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Designer Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or freelance job, or just curious what kind of creative minds are needed, PSDbucket’s creative jobs¬†¬†listings is the right place to stop by. We list employment opportunities for designers of all kinds – print, 3d, web, flash, etc.

We update this list daily, so even if you have not found a job of your dreams today, don’t hesitate to visit this page tomorrow!

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Creative Market needs Design Curator

Creative Market is the platform where independent creators buy and sell digital design assets. Our mission is to help creators around the world turn passion into opportunity. As a Design Curator, you will help make this mission a reality by curating and featuring the best products and shops from the marketplace. Your work will impact millions of creators around the world. You will strive to give well deserved exposure to shop owners who work hard to create great products. You will work closely with different teams on topics such as marketplace trends, shop behaviors, brand design, user experience, product creation, and product promotion.
As a Design Curator on the Design Team, you will be the embodiment of the design team’s mission and vision. These will be reflected in all aspects of your work. Our team’s mission is to create a unique, cohesive experience for our community through one unified design system. Our team’s vision is to balance and improve long-term growth with great user experience across our products and brand. 
For a more in-depth explanation of the responsibilities and benefits of this role, please click the follwoing like to the job application page: 

Kin Workplace Solutions needs UI Engineer

Kin is seeking a UI engineer to join our small, distributed team for on a contract basis for 25-30 hours per week. The position begins immediately and you’re welcome to work remotely so long as you’re in the US and eligible to work here.

As a UI Engineer, you’re responsible for the entire technical lifecycle of Kin’s UI. That means working with our designer up front on interactions and best practices, then working closely with our back-end engineers to get your work wired into the application.

About Kin

Kin is focused on increasing mental health, well-being, engagement and retention within the workplace. We do this by using traditional HRIS features such as paid time-off management and new hire onboarding in reimagined ways that benefit both the employee and the bottom line. We launched in July of 2013, are completely bootstrapped, and we’re passionate about helping innovative companies grow, learn, and thrive.

Why work at Kin?

We’re a small, scrappy team. We’re constantly building, releasing, and improving the app, so you’ll see your work ship regularly. Though your primary role will be development, you will have influence on the direction of the product and plenty of transparency into how we run our business.


Who we’re looking for

You are a front-end native. You speak clean, semantic, standards-compliant front-end code fluently. You have experience with dynamic CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS, and responsive UI isn’t a mountain you walk around.

You are absolutely solid with our technology set. Kin is built on Backbone,js, and you’ll be spending at least 50% of your time working directly in it. We use Handlebars for templating and Rivets for data binding. Our backend is built on C#/.NET. Though you don’t need to be fluent in C#, some experience with it is certainly a plus, as is experience with Wordpress. You will also need working knowledge and experience with consuming RESTful APIs.

You don’t want that job where you're told exactly what to do at every step. To succeed at Kin, you have to be interested in the product, interaction design, sales, and every other facet of the company. This isn't a job for someone who only wants to focus on what falls under a job title. If you’re looking for detailed specs and crisp corners, or are looking to be a cog in a big engine, this isn’t the gig for you.

You can succeed with a remote team. Our team isn’t huddled in a single location, so you need to be present, aware, and responsive with our distributed team. We use tools like Github, Basecamp, Slack, Google Hangouts, and DoneDone to keep both code and team synced. Constant communication and teamwork make the company tick.

Additional Expectations

  • HTML, CSS, Backbone, Rivets, Handlebars, Javascript, JQuery and more is a plus
  • Experience with dynamic CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS
  • Experience working with Gulp and Webpack
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think for yourself.
  • Dedication to testing your work
  • You are comfortable building templates that will be integrated with server-side code
  • You like to document your code as well as keep organized
  • Experience working with the Bootstrap framework
  • Familiarity working in an integrated development environment (IDE) like Visual Studio
  • Experience using Litmus to verify that your email templates look as good as possible in different email clients
  • Experience using Browserstack or another multi browser testing platform

MWI needs Senior Front-end Developer

This might not be the right job for you. You'll be working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial (read "slightly chaotic"), high growth environment. It's exciting, but our team members have to be highly proactive and jump in and take responsibility for projects. If you're looking for a comfy place where you can just do your work and take a check, you won't be happy here. If you thrive on being part of something that's growing rapidly and packing your brain with new information and skills every day, then you might love it. It's not an easy place to work, but man, it's a lot of fun. Now here's the technical details.


