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Designer Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or freelance job, or just curious what kind of creative minds are needed, PSDbucket’s creative jobs  listings is the right place to stop by. We list employment opportunities for designers of all kinds – print, 3d, web, flash, etc.

We update this list daily, so even if you have not found a job of your dreams today, don’t hesitate to visit this page tomorrow!

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Wildbit needs Marketing Designer & Front-end Developer

Are you passionate about design and web technologies? Are you constantly striving to stay current with the latest industry best practices? Are you able to switch easily between visual design and front-end development? Do you think deeply about your CSS class names? Do you believe in using real words instead of “Lorem Ipsum” in mockups? Do you find visual inspiration outside of the web and balance your passion for your work with some healthy downtime? You’re in the right place.

We’re looking for a designer and front-end specialist to join the Wildbit marketing team. You’ll be working with a small team on three fast growing, profitable web services: Beanstalk, Postmark, and DeployBot. You’ll be deeply involved with the design and front-end development of all Wildbit websites, newsletters, style guides, display ads, and more. You’ll have support for all aspects of your projects when you need it, but you should also be able to take on a project and see it through with autonomy.

If you’re really curious, you might want to check out our Good/Bad definitions for various roles. Some time ago we sat down as a team to define the qualities and the differences between people who are good at their and those that are bad at it. In this case, you’ll probably want to see our definitions of what makes a good designer and a good marketer.

Types of Work and Projects

We’re a small team working on a wide variety of things to help increase awareness of our products and help our customers do more with our products. While traditional advertising is a portion of that, creating free tools like our DMARC tool, Spamcheck tool, and open source libraries are some is the best way to do marketing. We need someone who can help with the design and implementation of these and much more.

  • Designing new pages for marketing sites
  • Implementing designs with HTML, CSS, JS, and Craft
  • Designing PDFs, books, and other digital info products
  • Designing landing pages for open source projects
  • Designing infographics and other images to illustrate concepts
  • Designing and building newsletter templates (We <3 Campaign Monitor)
  • Designing and implementing new transactional email templates for Postmark
  • Designing display ads for highly targeted campaigns
  • Running A/B tests and iterating on designs
  • Help grow, cultivate, and extend our style guides


We’re looking for a junior team member with a broad set of skills who really wants to sharpen and expand those skills. Being perfect at everything isn’t absolutely necessary, but having a perpetual curiosity and desire to learn quickly is.


  • 3–4 years of design and front-end development experience
  • Adept at writing and articulating ideas and opinions through words
  • Strong experience with a powerful CMS tool (We use Craft, so that’s ideal.)
  • Experience and comfort using Git for source control
  • Appreciation and understanding of the larger context of business goals and an ability to prioritize accordingly
  • A solid understanding that design isn’t just aesthetics, but how everything works together holistically to help customers do the best work they can
  • A willingness to experiment and objectively evaluate hypotheses


  • Familiarity with information design and a deep interest in information architecture
  • A deep appreciation in how copywriting and designing language is just as important as aesthetics
  • Adept at creating wireframes and mockups to quickly explore ideas
  • Ability to rapidly explore many different conceptual directions to arrive at the best solution
  • Strong understanding of user-centered design
  • Some experience or exposure to InVision and Framer

Front-end Development

  • Excellent command of HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript (not frameworks) using progressive enhancement.
  • Experience with BEM, SMACSS, or other modular CSS methodology
  • Familiarity with SASS, PostCSS, Gulp, and Grunt
  • Experience with asset optimization (Images, compression, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge and appreciation of Responsive design


  • Chef-prepared family lunches and snacks (in Philly office)
  • Full health benefits (for spouses and dependents too)
  • Computer setup of your choice, renewed every 2 years
  • Company-paid retreats
  • 25 paid days off per year
  • Quarterly profit sharing
  • Attend conferences
  • Quiet Fridays for learning and sharing new skills and ideas
  • 40 hour work week with flexible hours. We believe work can wait and you should go home

Disco needs Rails Developer

Disco builds Shopify applications that drive sales, save money, and deliver great customer experiences. If you’d like to learn about the sorts of things we work on, you can check out some case studies.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of Shopify, the relationships we form with the people we work with, and the knowledge that we deliver quality work for our clients.

Right now, we're looking for a full-time Rails Developer to join our small team.

Core skills required

  • You're a communicator, who recognises that developing great products requires teamwork and close collaboration, not just code.
  • You have experience building web applications using Ruby on Rails.
  • You're curious and like to dive deep into what you're working on and learn new things.

Skills that are "nice to have"

  • You have had some exposure to Shopify, either as a merchant or as a developer.
  • You have front-end development skills, potentially having worked with things like React and Sass before.
  • You like to share and teach others, as evidenced by (for example) blogging, working on open source projects or speaking at events.
  • You have experience with other web frameworks beyond Rails (eg Django).

Things we don't need

  • You don't necessarily have a degree. You could be about to complete your studies or be completely self-taught - we're more interested in the work you can and want to produce, not a piece of paper.
  • You don't need to be located in Melbourne! While we'd love to be able to meet you face-to-face, we know that there are great developers in every corner of the globe.

What we offer

  • We want you to be comfortable, so we will offer you a competitive salary with leave and benefits (these will vary depending on experience and location).
  • You will have a large degree of creative freedom in how you tackle design and development problems, but we'll provide you with all the support you need to learn and grow your skills.
  • You can design your own work hours to suit your own needs. Three day weekend? Need the mornings off for daycare dropoff? No problem.
  • We'll support your professional development however you need, whether it's with equipment, courses, books or conferences.

crowdSPRING needs Frontend Engineer (React)

crowdSPRING is changing the way entrepreneurs, startups, established companies, agencies and non-profits around the world buy graphic design, industrial design, and naming/writing services. Over 191,000 designers and writers from nearly every country in the world work on crowdSPRING.

We launched in 2008, re-launched a brand new site in 2010, and are now working to make crowdSPRING even better by reimagining everything about our business and our industry. This is an amazing opportunity for someone who wants to join a profitable company. We have big plans, but we can't do it alone.

As a frontend engineer, you’ll have a huge impact on how we design, build and deliver our services to millions of people. We're looking for an extraordinarily talented engineer to join our team. Our site is seen by millions of people around the world and we’re focused on solving real problems. Your contributions will be immediate and far-reaching. This isn't the kind of gig where you're handed a to-do list from a PM - you'll help make the big decisions.

We’re looking for engineers who are not afraid to stick their neck out in pursuit of innovation and creative solutions. People who know what they want, who execute against all odds, are meticulous, detail oriented, and take pride in their work. Above all we’re looking for passionate individuals who enjoy what they do and seek to live balanced and happy lives.

We want to know you’re qualified, but more importantly, we want to know that you want this job and not just any job. Tell us why you want to join our team.

When applying, please send links to things you’ve built. We are not concerned with your education. We are concerned with your experience and want to see your recent work.

This is you:

  • 3+ years experience using HTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX to build user interfaces that render perfectly across operating systems, browsers and mail clients. You take pride in your pixels and cross-browser debug in your sleep.
  • 6+ months experience using React/Redux/Webpack in production environments.
  • You prefer small, agile teams that strive to push regularly and leverage automated testing and continuous integration.
  • Humble self-confidence and excellent communication skills.
  • Passion for learning and always improving yourself and the team around you.
  • An entrepreneurial heart and a sense of humor.
  • Remote based candidates welcome - although we prefer someone in Chicago, we will hire the best person, no matter where they are (we have many years of experience working with distributed teams).

These would be awesome but not mandatory:

  • Experience building RESTful APIs.
  • Experience using Docker.
  • Knowledge of Python and experience with Django-based websites.
  • Active hacking/contribution to open source software.

What you will do:

  • Implement cross-browser user interfaces in modern HTML/CSS.
  • Write clean, elegant and practical JavaScript code utilizing React and Redux.
  • Build tools to support continuous deployment and automated testing of frontend code.
  • Collaborate in making high-level, technology decisions, with a keen eye towards innovation.
  • Stay up-to-date with technologies so you can suggest new coding practices, recommend architecture changes and optimize scalability.
  • Get paid to do what you love.

