investment vehicle.

needs UI/UX Designer

We're looking for a really good designer who is also a really awesome person to work with.

You're a designer who specializes in design simple and intuitive websites and apps while maintaining the extremely high standard of design. You love the challenge of thinking through problems. Most importantly, you are always hungry for feedback that develops and perfects your work. You care about process, but you care about making clients happy. Your work is your baby, but you're not emotional about it.

You should have an amazing portfolio of website work. We're looking for someone awesome. Hopefully you're it!

  • 6-8 years of experience designing web and mobile applications or equivalent experience
  • Extensive knowledge in Adobe Creative Cloud. (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  • Good understanding of the development landscape
  • Ability to work fast and manage trade offs when faced with short deadlines
  • Ability to clearly communicate your thoughts with both peers and clients
  • Ability and confidence to take ownership of projects
  • Passionate about UI/UX (You are a perfectionist)
  • Strong understanding of responsive design
  • No ego — a willingness to admit you don’t know everything

We don't micro-manage our designers, so being trustworthy and hard working is a must. We're working on some very cool projects and would love to have another designer to dive in and help with the workload.

needs Remote Front-End Developer

We're looking for a developer with master-level skills. Ideally you should know WordPress like the back of your hand. You’ll help develop technical projects, contribute to strategic planning and collaborate on high-level user experience designs. The ideal candidate is a code expert who is passionate about clean and scalable code and is not afraid to push technical innovation.


  • Masterful with CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and PHP
  • Awesome WordPress theme development, plugin development and general customizations
  • Understanding design, UI, and UX concepts, and being able to translate these concepts to technical implementations.
  • Develop HTML for sites to function on multiple browsers, maintain CSS framework, identify and resolve all issues
  • Work with designers who prepare all production files in Photoshop and then translate them into HTML templates
  • Work with the technology team to ensure thorough and effective documentation during the development process
  • Aid in the preparation of project time plans and adhere to them
  • Excellent trouble shooting, time management, attention to detail and communication skills (we use Slack!)
  • Extremely detail-oriented, and comfortable working in a fast paced environment


  • 4+ years professional experience
  • Proven track record of coding cutting-edge interactive projects
  • Must be a self-starter with an extraordinary work ethic
  • Flexibility, sense of humor, and a team mentality are assets

Creative Market needs Full-stack Engineer, Conversion Team

Contribute directly to the success of independent creators around the world. As a full-stack engineer on our conversion team, you'll work to grow our marketplace through data-driven experimentation, A/B tests, and product improvements. Work in a highly accountable, transparent, and fast-moving environment that also demands precise, well-constructed PHP and JavaScript.

Healthy Building Network needs Engineering - Senior IT / Product Manager

Join Healthy Building Network (HBN) as our Senior Product Manager to help shape our growth trajectory and lead innovative products like Pharos and Portico. HBN conducts research and builds data platforms that allow global and national partners to evaluate and select healthier chemicals, materials, and products.

The Senior Product Manager leads and works closely with our engineers to guide technology products from conception to launch, bridging the technical and business worlds as you design products and services that our customers and partners love. You will work with partners like Google, Harvard, Georgia Tech, Perkins+Will, and non-profit affordable housing practitioners (to name a few). You will also work with HBN’s research and leadership teams. You have a bias toward action and can break down complex problems into steps that drive product development and technologies that improve improve human and environmental health through hazardous chemical removal.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial Product Manager to help innovate and execute product initiatives across the organization. This position is full-time and reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

About Healthy Building Network: HBN’s mission is to advance human and environmental health by improving chemical hazard transparency and inspiring product innovation. Since 2000, HBN has been the leading organization to pioneer tools, research, and policies that elevate human health to a top priority in the building industry. HBN’s work falls into four (4) core programmatic and service categories: 1) Research – Uncovering cutting edge information about healthy building materials and chemical hazard impacts that negatively impact human and environmental health; 2) Policy and Advocacy – Advancing systems change; 3) Data Systems – Influencing and cataloging product transparency, chemical hazards, and quantifying and measuring results; 4) Education and Capacity Building – developing others’ capabilities to make informed decisions.


  • Supervise and Manage a 3-person Engineering Team, and engage in growth plans.
  • Lead the ideation, technical development, execution, and launch of innovative products
  • Define the strategy and feature roadmap and articulate user stories
  • Establish shared vision across the organization by building consensus on priorities leading to product execution
  • Structure and execute early experiments and tests to validate the efficacy of the product and prioritize feature development
  • Integrate usability analytics, value proposition, and market research into product requirements to enhance user satisfaction and drive product improvements
  • Define and analyze metrics that inform the success of products
  • Understand competitive analysis and deliver products that are recognized best in the industry
  • Maximize efficiency to ensure creative solutions are completed and performance requirements are met
  • Develop new products and enhance existing products
  • Engage closely with the engineering team to help determine the best technical implementation methods as well as a reasonable execution schedule.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of product management experience with a focus on software products and technologies
  • Organizational and analytical skills
  • A proven track record of products you have led and delivered on time
  • 5+ years of experience in technical architecture of web applications
  • 5+ years of experience working with Agile development teams
  • 5+ years experience creating examples through wire-frames and mock-ups
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or relevant background
  • Entrepreneurial drive and demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in an innovative and fast-paced environment
  • Supervisory and Management experience, and demonstrated ability to lead a team.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with proven ability to quickly absorb technical concepts and effectively communicate them to a non-technical audience.
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Applicants will be required to submit a portfolio of their projects.

LOCATION: Preference for Washington, DC or San Francisco, CA, though we have staff located across the country and will consider other locations.

SALARY: Commensurate with experience

HBN is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.