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Designer Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or freelance job, or just curious what kind of creative minds are needed, PSDbucket’s creative jobs¬†¬†listings is the right place to stop by. We list employment opportunities for designers of all kinds – print, 3d, web, flash, etc.

We update this list daily, so even if you have not found a job of your dreams today, don’t hesitate to visit this page tomorrow!

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CROmetrics needs Growth Product Manager

Our positions are fully remote and to ensure compliance with all applicable labor laws, are open to U.S.-based applicants only. Not hiring in Washington state, Oregon state, San Francisco, or New York.

As a Product Manager at CROmetrics, you will be a hybrid product manager, strategic thinker, account manager and data analyst. Your primary role is to partner with our clients to improve their websites through data-driven experimentation and personalization. A Product Manager spends much of their time interfacing with clients, designers and engineers. On the client side, the PM must be able to generate data-driven ideas that will improve revenue and other key metrics on client websites.


As a PM, you will be leading all A/B testing and personalization experimentation for the client, which includes the following:

  • Partnering with the client for the ideation, prioritization, road-mapping, design, and approval process for all hypotheses generation and experimentation

  • Diving deep into the results to deliver the data story, learnings and recommendations from the experiment

  • Collaborating with a remote team of engineers, designers and other PMs to support experiment ideation and execution

  • Managing all aspects of the client relationship from daily experiment monitoring to kicking off the renewal process to evangelizing the value of CROmetrics

In addition, as a CROmetrics team member, you will:

  • Support the professional growth of the team through leading and/or participating in ongoing training, e.g. book club

  • Engage in non-client related activities that help grow our business, e.g. writing the PM job description or delivering hypotheses and mock-ups for a sales deck

  • Actively participate in our remote culture


Who we’re looking for

Our most successful candidates have the following skills/experience/traits:

  • 5+ years of professional experience working in digital product management, user experience design or similar roles on consumer-facing web products

  • Demonstrated extremely strong presentation and communication skills

  • Built and delivered product roadmaps full of winning and losing ideas

  • Passion for using data to improve user experiences

  • Hands-on experience analyzing digital business data to inform decisions and plan strategically

  • Worked cross-functionally in a highly collaborative environment, preferably in a remote capacity

  • Genuinely like working with clients and their distributed stakeholder groups

  • Love product strategy, but obsessed with the details on execution

  • Lifelong learner


If you’re interested in checking out the swell people you’ll be working with, click here to learn more about the team.


If you have questions as you go through this, make notes and if we haven’t answered them by the end, feel free to email chris@crometrics.com or tom@crometrics.com.

Our Culture

  • We’re a remote company. We are spread out all over the country and enjoy the flexibility remote working affords. Want to go on a mountain bike ride in the middle of the day? Cool, don’t forget your helmet! Need to pick the kids up from school? Nice, you’ve got parent of the year in the bag. We stay connected through Slack and workcations, including one annual trip that is funded by the company.

  • Our engineers value elegant code, but move fast. We’re writing code that runs on top of existing websites. Some tests only run for a few days before disappearing (though some do so well they become a permanent part of the client’s site). If “minimum viable product” isn’t in your lexicon, you aren’t a good fit.

  • Communication is critical. We’re a remote company. That makes communication — including writing and reading comprehension — extremely important. You’ll work closely with engineers, designers and writers. This is not a simple “write specs and close tickets” gig. Successful applicants enjoy the process of defining and clarifying specs, documenting processes, improving processes, seeing their ideas and work affect millions of users, and uploading custom emoji to Slack.

  • We’re relentlessly focused on our client’s happiness. The PM is a client-facing role. Managing a client relationship virtually takes a different type of skill set – the PMs have to be both a strategic partner, the customer (represented by the data), teacher and project manager over the phone/email/Slack, all while delivering an exceptional level of service. This type of interaction is not for everyone, and we completely understand. It’s not easy!

  • We are not perfect. A the core of experimentation is the lesson to be learned from the test, whether a win, loss or inconclusive. We extend this concept to everything we do by setting the bar high for our team and fostering an environment of radical candor and constant learning.


This short essay sums up the philosophy we operate by: This is Professionalism (http://arches.io/2014/03/this-is-professionalism/). Sound like something you are interested in? Read on.