This is crowdSPRING:

  • Competitive compensation, including incentive and stock option plans, full benefits (health, vision, dental, vacation), and a 401(k) plan with matching contributions.
  • A fast-paced, fun and creative environment with a sharp, motivated team and a great opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.
  • Dog friendly office.
  • Unlimited paid vacation.
  • You decide your setup. We love big displays and Apple computers.

We're looking for incredibly smart, extraordinarily interesting people and we're highly protective of our culture. This can be a pretty tough place to get into. If you’re used to a corporate environment, you will not be happy here. We’re looking for someone who is tired of building things for other people and wants to be part of building a company, not just software. If you've got the smarts and the creativity (and you don't plan on showing up to the interview in a suit), we’d love to hear from you. When applying, please send links to things you’ve built.

https://www.crowdspring.com (For now! - we’re changing every pixel and line of code)

No recruiters, please. Seriously recruiters, your emails will be rm -f'd immediately.

ShowHows needs Lead Developer

ShowHows is a web platform for creating and publishing beautiful visual instructions, how-tos and tutorials for just about anything. DIY and maker projects, recipes, assembly instructions, user guides, school projects - you name it! We’re pretty new - a small and dedicated team currently running in private beta with a group of early users and about to open up to a wider audience of business customers.

We're looking for a freelance/contract (to start) Lead Developer to take our product to the next level. You'll be heavily involved in product decisions and feature discussions with our remote team (including a product manager and lead designer). The mission for the next few months is to make our front-end UI the best it can possibly be and therefore you must be obsessed with beautiful design and UI. We're looking for a developer ideally with full-stack experience in Ruby on Rails but with a very strong front-end/JavaScript leaning. Someone who has real experience with (and is more than comfortable with) the following:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript - frameworks: jQuery, React, Ember, Angular
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • PostgreSQL
  • Test-driven development
  • Git
  • AWS-based infrastructure

Ideally you'll have worked in a startup environment before and have experience of remote teams. Most of all, be fun, open-minded and ready to make a difference. Our product has a lot of potential and we're just getting started. We're looking for someone who is as excited about it as we are.

Steady Vision needs Web Developer

We are digital marketing agency seeking a web developer who exhibits strong attention to detail and thrives in a dynamic environment. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about what they do and enjoys working with a small team to create meaningful digital experiences.

You’re A Fit If…

  • You embrace change and are eager to learn and grow.
  • You are organized and a good manager of time.
  • You think and act creatively to solve problems.
  • You are a good communicator and collaborator.
  • You are willing to go the extra mile.

What You’ll Be Doing…

Activities primarily focus on building, customizing and supporting digital initiatives (responsive, desktop, tablet and mobile) as well as providing CMS customization and support. As a web developer with a PHP focus, responsibilities encompass supporting the full deployment life cycle, including:

  • Setup & Configuration (e.g. EE, DNS, SSL, PHP, Plesk, hosting, server environment, permissions)
  • Coding & Programming (e.g. PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, troubleshooting, debugging)
  • Customization & Integration (e.g. CMS add-ons/extensions/modules, APIs, payment gateways, XML)
  • Optimization & Compliance (e.g. quality control, versioning, staging, performance, security, PCI)
  • Database Administration (e.g. data imports/exports/synchronization, data manipulation, backups).

You Must Have…

  • Working knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, PHP/MySQL and JavaScript (including jQuery).
  • Experience with popular CSS pre-processors (e.g. Sass, LESS) and frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation).
  • Been involved in development and/or deployment responsive websites.
  • The ability to work with and advise use of device detection, cookies, sessions and CRON jobs.
  • A track record of writing code that is clean, understandable and cross browser compatible.
  • An appreciation for the interplay of design and development (including responsive design principles).

It Would Be Nice If You Have...

  • Background in Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Prior exposure to API methods, protocols, integration and support.
  • Experience with any of the following systems: ExpressionEngine, HubSpot, Magento, Shopify, SquareSpace, WordPress.
  • Experience with any of the following technologies: AJAX, CodeIgniter, Nginx, node.js, SOAP
  • Experience with popular JavaScriptMVC frameworks (e.g. angular.js, backbone.js, ember.js)
  • Familiarity with integrating and customizing: Google APIs, social media channels, Salesforce.
  • Professional certifications and/or educational degrees.
  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite.

Steady Vision needs Web Designer

We are digital marketing agency seeking a web designer who exhibits strong attention to detail and thrives in a dynamic environment. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about what they do and enjoys working with a small team to create meaningful digital experiences.

You’re A Fit If…

  • You embrace change and are eager to learn and grow.
  • You are organized and a good manager of time.
  • You think and act creatively to solve problems.
  • You are a good communicator and collaborator.
  • You are willing to go the extra mile.

What You’ll Be Doing…

Activities primarily focus on designing visual frameworks and responsive user interfaces. This covers all areas of digital and interactive design ranging from low fidelity wireframes to full scale visual systems and everything in between.

You Must…

  • Be a designer of everything digital (websites, email marketing, social media, etc.)
  • Believe content and users inform design and interaction.
  • Understand the interplay of design and development and have an appreciation for user experience.
  • Have a working knowledge of responsive design principles.
  • Work with Adobe Creative suite.

It Would Be Nice If You Have…

  • Experience with, or exposure to, HTML and CSS.
  • Been directly involved in designing mobile and/or responsive websites.
  • Exposure to open source based CMS (e.g. Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Joomla, WordPress).
  • Experience with any of the following systems: HubSpot, Magento, Shopify, SquareSpace.
  • Familiarity with customizing social media channels.
  • Professional certifications and/or educational degrees.

Art & Logic, Inc. needs Remote Full Stack Web Developer

Are you an independent type?

Do you like solving hard problems with code? Better yet, do you like working with others to do so?

Work from home for Art & Logic, on challenging custom software development projects. We work in small, friendly and talented teams, on a wide variety of projects. Our projects involve different technologies and industries, so there is always something to new to learn.

Art & Logic is always seeking creative, bright, passionate programmers who are excited to take on new challenges. Currently, we’re looking for developers with full stack experience, for possible, upcoming projects.

This is a contracting position (1099), though we are looking for long term working relationships. Our rates range between $35-$50/hour, based on experience. We are only interested in working with developers located in the United States or Canada.

All of our projects are led by developers. Long live great code.

Skills and Requirements

Key Skills for this position:

(some combination of)

  • JavaScript and web frameworks
  • Python
  • PHP
  • HTML5

Additional Skills and experience:

  • Objective-C
  • Ruby/Rails
  • cross platform development

About Art & Logic, Inc.

We’ve been around and doing custom software development since 1991, and we’re still going strong. We craft beautiful digital solutions for awesome clients across all platforms.

We’re a small enough company that each person we hire has the opportunity to have a huge impact on the quality of our service. Instead of looking to fill a certain number of seats with people listing a specific set of buzzwords on their resumes, we’re working to build a portfolio of amazing developers who consistently deliver better-than-expected software to our clients. Each person on our team was the smartest person at their last job.

Find out more about us at:

Advant Interactive needs Experienced Web Designer - Telecommuting is OK!

We are Advant Interactive, a group of design and developer nerds. We’re a small bunch (thus far), but we have plans for world domination - or at the very least, we’d like to be in business a long, long time.

We’re located in Long Beach, just a Kobe 3-pointer from the sand, and a taxi ride from the heart of LA. We need someone who seeks a position on the cutting edge of web development. Don’t live in LA? Not a problem - we’re open to making a telecommute option work for you.

IMPORTANT: Our ideal candidate has a solid background in user-centered design and experience working on a variety of ecommerce products and sites in all different kinds of fields - from selling shoes to sellling legal services and everything in-between.

All candidates must work with speed and enjoy sweating over tight deadlines. They must live to design and not be satisfied until they’ve seen a project through from insemination to birth to that first day at kindergarten.

Who are you? The dude (or dudette) for the role should have a minimum of two years in the world of web design, with a portfolio that’s likely to blow our socks off.