  • Communicate with clients to gather requirements and assess their objectives during the pre-development and development stages of projects, including making presentations individually or as part of a team.
  • Work with other MWI employees, including copywriters, UX designers, web designers, other coders, and digital marketers.
  • Assist with creating proposals and agreements for web development engagements.
  • Think strategically and come up with creative and elegant solutions for clients.
  • Develop, debug, and assist with development tasks.
  • Own projects from conception to completion.

Must Haves:

  • 5+ years experience developing fully customized wordpress themes
  • Experience developing pixel perfect responsive websites from PSD’s
  • Expert level fluency with HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3/Jquery
  • Experience with jQuery, Prototype, AngularJS, Node.js.
  • Strong knowledge of responsive web design and development
  • Strong understanding of PHP/MySQL
  • Experience with version control
  • Understanding of cross browser/device development techniques,
  • Experience in cross browser support and graceful degradation.
  • Familiarity with open source frameworks.
  • Experience integrating with and debugging content management systems
  • Experience with ecommerce, integrating with merchant API’s, and security.


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Coding addicts preferred.
  • Up to date knowledge on upcoming technologies and w3c compliant code
  • Familiarity with good principles of UX, front-end coding, and web design.

Advant Interactive needs Experienced Web Designer - Telecommuting is OK!

We are Advant Interactive, a group of design and developer nerds. We’re a small bunch (thus far), but we have plans for world domination - or at the very least, we’d like to be in business a long, long time.

We’re located in Long Beach, just a Kobe 3-pointer from the sand, and a taxi ride from the heart of LA. We need someone who seeks a position on the cutting edge of web development. Don’t live in LA? Not a problem - we’re open to making a telecommute option work for you.

IMPORTANT: Our ideal candidate has a solid background in user-centered design and experience working on a variety of ecommerce products and sites in all different kinds of fields - from selling shoes to sellling legal services and everything in-between.

All candidates must work with speed and enjoy sweating over tight deadlines. They must live to design and not be satisfied until they’ve seen a project through from insemination to birth to that first day at kindergarten.

Who are you? The dude (or dudette) for the role should have a minimum of two years in the world of web design, with a portfolio that’s likely to blow our socks off.

Because we live in the virtual world, it does not matter where you reside, as long as you are available during business hours. Still reading?

Do you have the following requirements?

  • Can WOW us with your designs.
  • Can create user-centered visual layouts and design elements for web and mobile applications.
  • Can confidently explain your design decisions in meetings with the boss and client.
  • Have a strong background in User Interaction and Visual Design.
  • Have the ability to self-motivate and self-adjust when needed.
  • Ability to stay up-to-date with current technology and trends.

And it goes without saying…

You can both talk the talk and walk the walk. You have 20:20 vision when it comes to fine details. You consider missing a deadline one of the seven deadly sins.

If you’ve gotten this far, you could be just what we’re looking for!

Apply today!

Creative Market needs Product Designer


Creative Market is the platform where independent creators around the world buy and sell digital design assets. Our mission is to help creators around the world turn passion into opportunity. As a Product Designer, you will help make this mission a reality by building strategic growth initiatives within a cross-functional product team. You will collaborate with engineers, designers, researchers, and analysts on the entire product lifecycle. You will plan and design a range of small to large tests and features aimed at increasing our MoM growth rate and improving user experience.

Design Team Purpose

As a Product Designer, you are the embodiment of the design team’s mission, vision, and principles. These should be reflected in all aspects of your work. You live & breathe brilliant product design thinking and execution. You're passionate about a/b testing, conversion optimization, user experience design, and user research.

Our mission is to create a unique, cohesive experience for our community through one unified design system. Our vision is to balance and improve long-term growth with great user experience across our products and brand.

Design Principles

1. Design For Everyone

2. People Over Pixels

4. One Brand To Rule Them All

5. The Details Are The Design

6. Design Is A Shared Responsibility

7. Creativity Fosters Community


  • Work close with your cross-functional product team to produce fast, effective cycles of product design work.
  • Discover, research, and validate opportunities that can make a big impact for our business and users.
  • Design clear and simple product design solutions. Navigate complex product system dynamics and user behaviors.
  • Write detailed scopes for your design work. Produce realistic timelines for each design cycle required for the project to be completed and successful.
  • Build a/b tests that iterate on our existing features and craft new features that are optimized for activation and retention by device.
  • Balance using our product design system's elements, patterns, and interactions with evolving them.
  • Recommend improvements to our design tools, process, and documentation.
  • Own your work. Work closely with the design director to ensure best results.