A unique application and hiring process, just like us

We’re glad you’re interested in working with us. We have a fairly unusual hiring process, but it has proven to work well both for us and for potential new hires. We have found that demonstrating basic competency is the best predictor of initial qualification for working with us, followed by actual work.


Our process reflects that. We’ve outlined our values and how we work above, and now we will ask you to complete a couple small tasks to show us you’re interested.


Create A Work Sample

The following is a typical task you would be doing on a daily basis. Follow the steps below to see if this type of work interests you and is a good fit. Please do not spend more than an hour on this task, as it is intended for you to be able to demonstrate basic competency in the core part of the job you will be doing.


We want to know how you think about designing elegant product solutions focused around increasing conversions.


Here is the website for one of our past clients: Hired.com. Hired spends a lot of money (e.g. through paid ads) to drive applicants, primarily software engineers, to their site. Their goal is to increase the number of leads/applicants that complete the signup flow and are ready to be hired.


  1. Your first task is to come up with a hypothesis backlog of at least 6-8 ideas you have for improving conversions for the Hired.com. An example of a hypothesis is: “Adding a video to the Hired website will help job candidates understand how Hired works and therefore, increase conversions.”

  2. Once you’ve developed your hypothesis backlog, choose one of the ideas that you believe is most likely to increase leads.

  3. Write a spec for your chosen idea comprised of the user story, any supporting data, expected user or page interactions, engineering notes, etc. Optionally, you may also produce a wireframe and/or a visual to go along with your spec, using any number of UX tools such as Axure, Balsamiq, Invision or even simple pen/paper sketching. Just be sure to submit your spec as an image so anyone can view it without special software.


In a real-life client situation, you will work with the client to create a testing roadmap supported by data that aligns with the client’s KPI’s. You’ll then write a spec for the experiments, and will work with engineering to implement and QA the experiment. Once the test is implemented, you’ll run an A/B test, share the results with the client, draw insights from the test, and develop new ideas for testing.

Electric Pulp needs UI/UX Designer

Hello There

Since 1996, Electric Pulp has focused on developing cutting-edge interactive solutions. We’re looking for a designer who can help us continue to produce top-of-the-line digital experiences for fun and sometimes demanding clients. So if you're great at what you do, and what you do happens to be designing interfaces for the web and mobile, we want to hear from you.

We'd love if you could be local to Sioux Falls, SD, but don’t let your location stop you from making contact (we're about half local, half remote). We understand that the right fit might not live here, but you do need to be a U.S. Citizen living in the United States.

About The Job

As a designer at Electric Pulp, you will be integral to the success of the project, working with designers, clients, project managers and developers to create elegant user interfaces and experiences — while ensuring that they are carried successfully through to completion. You’ll need to know all about solving complex usability challenges, grids, responsive design, and mobile-specific requirements. We’ll expect to see some examples of such in your portfolio.

In general, we believe that design needs to solve problems and be beautiful at the same time. Your work should do both with gusto. We’re looking for pixel perfect, as well as purpose perfect.

While design is the core function of this role, there are a few other things that we'll be looking for:

  • Ability to work well with others
  • Ability to professionally communicate your design ideas to the client
  • Self-starter tendencies (especially important if you're out of the area)
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Dedication required to meet a deadline
  • Interest and proven history of learning/creating new methods and approaches
  • Ability to write effectively and without typos

This position is available now — you'll want to be ready to hit the ground running. As a result, it'd be best if you had some serious chops when you walk through the door on the first day.

Skills and experience required:

  • 4+ years as an interactive designer
  • Experience working with clients
  • Experience using Sketch
  • Expertise in typography, composition and color theory
  • Expertise in using grids for layout
  • Knowledge of responsive design and all it entails
  • Knowledge of mobile and app design
  • Experience creating site architecture and navigation structures
  • Experience creating logos, icons and graphical elements
  • Firm understanding of HTML & CSS
  • Familiarity with Photoshop, Illustrator and Invision
  • Photo processing and color treatment experience a plus.

This is a full-time salaried position with benefits:

  • Paid time off for vacations or illness
  • SimpleIRA Retirement Account with matching
  • Robust Healthcare Coverage
  • Dental Plan
  • Optical Discounts
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Macbook Pro provided for work use
  • We use Slack
  • Bike Program
  • Competitive Ping Pong environment
  • Free pop (That’s soda, for you coastal types.)