Because we live in the virtual world, it does not matter where you reside, as long as you are available during business hours. Still reading?

Do you have the following requirements?

  • Can WOW us with your designs.
  • Can create user-centered visual layouts and design elements for web and mobile applications.
  • Can confidently explain your design decisions in meetings with the boss and client.
  • Have a strong background in User Interaction and Visual Design.
  • Have the ability to self-motivate and self-adjust when needed.
  • Ability to stay up-to-date with current technology and trends.

And it goes without saying…

You can both talk the talk and walk the walk. You have 20:20 vision when it comes to fine details. You consider missing a deadline one of the seven deadly sins.

If you’ve gotten this far, you could be just what we’re looking for!

Apply today!

M+R needs Freelance Front-End Developer

Hey! Are you the one we’re looking for?

Looking to use your tech wizardry for social change? Then I think we’re looking for you! We need a Freelance Front-end Developer with 15–20 hours available weekly to join our team of developers and online marketing do-gooders to help create online campaigns for some of the best progressive non-profits in the business.

We run online advocacy and fundraising campaigns. Great big ones you read about in the news and tiny ones you’ve never heard of that are saving lives. Lots of politically progressive groups such as Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters, PETA, and Sierra Club. Arts organizations for places we love, like the New York Public Library and The Smithsonian. And many causes that are working in the most dire situations in the world. U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Oxfam. Mercy Corps.

Here’s the gig

  • Working with our designers, strategists and other developers to create fresh and engaging web products.
  • Collaborating with our data and web teams to conceptualize and implement website tests that optimize the experience for the hundreds of thousands of visitors spread across our many clients.
  • Building and maintaining beautiful HTML email layouts and assisting our client teams in implementing them in platforms like Blackbaud/Luminate, Engaging Networks, and MailChimp.

And then there’s you…

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has expert-level skills in HTML and CSS
  • Writes eloquent, structured JavaScript and is comfortable with standard libraries like jQuery
  • Has experience with non-profit CRM solutions such as Blackbaud/Luminate, Salsa, ActionKit, Engaging Networks and/or Blue State Digital
  • Knows and uses Wordpress, Drupal and/or other CMS platforms.
  • Prioritizes web standards and usability in their work and stays on top of the latest and greatest development practices
  • Has familiarity working with APIs to produce powerful and engaging interfaces
  • Can choose the right tools based on requirements and availability with limited oversight.
  • Is capable of faithfully transforming mockups and wireframes into working web products while adding their own bit of flare based on their unique knowledge as a front-end developer.
  • Stretches their limits and is comfortable working with server-side technology (like PHP) when the need arises.
  • Has experience with MySQL or other SQL-based relational databases for web application data storage (not required.)

Equally important things about you:

  • Great project management skills
  • Clear communicator
  • Bring a knack for the big picture but also the tiniest (but crucial!) details
  • Appreciate exceptional design
  • Wildly curious about what’s next in the world-changing-business and game to help us get there;
  • An ace problem-solver;
  • A true believer. You want to change the world. Deep down you are hopeful and helpful and ready to keep your boots on the ground and eyes on the prize.


Work remotely in the comfort of your own digs!

To Apply

Please email:

  • Your resume, hourly rate, and examples of your work in the form of a portfolio, links to your projects, a link to your github account, etc. When possible, please include a short description of your involvement in your examples

Send to jobs@mrss.com, with “Freelance Front-end Developer”in the subject line. Candidates will only be contacted if we would like to schedule an interview.

ZenStack needs Digital Designer

The Opportunity

We’re looking for a digital designer to help this small yet scrappy coder and marketer design logos websites, and digital marketing materials for small businesses. Applicants must be comfortable working at any phase in the design process, nimble, open to feedback.

This is for you if...

You have a passion for typography and grid systems and have a strong belief in providing the best design and user experience possible. You believe in raising the bar on every project you work on. You can confidently take a basic template and make it feel custom. You have a design process that is efficient and productive, but always evolving. You are willing to grow in responsibility as we grow as an agency.

Skills/Talents we’re looking for:

- High attention to detail

- Strong time management and estimation abilities

- UX

- Passion for great typography

- Words are just as important as look/feel

- You like to problem solve design decisions

- Photoshop

- Experience with WordPress (it’s the only platform we work with)

- Experience design for mobile/tablet as well as desktop

- Fluency in English

- Work from anywhere in the US or Canada…or around the the world, so long as you are completely and genuinely fluent in English and work during US hours.

Bonus skills:

- Experience with assorted Web technologies: HTML , CSS/SCSS/LESS, etc.

About ZenStack

ZenStack is a small and scrappy company focused on helping small businesses brand themselves using great web design, digital and content marketing and reliable hosting services.

We specialize in helping our clients create, store and manage their sales leads by conducting extensive user research which then becomes their bespoke digital marketing strategy. We then execute on their strategy using a custom stack of tools and processes that are used to attract and measure higher quality leads.

We love what we do and love working with talented people… wherever you may be. Bums in seats isn’t what we’re about. Our team is collaborative. If you’re someone who likes to learn from others as much as helping others, you’ll find ZenStack is a good place for working together to produce great quality work.

We hire people that are curious, experts in their specialty, love learning, are better than we are at your specialty and want to add value. And we really like nice people. People who know how to laugh, because life is short and a lot of those hours are spent working so you may as well find people and clients who are fun to work with.

How to apply:

In the form below, in the last box please supply the following “Additional Information”:

- Whether or not you’re a full-time freelancer

- Pizza or Tacos? Or both … or neither? Wait… what? We just want to see if you’re a detail person 🙂

- How do you charge for your work?

- What is your workload like? Do you have the bandwidth to work on simultaneous projects or do you work more sequentially?

ePublishing needs Front-end Developer

ePublishing is looking for a kick-ass front-end developer to join our team. We specialize in creating beautiful, modern, revenue generating sites for Magazine and Newsletter Publishers.

Our front-end developers and designers are responsible for:

  • Advising on content strategy and UI / UX Design
  • Implementing that design in Ruby on Rails templates
  • Evolving and advancing our CMS features through work on our product roadmap
  • Working directly with our developers to achieve success
  • Can implement modern RWD (Responsive Web Design) techniques and solutions

In addition, the designers are also responsible for:

  • Wireframes and design mockups
  • UI / UX Design
  • Content Strategy

We're a fun group of people who are passionate about building awesome sites and apps. We are super obsessed about making our customers and our staff members successful.

Now the really good part. Pants are optional! (Shirts are required on skype but bad hair is acceptable)

We are a completely virtual organization and use email, Slack, task management, Hangouts, and subspace to communicate. We look out for one another and have a wonderful working environment. Support and teamwork come naturally to everyone at our company. It's what drives our success.

So if you want to work with a team of highly skilled and awesome individuals and you're passionate about building beautiful web sites, get in touch with us. You just might be the next part of our family.

Let’s get some basic requirements out of the way:

  • An eye for great UI / UX Design
  • Semantic HTML5, Modular SCSS, CSS3
  • jQuery (you understand event handling, AJAX, promises)
  • Client-side performance best practices and tools
  • You’ve been doing RWD for years
  • Git
  • Experience working in a remote position; A proactive, goal-oriented, reliable and self-structured way of working
  • Write clean, maintainable, and idiomatic code using established best practices
  • Curiosity and passion for the latest and greatest development paradigms
  • RequireJS (or other module loaders)
  • Grunt & Webpack experience

Where we’ll really need you to shine:

  • An understanding of the BEM naming convention
  • Proficient at writing vanilla Javascript (think Prototypal Inheritance, general OO best practices)
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
  • Rails (or MVC) experience
  • ReactJS, Flux, Redux


  • ES2015
  • NodeJS

ePublishing needs Ruby Developer

We are seeking a top-notch Ruby Developer to aid us in building web sites and web-based applications. We are a completely virtual organization so you will work from home 100% of the time little to no travel requirements during the year.

We are a small company with big clients and are customer-service driven.

The successful candidate will have excellent problem solving skills, enjoy a job that is different from day to day, and possess flexible and varied skill sets. He or she must also have the ability to quickly learn and deploy new methods and technologies.