Who You Are

  • Communicative: You start with listening and empathy. You keep others updated on all aspects of your work. You proactively reach out before critical questions or roadblocks become an issue. You speak and write with clarity and brevity. You articulate your decisions clearly, explaining what problems they solve and why.
  • Collaborative: You honor and compliment the contributions of your peers. You value receiving and giving feedback. You believe great design is the result of good collaboration because design is a shared responsibility across the team.
  • Professional: You hold yourself to high standards of decorum. Your productive, perceptive, honest, supportive, transparent, compassionate and self-controlled. You lack ego and put the best interests of the company and team above your own.
  • Learner: You love learning and share what you discover with the team. You pursue tackling new challenges. You stay curious and open about what’s possible.
  • User-Focused: You always build things with the end-user in mind. You make sure the team is talking to the right users before, during, and after building product work. You take pride in removing friction at every point of the user journey in our product. You value the time and effort our users invest in our product.
  • Detail-Oriented: You sweat the details because you know that millions of people rely on what you’re designing. You balance big-picture thinking with polishing the tiny details. You ensure all details in the UX and UI design work are thorough before the build goes out the door.
  • Systematic Thinker: You understand how all components of the system fit together to create a unified experience. You see how new projects will impact the larger system and are able to clearly communicate these dynamics to the project team.
  • Passionate: You care about the creative and design communities. You take it to heart when you hear how your work helps our users achieve success or lessens their frustrations. It’s natural for you to over deliver because you want to elevate Creative Market to a highly competitive state in the industry.

Skills Required

  • You have a well-rounded knowledge of product systems, design thinking, and what’s possible to execute in code.
  • You set a very high bar for product design execution, process, and documentation. You hold the entire team to the same standard.
  • You deliver projects on time. You communicate well in advance if a due date needs to move and the reason. You are responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of your work because the business depends on it.
  • You balance qualitative and quantitative data in order to identify and solve complex problems that benefit our business and users. You have experience and passion for using data to improve user experience.
  • You think deeply about product design decisions before delivering them to the team. You have a track record of being open to others solving design challenges alongside you. You mentor best practices in design thinking in the team.
  • You have a strong desire to grasp the entire site from all our users’ perspectives: shops, buyers, affiliates, and visitors. You're committed to developing an acute understanding of their desires, motivations, and problems.
  • You thrive in a fast-faced, dynamic environment. You work well in remote and office settings.
  • You are comfortable in Adobe CC, Sketch, and various prototyping tools.
  • You actively build relationships across the team.

Experiences Desired

  • You have 2+ years working on web and digital product design work. eCommerce and responsive design experience is preferred.
  • You have a B.A. or B.F.A. in Design with a focus in one of the following areas: web, UI/UX, product design(or an equivalent level of education).
  • You have experience working on a marketplace or eCommerce business.
  • You have experience working in a startup environment.

We're Offering

  • Location: San Francisco preferred. Remote(U.S. only) opportunities available in the following states: CA, TX, NC, CO, WA and NY.
  • Competitive compensation
  • Stock options
  • 401(k) plan
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Generous paid time off
  • New workstation

DockYard needs Senior UX & Visual Designer

DockYard is looking for a great UX and Visual designer to join our team.

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Can demonstrate a strong user-centric approach to their work
  • Has been part of the user research process in the past
  • Has previous client services experience
  • Shows strength in typography, color, and information layout

We value diversity and strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

More about the job

We’re a design-driven software consultancy. We make web applications, focusing on Progressive Web Apps. Our projects can last between several weeks and several months. Many of our client projects are “greenfield”, so you’ll have the opportunity to define the core concepts that will have impact throughout the application and be built upon as the product grows.

Our designers work with the most innovative clients in the industry, and provide design leadership in collaboration with DockYard’s Engineering team. Designers don’t code their own HTML/CSS, but a familiarity with how the web is built is a big plus.

We are a fully distributed company, with the design team clustered around Boston. This is a 100% remote position as of now. Some availability to travel is expected.

Because designers start projects and communicate directly with clients and the rest of the team each day, we value writing and communication skills. We also help you develop these skills, and grow professionally in other ways: a conference / education budget, DockYard Friday projects, and internal training are all part of the deal.


  • Work directly with clients
  • Gather project requirements from various stakeholders
  • Create visual assets to support product discovery: from rough sketches to user flows to wireframes
  • Create polished visual design layouts
  • Collaborate with HTML/CSS engineers to ensure quality and implementability

If this working style interests you, we’d love to hear from you! Individual applications only, please: we do not work with recruiters and aren’t looking to outsource work.