We’re very serious about our work, but the team is cool, the projects are fulfilling and the Fridays allow for casual attire. As do the other days.

If this sounds interesting to you, send us a note about why you want to join the team. Include your resumé, your portfolio and examples of your work in the wild. We'd also take a glance at interface work you've Dribbbled, if you're into that kind of thing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Parachute Design Group Inc. needs Contract/Freelance Web Designer

We are currently seeking a professional freelance website design to expand our team of elite web design specialists. The ideal candidate is a knowledgeable, self-managed designer with 5+ years experience in web and user interface design available for full time or part-time freelance work. The candidate should have exceptional, pixel-perfect attention to detail and the ability to deliver top-notch work on time and on budget. 

Our design and development team is entirely virtual, meaning we are all scattered around the world. What makes our team successful is their ability to self-manage and a shared commitment to creating beautiful, professional work on time. 


  • Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Expert in design theory and fundamentals.
  • Available for freelance/contract work during regular business hours.

Nice to Have:

  • Excellent strategy and wireframing skills.
  • Branding and logo design experience.
  • Ability to take a project from discovery to completion.
  • Project management/client management experience.
  • RGD designation considered an asset.

Think you are the person we’re looking for?

  • Please send us your three favourite real-world portfolio pieces with a very brief overview of the project goals and challenges you faced.
  • Your hourly rate.
  • Your contact information.
  • References if available.

Fuel Made needs Web Designer

A few years ago we (Fuel Made) were just a small handful of folks focused on building the very best ecommerce experiences on the web. Leading out with strong design is how we delighted our clients, and grew our agency. Our design-driven approach led to success, and opportunities we couldn’t have imagined.

Today, our clients are successful, established merchants with specialized shops and complex needs. The opportunity to service these clients is challenging and exciting.

We are seeking a web designer to join our small design team. In this position you will work with our team, and directly with our clients. You will be directing and designing the solutions we build. This is a serious responsibility, and an exciting one. Watching your hard work come to life as it progresses through the project life cycle, and then watching our customer’s delight as it impacts their bottom line is rewarding. This is why we love ecommerce.

A quick summary of your responsibilities:

Once a client comes on board you will work with them over several weeks on discovery, creating wireframes and user flows (both visual and written), style direction, and finally the visual design. You'll then shepherd all that design work through the development process.

This is where we’ll need your experience as a web designer capable of tackling big challenges with discipline and an understanding of what web design really means, and how thoughtful design can help clients reach their goals.

Candidate must haves:

  • At least three years of, specifically, web design experience 
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • You need to truly love doing UX work in addition to visual design work
  • Comfortable and experienced with the technical aspects and constraints of working with the web. This includes an understanding of RWD, and how HTML and CSS work.
  • Passion for all things web and design. You are abreast of industry best practices and evolution.
  • Willingness to do things The Right Way (especially when it's hard)
  • Easy and enjoyable to work with

Nice to haves:

  • HTML/CSS coding proficiency
  • Experience with ecommerce
  • Photography background

Why you might like working for us:

  • We choose our clients carefully.
  • Freedom to care about your work (we're focused on quality)
  • Freedom to own projects from a design standpoint
  • Freedom to focus and get really good at what you do (we're focused 100% on ecommerce)
  • We work reasonable hours.
  • The care we have for our clients is rivaled only by the care we have for each other. We are a tight-knit, professional team who care a lot about doing world-class work together.


  • Vacation: two weeks paid vacation plus 7 paid holidays, and we also take off the week between Christmas and New Years.
  • Remote work: Western North America is your office.
  • Health care benefits. 
  • Yearly retreat: Each year we all gather as a team for a week somewhere fun (and warm!) to connect, learn, and have a lot of fun together.
  • Tools: we'll make sure you have whatever software and hardware you need to do your job.

Location: We are a fully remote company, but you must be in North America, and located in the Pacific or Mountain time zones, available to work regular business hours every day.

MetaCommunications needs Product Designer


About MetaCommunications:


MetaCommunications develops workflow and collaborative productivity solutions that help marketing, creative design, packaging and enables workgroups around the world be more productive. MetaCommunications has over 250 business customers including 3M, Anixter, Allstate Insurance, Bath & Body Works, Bon-Ton, Bridgestone, Crate & Barrel, Diageo, Eddie Bauer, Fox Sports, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Menasha, Merck, National Geographic, Pfizer, Staples, Sony, TJX, Talbots, United Nations, USA Today, Village Roadshow, Wilton, Yamaha, Younkers, and more.