The ideal applicant will have a sense of humor, and enjoy working directly with clients.

Our work environment is extremely varied. As a classic web shop we develop strategies and solutions for other companies - yet we are simultaneously engaged in several proprietary ventures of our own. We love turning ideas into reality.

If you are able and willing to work from home or in the middle of a forest with wireless access - then you might be the person we are looking for!

You must be committed to customer service and excellence.

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 3-5 years experience in web development
  • Ruby, Rails, Git, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, RSpec
  • Relational Databases - MySQL
  • Capistrano
  • Capybara
  • Jenkins
  • Experience with software design principles - DRY, SOLID, GoF, etc.
  • Provide creative solutions with the determination to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

Bonus Skills:

  • Django
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Change Management (Puppet preferred)
  • Varnish, Nginx & Unicorn

Personally, we expect you to have excellent communication skills, be easygoing, honest, extremely aggressive, and self-motivated. Intellectual curiosity is a must, as is a strong desire to expand and cultivate your skill sets, both technical and non-technical.

We offer outstanding benefits and have a terrific work environment.

Clevertech needs Astonishing React Developer

About You

You are using React and Redux, and have a great front-end perspective, keeping accessibility principals, client site performance, and responsive design in mind.

You can architect a solution to solve client needs including different React configurations and interactions with other libraries — like templating libraries.

You're always trying out new languages, frameworks, exciting libraries, and leveraging them off, whenever necessary—digital is in your DNA, you love what you do, and it shows!

You enjoy working with complex data and creating fulfilling interactions. You're comfortable discussing how the tech will create business value with mangers.

You are ready for your next challenge, with the flexibility to create your best work, again and again!

About Clevertech

15 years developing apps has taught us this: Build people, then products.

We’re aware that solid engineering practices and our love of Agile principles aren’t enough to ensure that we translate our clients’ dreams into software that shapes the world.

Our team of nearly 100 developers and designers are what make it possible.

They’ve rejected offers from Google and Twitter. They’re parents, travelers, or aspiring entrepreneurs. Some are in the planning stages of launching their own startups. Here’s what they have in common:

They’re all invested in becoming better together and we support their constant learning.

For more on how we do this, check out why.clevertech.biz. Some of the great things we do together are captured in cleverte.ch/bloomberg and visualcaptcha.net.

About the Job

At Clevertech, we understand why it’s great to be part of the gig economy—we also understand some of the challenges it can present.

By offering ongoing, full-time roles, we eliminate the burnout and guesswork involved in being a contract worker. We’re also interested in making it possible for our team to focus on what they do best. Busy work that gets in the way of high-quality code is our worst enemy!

Here’s how it works:

* We work with quality clients who have brilliant ideas they want to scale, scale, scale :)

* Schedules are flexible—you work when you're in flow, from wherever you wish

* You focus on one client at a time; when you're finished with one, we provide another

* We use the latest tools and streamline every workflow imaginable

* Everyone on our team shares your culture, irrespective of where they are physically

Phobio.com needs Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Department: Engineering

Status: Full-time

Pay: Based upon experience

Location: Remote


Our Software Engineers are empowered to design mind-blowing products and implement the next generation of Phobio software. Do you have what it takes to build innovative new products?

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Drive strategic and tactical initiatives
  • Architect highly available, scalable, and secure systems
  • Understand performance metrics for business value
  • Build interfaces for complex systems and high-quality tools
  • Technical ownership of projects and managing resources

Requirements Include:

  • Full-stack, or strong backend Python/Django developer experience
  • Experience designing and developing applications running on mobile platforms
  • Experience owning projects from end-to-end
  • Ability to think abstractly – to ensure ability to not conform to the norm. Norms do
  • not find bugs quickly.
  • Experience partnering with designers to implement designs
  • Experience with design patterns
  • Expert knowledge of maintaining and debugging live software systems
  • Expert knowledge of writing program documentation
  • Providing advice, training and technical support for various projects
  • Ability to optimize the performance of code.
  • Ability to create documentation for code and applications
  • Understands code quality analysis results and remediation mechanisms
  • Understands security risks for applications and code remediation techniques

Desired Skills, and Experience

  • BS CS/EE/CE, or equivalent job experience
  • History of working as a part of a remote team
  • Excellent problem solving skills, great attention to detail
  • Great communication and collaboration skills
  • Ability to quickly understand complex problems, ask good questions, and contribute to thoughtful solutions
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly and understand a wide variety of technical challenges to be solved

Why Phobio?

We work our hardest to build products that solve problems for our partners. This means considering the connection of people and their tools to extract the best from everyone. Phobio is always getting better and we look for folks to help us get to the next level. Join us.

O'Reilly Media needs Mobile Software Engineer

About Your team:

The Safari Queue apps for Android and iOS are used by thousands of users every day to access Safari’s large library of written and video learning materials. Our tight-knit and productive mobile apps team has a strong user focus, and we all spend time each week listening and responding to customer feedback to make sure we’re delivering useful, timely improvements.

About the job:

In a normal week, you might:

  • Collaborate with the product manager and the designer to spec out a new feature idea
  • Review your team-mates’ code, and pair on a tricky problem
  • Research a new technology and present it to the team
  • Help our QA analyst identify and diagnose production problems, and explore solutions with the team
  • Define a coherent and sensible roadmap with the team

Why you'll love working on our team:

  • You'll be working for a company that embraces and pursues new technology
  • You'll be working with a leadership team that trusts and engages its employees
  • We believe in giving developers the tools and hardware that they need to do their job
  • Competitive salary with full benefits (health/dental/vision insurance and 401k)

About You:

What we like to see for anyone joining the iOS team

  • Deep knowledge of Objective-C and Swift – we’re using Swift 2.x bits right now
  • Skill with UIKit and Auto Layout - a love/hate relationship with Auto Layout is completely acceptable and, honestly, expected of any adequately experienced candidate :-)
  • Proficiency with Core Data
  • Experience with unit testing – in other words: expectationWithDescription("Your unit tests").fulfill()
  • Desire to be part of a compact, fun, and hard-working team
  • Strong drive to experiment, learn and improve your skills
  • Respect for the craft – you write self-documenting code with modern techniques
  • Great written communication skills – we do a lot of work asynchronously in Slack and Google Docs
  • Empathy for our users – a willingness to spend time understanding their needs and difficulties is central to the team (and our company)

For bonus points:

  • Formal education in computer science
  • Experience working in a distributed team
  • Advanced understanding of the Xcode build environment (targets, schemes, etc.)
  • Experience with RESTful JSON endpoints
  • Competence with Android development processes and tools
  • Knowledge of the competitive landscape for learning and self-improvement apps

Extra extra bonus points:

  • A Github account with public activity

O'Reilly Media needs Professional Service Engineer

About your team

We are a group of dynamic and creative individuals focused on creating and optimizing business capabilities to enable revenue growth. This is a great opportunity for a seasoned Professional Services Engineer to collaborate with other departments and managers at O’Reilly to create a successful team and function from the ground up.

About the job

The Professional Service Engineer is a technical consultant who will be collaborating with our corporate clients to configure technical integrations between their systems and a variety of platforms within O’Reilly Media’s ecosystem. This includes single-sign on integration as well as reporting and outbound data feeds. They will work with developers in Platform Engineering to help clarify and prioritize feature enhancements that have been requested by customers, and support our Enterprise Sales team by providing technical expertise and guidance in customizing our platforms to meet customer demands.

About You

We are looking for a seasoned professional who has a solid track record of supporting large, complex corporate clients, who is interested in joining a small and growing team poised on the next stage of growth. If you are interested in working with some of the biggest and most well known brands in our industry, and pairing them up with the most innovative and forward thinking minds in our professions, then we encourage you to contact us. If you are a creative, eager, and entrepreneurial individual who prides themselves on taking the needs of the customer and marrying them well to the success of the business, then we would definitely invite you to apply.


  • Four-year college degree, or combination of relevant education and work experience
  • Minimum of 3 years experience supporting an enterprise SaaS platform with external clients developing web applicants in Java, Python or other modern programming language
  • Familiarity with widely-used authz/authn protocols, such as Shibboleth or SAML
  • Developer-level knowledge of XML and XSLT
  • Working knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills

O'Reilly Media needs Senior Python Developer

Senior Python Developer

About Your team:

Platform Engineering supports O’Reilly Media’s premier training service, which is used by technologists, managers, and designers around the world to hone their skills and improve their craft. We are made of many small teams that are broadly distributed across the US, featuring tightly collaborative groups of developers, designers, and product managers constantly encouraging each other to deliver work that instills pride and fulfillment.

Our team is located in the United States. We happily support a variety of employees who connect remotely from Puerto Rico, the American South, the Pacific Northwest, New England, and the Midwest, as well as those who come into our offices in Boston or Sebastopol, CA but we cannot offer fulltime employment to others who live and operate outside of the United States.

About the Job:

Our senior Python developers drive the development of a diverse family of scalable and robust platforms, aimed at a variety of educational audiences. Our main stack is Python/Django, with a front end written in a mixture of Backbone and React, supported with PostgreSQL and Lucene/Solr. We are in the midst of a transition from a monolithic web app to a microservices ecosystem, and welcome individuals who’ve made that journey before. We are organized into a network of small teams with embedded product managers, designers, and developers focused on specific functional areas, with senior developers taking ownership of large and complex features. We also expect these individuals to hone and enhance our practices in automated testing, code review, and/or iterative improvement.

About You:

At a senior developer level, we are interested in people who have owned significant components of a web application with a diverse and engaged userbase. We desire candidates who work comfortably in Agile and with collaborators who are distributed across several cities and timezones. We value colleagues who are helpful, respectful, and are genuinely interested in mentorship and supporting their peers. We invite developers who treat automated tests as essential, and believe code reviews are crucial for personal improvement and collaboration. The women and men of our platform team have taken many traditional and non-traditional paths to the developer profession, and we welcome diverse teams that are bound together by a mutual love for learning.

We are open to full-stack candidates who would like to write Javascript as well as Django, but this is not essential, and we will assess this position purely on your Python competency and your opinions on PEP-8 style.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 5 years of experience with several software application in public release
  • Fluency with Django and Python
  • Fluency with any combination of tox/nose/qunit/Selenium for automated tests, and a passion for test-driven development
  • Familiarity with service-oriented architecture and building or maintaining APIs with django-rest-framework or TastyPie.
  • Familiarity with continuous integration tools, and working in a rapid release cycle

O'Reilly Media needs Software Engineer, Front End

Platform Software Engineer (Front End)

About O'Reilly Media

O’Reilly’s mission is “changing the world by sharing the knowledge of innovators.” For over 30 years, we’ve been helping people learn new skills, track significant new technologies, and build careers in technology and business. This extends to our employees: we have a long and proud history of encouraging and enabling the people who work here to take advantage of O’Reilly’s resources and network to keep learning, take on new challenges, and build careers.

About Your team: Platform Engineering supports O’Reilly Media’s premier training service, which is used by technologists, managers, and designers around the world to hone their skills and improve their craft. We are made of many small teams that are broadly distributed across the US, featuring tightly collaborative groups of developers, designers, and product managers constantly encouraging each other to deliver work that instills pride and fulfillment. The women and men of our platform team have taken many traditional and non-traditional paths to the developer profession, and we are bound together by a mutual love for what we can do to transform the professional lives of others.

Our team is located in the United States. We happily support a variety of employees who connect remotely from Puerto Rico, the American South, the Pacific Northwest, New England, and the Midwest, as well as those who come into our offices in Boston or Sebastopol, CA but we cannot offer fulltime employment to others who live and operate outside of the United States.

About the Job:

O’Reilly Media is looking for a Front End Engineer well versed in Sass/Javascript/Backbone, who can join our teams in Platform Engineering to extend the features that our subscribers rely on to learn new things and be better at what they do. Our back end is built on Django with APIs constructed via django-rest-framework. Front end engineers are called upon to handle several responsibilities in their day-to-day, including but not limited to:

  • Work with designers, product managers, back end developers, and QA to implement UI experiences that will engage and delight our users.
  • Collaborate with customer service and other business teams in triaging and resolving interface bugs.
  • Provide code review for peer developers in a helpful, respectful, and insightful manner
  • Share ownership of the js architecture
  • Work closely with other front-end developers to ensure a consistent and uniform approach based on our shared design principles.


  • Minimum of 3 years real-world experience of demonstrable code shipment
  • Demonstrable experience with test driven development
  • Opinionated, pragmatic, and open-minded when it comes to code conventions
  • Familiarity with concepts from the various JS frameworks such as Spine, Knockout, Ember, Angular, etc. as well as CSS preprocessors (specifically Sass).
  • Experience with git (or version control system concepts)
  • Proven real-world experience with mobile web development
  • Experience with testing, particularly JS unit tests and Selenium inside a large JS code-base
  • Knowledge of Django and Python is important

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3 years of experience working in a software development team, supporting a database-driven commercial or community web application with an active user base
  • Extensive experience with JavaScript and JavaScript libraries -- specifically Backbone, React, and jQuery
  • Fluency with HTML5, CSS3, and CSS Preprocessors (Sass, Compass, Bourbon, Susy)

Fancy Hands needs Freelance Front End Developer

About Us

Based in NYC, Fancy Hands pioneered the concept of on-demand virtual assistants for individual consumers and small businesses, and we have now grown to be an industry leader. We connect busy people with professional US based assistants who will quickly and thoroughly complete everything from the most mundane to the most time consuming tasks.

About You

The right individual will be self-driven, able to work with designers and developers, someone who cares about maintainability of the code, and deployment processes. You should be able to familiarize yourself with our extensive database of code and continue to create new code following previous code formatting. Ability to work with other peoples input is a must. We're looking for a hard-working and humble developer who has exemplary knowledge of front end coding languages.

Skills Required

- Deep understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (including jQuery)

- Experience working with APIs via JavaScript

- Experience diving into JSON returned from an API

- Experience with Sass


- Get the chance to work with a great, bureaucracy free, startup. Our team is small and everyones contribution carries weight.

- Work remotely, and live freely

- We’ll help you learn and grow each day

To Apply

Send us your resume, URLs to projects you've worked on and a link to your github code depository. US Based applicants only please.

ACT, inc. needs Senior UX Designer

ACT is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides a broad array of assessment, research, information, and program management solutions in the areas of education and workforce development. Each year, ACT serves millions of people in high schools, colleges, professional associations, businesses, and government agencies—nationally and internationally.

Learn more at act.org!

Position objective: Create delightful education experiences by advocating for our students, teachers, administrators and many other ACT users with creativity and logical intelligence by balancing business, technical and user needs within your designs. ACT’s UX practitioners are continuously exposed to a variety of projects and people within our centralized UX department, as we work with a variety of products and project teams. The growing UX team has great opportunity to change the education landscape in the U.S. and across the world.

Typical work-related activities include:

  • Advocate for simplicity within our product and service designs
  • Create seamless experiences within and between products and services
  • Distill product and business requirements and user goals into sketches, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Iteratively produce low-fidelity interaction concept designs (including navigation and content design), as well as mid- and / or hi-fidelity interaction detailed designs
  • Follow ACT UX Style Guide and common Web standards to produce high quality, very usable experiences within Web applications and sites
  • Review design iterations with project team
  • Provide UX / heuristic / expert reviews of existing or newly produced systems
  • Annotate expected design behaviors, features, and requirements
  • Respond to developer inquiries and provide clarity around standards and designs
  • Stay current with Web design trends, tools and best or emerging practices



  • Bachelor’s degree in a related area required, preferably in design (e.g. interaction, graphic, visual communications, media, product, industrial), HCI, or CS
  • Masters preferred
  • Or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and abilities can be acquired


Minimum of five years of related user design experience which includes creating and editing within Balsamiq, Sketch, Axure, OmniGraffle, or similar prototyping applications


  • Demonstrated design and problem solving abilities communicated via a design portfolio and work samples
  • Completed UX certifications or courses (Cooper, Nielsen Norman Group, HFI, etc.) preferred
  • Desired abilities:
    • Design for responsive layouts
    • Apply visual design theory to improve upon interaction designs
    • Leverage Bootstrap, jQuery and / or similar frameworks within designs
    • Design within an agile development process
    • Lead design thinking sessions
    • Test user’s ability to use and understand navigation, information architecture, and key areas in designs
    • Interview, observe, and understand primary and / or secondary users
    • Produce high quality visual designs with the Adobe Creative Suite, proto.io or similar design tools
  • Desired soft skills:
    • Demonstrates excellent leadership, communication, presentation, and collaboration skills
    • Exhibits extraordinary attention to detail
    • Thinks big and solves complex problems
    • Excels at pattern recognition
    • Displays patience, understanding, humility and willingness to give and receive constructive feedback
    • Is self-motivated, able to work independently, and manage multiple projects under minimal supervision


Starting salary commensurate with qualifications. Excellent benefits and work environment.