Our Meta team members are committed to innovation, flexibility, and collaboration. We rely on a functional organization format where managers are responsible for particular company functions while also working as team players to support other functions. We strive to continually improve our products and services with convenience, security, and reliability for the customer as our key goals. Our team members are expected to be versatile, flexible, energetic team players. Our main office is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Iowa City, IA.


As a customer focused and driven-to-win organization, there are many exciting reasons to join the Meta team. We provide competitive salaries, quality healthcare and an enjoyable, be-yourself office environment. We are deeply mission and vision driven and support flexible schedules when needed. MetaCommunications has a dynamic, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial environment, which requires a professional, flexible, self-starter attitude. We believe in hiring the best, the brightest, and cultivating a culture of collaboration and appreciation. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, marital status, citizen status, age, disability, military or protected veteran status, genetic predisposition or carrier status or any other legally protected status.







Role Summary:


MetaCommunications is a leader in providing innovative project management software for the world’s best creative teams. Our mission is simple: to build great products that make the best creative teams as productive as possible.


We're looking for someone to join our team who wants to help us create a next generation user experience and a product that our creative professional users will love to use every day. You will have the opportunity to work alongside a close knit group of very talented engineers and product managers to build software that will transform the way best-in-class creative teams operate.


The purpose of the Interactive Product Designer is to solve user problems from a pure user experience and user interface design perspective. The resulting output of this role is clickable prototypes, UI design assets, and user experience flow diagrams. These items will be consumed by the engineering development team in building and enhancing product functionality and features.


We’re looking for a Product Designer, curious about why people do what they do, and you love delivering good user experiences. You have at least 3+ years of experience creating compelling products and user-centered design solutions. You’re constantly reading about UX design best practices and staying abreast of current trends. You combine your research-driven design process with a great sense of aesthetics. You try to understand what users do, not just what they say, and how to deliver a great feature for their true use case. You’re somewhat fanatical about pattern libraries, design systems and information architecture. You’re able to communicate and ardently defend good user experience design to all comers. You enjoy being part of a fast-paced, collaborative team and want to be an integral part of solving complex problems with simple, easy to use solutions.


You’ll join MetaCommunication’s team, turning product ideas into great user experiences. In this role, you will help drive the design vision a Product leadership. Working with our product team, you’ll translate product strategy and user requirements into full-fledged user experiences for the web and mobile – creating pixel-perfect mockups, user flow diagrams, and interactive prototypes to solve complex interactions. Lastly, you will regularly work with our Engineering teams to collaborate on turning mockups into features, working together to maintain a polished and scalable pattern library. You’ll be expected to use data, competitive research, and analytic rigor in designing our user experiences. Most importantly, you’ll embody a spirit of empathy for our users’ needs, learn constantly, and move fast.


We're looking for someone who isn't scared of the unknown and likes pushing the envelope. No day will look the same, but you will always be expected to rise to the occasion, overcome challenges, and launch successful product iterations on a regular basis.









·          Work with the product team, Engineers, and Stakeholders to ensure that what we're designing meets the needs of the end user


·          Effectively communicate user interaction through deliverables such as wireframes and prototypes


·          Wireframe and mockup user interfaces with your design application of choice or in the browser (when appropriate)


·          Design web and mobile application interfaces and interactions


·          Actively participate in design critiques/reviews and product discussions


·          Think deeply about the user experience and usability issues


·          Build what you design (front-end prototypes)


·          Effectively address QA and User Feedback


·          Craft user interface text, conversational UI scripts, product messaging, landing pages, emails, and other project deliverables


·          Transform complex marketing/project management jargon into conversational, approachable language


·          Push and evolve content frameworks and patterns based on brand guidelines


·          Collaborate effectively with all teams


·          Solicit feedback and contribute constructively to design reviews


·          Advance a strong point of view, backed up by personal expertise, design rationale, customer data, and industry trends


·          Participate in customer research and apply insights to generate content that delivers customer delight


·          Work on multiple projects at one time, using strong communication skills to manage time and expectations appropriately