Completion of the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate is recommended. Find a testing site near you to register for the WorkKeys assessments. Finalists for this position will be subject to a pre-employment criminal background check as a condition of employment.

ACT is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. ACT values diversity in people and ideas and participates in E-verify. ACT's online position announcements are intended only to provide general descriptions of employment opportunities; none of the information provided for any position should be interpreted as a commitment by ACT to specific terms and conditions for employment.

Fuel Made needs Senior Web Designer

A few years ago we (Fuel Made) were just a small handful of folks focused on building the very best ecommerce experiences on the web. Leading out with strong design is how we delighted our clients, and grew our agency. Our design-driven approach led to success, and opportunities we couldn’t have imagined.

Today, our clients are successful, established merchants with specialized shops and complex needs. The opportunity to service these clients is challenging and exciting.

We are seeking an experienced web designer to join us and lead our small design team. In this position you will help us elevate our game even more and push us forward as an agency, doubling down on the design-focused ethos that got us here.

In this position you will work with our team, and directly with our clients. You will be the primary driver throughout each project directing and designing the solutions we build. This is a serious responsibility, and an exciting one. Watching your hard work come to life as it progresses through the project life cycle, and then watching our customer’s delight as it impacts their bottom line is rewarding. This is why we love ecommerce.

A quick summary of your responsibilities:

Once a client comes on board you will work with them over several weeks on discovery, creating wireframes and user flows (both visual and written), style direction, and finally the visual design. You'll then shepherd all that design work through the development process.

This is where we’ll need your experience as a web designer capable of tackling big challenges with discipline and an understanding of what web design really means, and how thoughtful design can help clients reach their goals.

You’ll also be helping own and shape the Fuel Made brand. As we interact with clients, as we produce marketing material, as we present ourselves, you will own that, ensure brand consistency and quality, and help us reach new heights.

Candidate must haves:

  • Years of web agency experience doing design work in a team for clients.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable and experienced with the technical aspects and constraints of working with the web. This includes an understanding of RWD, and how HTML and CSS work.
  • Passion for all things web and design. You are abreast of industry best practices and evolution.
  • Willingness to do things The Right Way (especially when it's hard)
  • Easy and enjoyable to work with
  • We are a fully remote company, but you must be in North America, and able to work west coast hours.

Nice to haves:

  • HTML/CSS coding proficiency
  • Branding experience
  • Experience with ecommerce
  • Photography background

Why you might like working for us:

  • We choose our clients carefully.
  • Freedom to care about your work (we're focused on quality)
  • Freedom to own projects from a design standpoint
  • Freedom to focus and get really good at what you do (we're focused 100% on ecommerce)
  • We work reasonable hours.
  • The care we have for our clients is rivaled only by the care we have for each other. We are a tight-knit, professional team who care a lot about doing world-class work together.

Creative Arc needs Web Developer: Front-end + CMS Integration. Drupal, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, Craft

We are Minneapolis web development firm that creates e-commerce and CMS based websites for a broad range of clients. Our small, collaborative team has a great work ethic and a laid-back work environment. We are seeking a local Frontend web developer with real world experience in implementing and managing such websites.


  • Demonstrated ability to cut up, plan and implement a CMS-based website from start to finish.
  • Writing semantic and well formed HTML and CSS
  • Crafting responsive layouts
  • Experience with multiple CMS platforms
  • Proficiency with cross-browser, cross-platform issues


  • Expression Engine experience
  • Magento experience
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices
  • A demonstrated knack for learning can trump any of the skills/requirements listed above.
  • You must be able to work on multiple projects at a time, have thorough attention to detail, and most importantly -- enjoy your line of work!
  • Knowledge of PHP, MySQL


  • Benefits: Paid Vacation
  • Retirement
  • Medical
  • Disability

Spartan needs Experienced UI/UX Designer

Interviewing for a new company is a serious time commitment for all parties involved. Only apply for this job if you’ve taken the time to read this job description and have thoughtfully considered if we would be a good fit for one another. This is a full-time position. You must be located in the continental U.S. No contractors or agencies, seriously.

What We're Looking For

Are you a passionate and experienced UI/UX Designer? Do you like to design and build products for people while having a great time doing it? Are you continuously learning new things, improving your chops, and pushing for better design? Well you, my friend, might be perfect for Spartan!

We want a designer who is an excellent communicator and team player. We are seeking out someone who understands user-centric design, can think differently and solve problems creatively & intelligently. We believe in bettering yourself and the team on a daily basis and are passionate about continually learning new processes and technologies. We also care deeply about the quality of the interfaces and experiences we bring to life.

What You’ll Be Working On

Our UI/UX designers are confident, multi-talented folks who take pride in their craft. They are accomplished at doing customer interviews, sketching, conception, developing user flows, creating wireframes, delivering prototypes, conducting user tests, and designing aesthetically pleasing and engaging interfaces. In addition, Spartan UI/UX Designers bring their creations to life by engineering performant, modularized front-end frameworks.

Starting out, you’ll spend 80% of your week (Monday through Thursday) designing and building a product or platform for one of our clients. The other 20% of your week (Friday) will be spent contributing to our open source projects, internal products, learning, teaching, and participating in internal operations of all flavors.

Project teams are small and usually made up of one designer/front-end developer, one or two pairs of engineers. a product advisor, and the client who serves as the product owner. Most things we build are greenfield with the goal of creating a new product or service and taking it to market.

Tools Our UI/UX Designers Are Currently Using

While this is what we’re currently using on our day-to-day projects, we’re always exploring new technologies to add to our toolbox so we can pick the best tool for any given job.

  • Whiteboards & Post-It Notes
  • Sketch Pad / Assorted Graphite Sketch Pencils
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Semantic HTML Markup
  • SASS / SCSS / Bourbon / Bitters / Neat
  • Javascript & React
  • Git / Github

We Fully Embrace Working Remotely!

Spartan is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee—which has recently been featured in Inc. Magazine as a technology magnet, due in part to our city-wide 10 gigabit fiber network. You read that right, we have super fast, super cheap internets. Chattanooga is also an outdoor mecca surrounded by mountains and bisected by the Tennessee River; so even if you’re an inside kid, you still have something beautiful to look at!

We offer a remote-friendly work environment if relocating to beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee isn’t your jam. We believe great teams shouldn’t be restricted by geography, and we do our best to operate as a remote-first company. We use Slack as our primary communication hub, Hangouts for face-to-face conversations, and Screen Hero for pair designing/programming.

How You’ll Be Compensated

We believe in a transparent and fair compensation structure, and have developed our own open salary formula. Depending on your skill and experience, you can expect to make somewhere between $80,000 and $120,000 upon joining the company.

We have two health plans available—a high deductible with an HSA plan or a PPO plan—as well as vision and dental. We currently cover 80% of the premiums. We have a 401k program that we’ll provide a 2% match on after a few months working with us. Lastly, 25% of the company is reserved for a team member options pool (not defined as a literal pool for swimming, but hey, anything can happen).

Are you ready to work with a talented team of passionate designers and engineers in an up-and-coming, self-governed company located in the middle of a perfect city? Let’s make possible together.

This is a full-time employment opportunity for a single individual. We’re not looking for contractors, part-time individuals, or agencies of any kind. Applicants must be located in the contiguous United States.

To apply, please fill out our application here:


Grace Hill needs Product Designer

Grace Hill provides online learning for property management firms. We’re looking for a product designer to help us create effective experiences for the training administrators and learners who rely on Grace Hill courses as a key part of their own performance improvement. The products you design will immediately roll out to the largest active base of online trainees in our industry — more than 150,000 learners.

We’re a lean product team, focused on learning & shipping & learning & shipping. The product designer will provide a critical function driving all the activities needed to turn user insights into well-designed interactions within the context of our agile development process. We want another curious, collaborative problem solver to lead our user experience, visual design and front-end initiatives. In addition to optimizing & improving the leading learning management system for property management companies, you’ll be part of a team designing, developing and rolling out at least two new products in the next year.


  • Partner with product managers & solutions team members to mine user research for key feature insights
  • Map product experience flows for multiple user types
  • Partner with product managers & the solutions/sales/marketing teams in comprehensive service design projects
  • Create user experience deliverables that clearly communicate requirements and team agreements
  • Design interactions and visual experiences that make Grace Hill training products more effective for our admins and learners
  • Partner with the development team to plan, develop, test and ship front-end components that bring our product vision to life
  • Lead the design POV in our agile development process
  • Work with product managers to develop rapid prototypes for testing


  • 2 years experience driving user experience/interaction design for digital products
  • Proven experience in creating user experience deliverables
  • Proven experience in designing interactions and experiences across device types
  • Knowledge of current interaction design patterns and common user behaviors
  • Knowledge of prototyping tools and history of designing prototypes for testing
  • HTML5, CSS, some JavaScript
  • Experience in an agile development environment a plus
  • Experience in content development a plus

Edutopia needs Production Designer

Edutopia is looking for a talented and highly versatile designer who will work with our growing editorial and creative teams to evolve our brand identity and improve our storytelling. We are breaking new ground for the brand, including a complete overhaul of the user experience. This is an opportunity to contribute your talents to the mission of improving kindergarten through 12th-grade education.

The Production Designer will work directly with the Senior Experience Designer and a team of contributors to create and implement best-in-class, user-centric design solutions for the Edutopia brand.

Projects will range from UX pattern and interaction design, identity design, art direction, print collateral, and light event design. This role works cross-functionally with the art, social media, editorial, and video teams.

Many team members are remote, so this role requires exceptional organizational skills, a strong work ethic, and a collaborative spirit. Attention to detail and the ability to liaise with cross-functional teams is critical to the role of creating the best design production based on individual project needs.

While we would prefer a local, Bay Area candidate, we are open to working with strong remote candidates as well. This is a full-time position.


  • 2+ years working in a design production capacity
  • Strong typography skills and a knack for emotive, accessible communication
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign)--knowledge of Sketch is a big plus
  • Experience with native digital design and responsive, mobile-first thinking; experience working closely with development teams is a plus
  • Knowledge of image compression techniques and color correction, especially for digital applications
  • Highly organized, with clear internal and external communications
  • Ability to work efficiently on multiple projects to meet tight deadlines
  • Self-starters who initiate solutions and can stay focused on the mission, while being highly creative
  • Interest or experience in UX practice, user-testing and prototyping a plus


  • Leveraging and contributing to the existing design system
  • Design of page layouts, page elements, and production-ready mobile-to-desktop design
  • Some photo selection and production
  • Assist with assigning illustrations or other visual elements to improve storytelling
  • Design custom graphics for social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Design and support of brand elements, including print materials and presentations
  • Design and production of site graphics, including downloads, info-graphics and PDF packages
  • Cross-team communication
  • Some design and production support of event materials, including banners, promotional pieces, and communications


Please include your resume and a clear link to your portfolio.

Revolution Messaging needs Web Designer

Now Hiring: Web Designer

Location: Anywhere, USA

Type: Full-time

Revolution Messaging is hiring a Web Designer to join our full-service digital agency. We are a politically-progressive technology firm that works with campaigns, organizations and nonprofits. We’re seeking a web designer with a strong work ethic and excellent design sensibilities to work with our team of designers, developers, and engineers creating websites, web applications, and mobile apps for clients and our own internal use.

About You

  • You have a portfolio demonstrating a strong understanding of design fundamentals and an ability to solve problems with visual design.
  • You’ve demonstrated that you can work as part of a design team to create a great digital product
  • Your web designs go far beyond color, drop shadows, and big buttons.
  • You think beyond static mockups. Interaction matters in digital, we’re looking for someone who considers this to be an integral part of the design process, not an afterthought.
  • You’re familiar with HTML/CSS and eager to continue developing these skills.
  • You’re familiar with Wordpress and editing sites via the Wordpress admin.
  • If the live version of a site you designed doesn’t match your mockups, it bothers you and you work with the developer to correct it.


  • Work with clients and RevMsg staff to define project goals and ensure your solutions reflect what’s found during the discovery process.
  • Define content, create wireframes, and outline sitemaps as part of the design process.
  • Build high-fidelity mockups from a set of defined styles. While the visual theme has been defined, your expertise will be needed to layout and adapt those styles for all content -- ensuring we deliver a beautiful product from the homepage to the 404.
  • Design websites, web applications, mobile apps for clients and RevMsg staff.
  • Keep up on web trends but not be beholden to them. We build custom web products for clients, we’re not looking for someone to mirror something they saw in a theme marketplace.
  • Collaborate with other designers to review and improve your work and the work of others.
  • Set and manage deadlines with project managers and team leads.


  • 1-3 years of experience designing for the web
  • High level of proficiency with the tools of the trade (Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch; pen and paper)
  • Understanding of responsive design and the tenets of mobile-first design
  • Understanding of good typography, why it’s important and what that means for digital publishing
  • Working knowledge of experience with HTML/CSS with a desire to increase proficiency
  • Ability to work well on a remote team; self-motivated
  • Strong written and verbal communication

Preferred But Not Required

  • Experience with Wordpress theme development
  • Familiarity with digital prototyping tools (InVision, UXPin, etc.)
  • Experience with logo design

Does this sound like you? Come change the world with us!

About Revolution Messaging

Revolution Messaging, founded in 2009, in Washington, D.C. by key members of the 2008 Obama campaign, is a leader in cutting-edge progressive strategies for a digital world. Our clients include government agencies, nonprofit groups, unions and political campaigns and candidates. Revolution Messaging specializes in a bevy of in-house digital strategies, including mobile, advertising, social media, video, creative, fundraising and web development.

Revolution Messaging is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is Revolution Messaging’s policy to recruit, hire, train and promote individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, length of time spent unemployed, as well as other classifications protected by applicable laws.


You won’t need to work from our office, but if you so choose, we have offices in St. Louis, Missouri or Washington, D.C. Our geographically distributed team gets together for face-to-face meetings every 6 to 12 months. In addition to a great work environment, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits. Some of these are:

  • Medical and dental plan
  • 15 days paid time off per year
  • Your birthday off (16th paid day off)
  • Cost-splitting for Conferences
  • 401k
  • Laptop (We’re a Mac shop.)
  • Competitive salary and bonus compensation based on individual performance

Please send a resume, a few lines about yourself, a link to your portfolio, Dribbble (or similar), GitHub, and Twitter (if you’re willing to share) and your salary requirements to webdesign@revolutionmessaging.com.

Please note: We can only accept US-based applicants.

Precision Nutrition needs Front End Developer


Your life’s work. Use your HTML, CSS and jQuery skills to connect our clients to improved health. That may sound hokey, but it’s true. Your work will help our clients change their lives by making sure they have a beautiful and seamless experience in our life-changing programs. What you do matters to thousands of people every day.

Work with our really cool, super-smart, kinda geeky, incredibly talented product development team. Each member of this team genuinely cares about each other, what they do and the impact their contributions have on our clients.

Work from home, so long as home is in Canada. At PN, we work remotely. That is, we don’t have an office that people commute to. Well, actually... we do have an office in Toronto, but the only people who go there are the people who really like the coffee and the interior design. Since we are based in Canada, the whole payroll and benefits thing works out better for you, and for us when you live in Canada.

Have balance in your life. Without a commute, you get to dive right into your personal life. You get to spend more time with family and friends, doing the things you love to do.


Is experienced. You’re a bright, talented front end dev and have about 5 years of experience with HTML, CSS & jQuery, some familiarity with Javascript applications and a willingness to learn new things. Bonus points if you’re familiar with Ember.

Has worked on an Agile team. You like working with a multidisciplinary team of product owners, designers, developers and QA in an ever-changing, fast moving environment using a Kanban or Scrum framework.

Is collaborative. You like being part of a team that is respectful of each other, even in the face of disagreement. In fact, we encourage disagreement - it almost always results in a better approach. You proactively share information that the team needs to move their work forward and likewise, you ask for info when you need it. When you have an opinion, you share it - we may not always integrate it, but we do value every one’s input equally.

Is flexible. You aren’t married to your ideas and you can shift gears easily when things change. You don’t sweat the small stuff and are focused on the bigger picture.

Welcomes feedback. You consider feedback a useful tool that gives you opportunity to learn, grow and benefit the project. You don’t view it as an attack.

Works hard to make a difference. This isn’t just another web app. You get to work on interesting projects and solve complex problems that transform people’s lives. You’re proud of the work you do and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it done.

Likes to help out. It’s not all about you. Whenever a team member needs a hand, you make time for them, and they do the same for you.

Is self-motivated and can work independently. Once you are confident in what you need to do, you can run with it and don’t need a lot of direction. You are a self-starter and prefer mentorship over management.

Has worked remotely. You are highly organized, have strong self-structure and discipline and have worked remotely either currently or in the past so you know the benefits and the challenges.

Leaves their ego at the door. You have integrity, talent, confidence, are genuinely excited about the future and aren’t a show off or selfish jerk. Shadiness, mediocrity, cynicism and excessive "constructive criticism" are out.

Knows that we really mean what we say. Being part of our team is a privilege. Yep, that’s a bold statement. Not only do you have to have the skills, you need to be a great fit for the team and care about what we do. So, if it feels like we’re putting you through the wringer during the hiring process, it’s because we want to find the right person who gets it and really wants to be here.

Life-changing, research-driven nutrition coaching. That’s our mission at Precision Nutrition.

As an organization, we:

  • Pay in the top 10% in the world for each position.
  • Seek and support diversity.
  • Offer 4 weeks paid time-off, benefits, and the ability to work remotely in Canada.
  • Set you up with whatever fancy gear you need to perform at your best.
  • Give you the flexibility to make your own schedule.

Not only that, but if you join us you can:

  • Work in the fitness and nutrition industry. We love exercise, we love nutrition, and we love sport. That’s why we started this company. If you do too, you’ll appreciate how rare it is to find a career you really love. For active, fit people, Precision Nutrition is that opportunity.
  • Work with fun, bright, and talented people. We’re a small company, and we’re picky about who we work with, because to us, this isn’t just a job; it’s our life.

Clevertech needs Talented C/C++ Embedded Developer

About You

You have a strong proficiency in C and C++, with fair knowledge of the language specification

You have implemented performance and quality modules

You have 5+ years of developing embedded software

You enjoy working with Linux/Embedded Linux.

You have have built enterprise grade systems with these tools

You can take ownership of a project, fill in the gaps, and ensure production ready releases.

You love challenges and solving them. You know when to ask more questions and where to look for answers.

About Clevertech

15 years developing apps has taught us this: Build people, then products.

We’re aware that solid engineering practices and our love of Agile principles aren’t enough to ensure that we translate our clients’ dreams into software that shapes the world.

Our team of over 100 developers and designers are what make it possible.

They’ve rejected offers from Google and Twitter. They’re parents, travelers, or aspiring entrepreneurs. Some are in the planning stages of launching their own startups. Here’s what they have in common:

They’re all invested in becoming better together and we support their constant learning.

For more on how we do this, check out why.clevertech.biz. Some of the great things we do together are captured in cleverte.ch/bloomberg and visualcaptcha.net.

About the Job

At Clevertech, we understand why it’s great to be part of the gig economy—we also understand some of the challenges it can present.

By offering ongoing, full-time roles, we eliminate the burnout and guesswork involved in being a contract worker. We’re also interested in making it possible for our team to focus on what they do best. Busy work that gets in the way of high-quality code is our worst enemy!

Here’s how it works:

* We work with quality clients who have brilliant ideas they want to scale, scale, scale :)
* You can be located anywhere. This is a remote position. (And you're excited about it!)
* Schedules are flexible—you work when you're in flow
* You focus on one client at a time; when you're finished with one, we provide another
* We use the latest tools and streamline every workflow imaginable
* Everyone on our team shares your culture, irrespective of where they are physically

Clevertech needs Seasoned Java Developer

About You

You have 5+ years of working with Java applications.

You have 5+ years of experience with databases

You have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming

You have skills for writing reusable Java libraries

You have basic understanding of the class loading mechanism in Java

You have built enterprise grade systems with these tools

You love challenges and solving them. You know when to ask more questions and where to look for answers.

You're ready for a long-term fit with the flexibility to create your best work, again and again.

About Clevertech

15 years developing apps has taught us this: Build people, then products.

We’re aware that solid engineering practices and our love of Agile principles aren’t enough to ensure that we translate our clients’ dreams into software that shapes the world.

Our team of over 100 developers and designers are what make it possible.

They’ve rejected offers from Google and Twitter. They’re parents, travelers, or aspiring entrepreneurs. Some are in the planning stages of launching their own startups. Here’s what they have in common:

They’re all invested in becoming better together and we support their constant learning.

For more on how we do this, check out why.clevertech.biz. Some of the great things we do together are captured in cleverte.ch/bloomberg and visualcaptcha.net. We're also proud to be one of FlexJob's 100 Top Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2016. The list goes on!

About the Job

At Clevertech, we understand why it’s great to be part of the gig economy—we also understand some of the challenges it can present.

By offering ongoing, full-time roles, we eliminate the burnout and guesswork involved in being a contract worker. We’re also interested in making it possible for our team to focus on what they do best. Busy work that gets in the way of high-quality code is our worst enemy!

Here’s how it works:

  • We work with quality clients who have brilliant ideas they want to scale, scale, scale :)
  • Schedules are flexible—you work when you're in flow, from wherever you wish
  • You focus on one client at a time; when you're finished with one, we provide another
  • We use the latest tools and streamline every workflow imaginable
  • Everyone on our team shares your culture, irrespective of where they are physically

Codi Studios needs Frontend Engineer Needed for Web-Based Sports Apps

Draft Engine, a leader in Fantasy Sports and featured on ESPN, is looking for a talented frontend engineer to build our new app!

We are looking for a HTML5 and CSS3 expert with a handle on responsive and mobile development and the ability to build a stable and scalable web-based application.


Our award winning designers will provide PSD's and assist with the creation of assets. It is the responsibility of this frontend expert to recommend a UI framework and code with pixel-perfection and the ultimate in usability. We are open to the developer suggesting easy-to-implement out-of-the-box UI solutions.

Ideally we'll begin with an on-site introduction to the team where you become familiar with our company and offerings. We'll establish the overall goals, decide on technology, create a tasklist and prioritize. Status meetings will occur once a week or as needed via conference call or Skype.

Most importantly, the candidate in question must be professional, reliable, committed and enthusiastic about the product.

We envision the initial development cycle to last approximately 3 months and immediately continue into other apps and enhanced features.


Additional skills such as NodeJS, Python, Mongodb are a major plus as it would be ideal if this frontend developer can work to implement the existing backend into the new front-facing interface.

Please provide a list of your skills, coding languages and fluency; 3+ samples of interfaces you have coded including a quick note about your level of involvement of each; and 2+ references. Applicants who do not provide the requested items will not be considered. Listing additional work experience is always helpful.


We look forward to meeting you!