  • Ability to design exceptional user interfaces is second-to-none
  • Mobile and responsive design/development is not an afterthought
  • You have a burning passion for providing a great experience to users
  • You're proficient in handcrafting HTML and CSS (particularly HTML5 and CSS3)
  • You know enough JavaScript/jQuery to build out prototypes of your designs
  • You get things done whether you're working autonomously or in a team setting
  • Communication skills and the ability to explain your design decisions come naturally
  • 3+ years of experience in content design, content strategy, or related field
  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Human-Computer Interaction Design, Computer Science, Engineering or other relevant field; Master’s preferred
  • Deep knowledge of design principles and methods
  • Curiosity and commitment to testing new ideas and innovating to drive business results
  • Effective communicator, presenter, and negotiator
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills
  • A dazzling online portfolio
  • 3+ years of “in the trenches” startup experience or working with a small team (<30)
  • Hands-on engineering experience with modern software stacks
  • Strong command of software engineering principles, design, and process
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Solid experience with UX with regards to usability and user workflow for a corporate application
  • Material design and enterprise web applications experience
  • Strong ability to understand user needs and design streamlined, with beautiful interactions to improve workflow and usability
  • Must know how to create, use, and improve wireframes, prototypes, style guides, user flows, and red-lined comps to effectively communicate and iterate on your ideas for solving complex user problems.
  • Exposure to some or all of the following tools in our technical environment is helpful but not required, which includes: JavaScript (Node.js, ReactJS+Reflux, TypeScript, ES6), C# (.NET), HTML5/CSS3 (Sass), Windows, Linux, virtualization (Docker, VMWare, Amazon EC2+ECS), AWS, MS SQL Server, Chef, and GitHub.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Prefers to break features down into small, easily releasable stories.
  • Enjoys working collaboratively – knows how to build consensus across multiple teams.
  • An understanding of API frameworks and scaling API’s supporting multiple end users.


Bonus Points:


  • Version control with Git
  • Experience designing for iOS and Android
  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails
  • Familiarity with A/B testing
  • Ability to conduct user testing and customer interviews
  • Ability to create icons and logos in a pinch
  • Experience in SaaS or marketing technology preferred
  • You have experience gathering, analyzing, and translating market and customer behavior into tangible product requirements.
  • You love well designed products, especially when it comes to architecting information, creating beautiful user interfaces and experiences, following responsive design principles, and leveraging data to improve the user experience to better accomplish business goals.
  • You embrace Agile product development methodologies and can gracefully manage a cross-functional team to hit milestones on time without sacrificing quality.
  • You have the ability to influence and inspire people (both others and yourself) to get excited about ideas and projects.


Our Perks/Benefits:


We're a fun team. We build awesome products, solve hard problems and keep a good life balance. Our culture is one of our biggest strengths. In our company, people treat each other with respect and compassion, and together cultivate a culture of team-work, learning, accountability, and fun. There’s a commitment to understanding the whole person, helping to create a shared, unquestioning environment.


  • Medical/Dental Insurance
  • 401K
  • Generous PTO
  • Optimal workspace in the heart of downtown Iowa City
  • $20/month local gym membership within walking distance
  • Flexible work environment
  • Onsite board games




If this sounds like a party to you and you want to work alongside some incredibly talented and passionate engineers and designers, we want to hear from you! Please send us a current portfolio of design and code samples, and tell us why you want to work at Meta. It also wouldn't hurt if you sent us links to your Dribbble and Github accounts.


Why should you work at Meta? We LOVE …. 


Free stuff!!!


·          Downtown Iowa City parking


·          Coffee/Tea/beverages


Our workspace!!!


·          Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Iowa City


·          Great view of the Ped Mall


·          Natural light everywhere!


·          Farmer’s Market Wednesday – within walking distance of our office


·          Indoor bike racks


·          Numerous downtown restaurants, eateries and unique shopping to choose from


Our colleagues!!!


·          The community feeling


·          We are passionate about what we do


·          We collaborate to identify solutions to problems 


·          We challenge each other to become better


·          A great mix of cultures and backgrounds


·          We hang out outside of work hours


·          Very smart colleagues who want to solve customer issues using an innovative technology solution


·          Diverse hobbies and backgrounds …. Continuous learning


·          Networking up and out


·          Our management team is not only very accessible, but they are fun to be around … and they value our opinions and are very supportive of what we do


Our customers!!!


·          Ability to work directly with our customers at Fortune 500 companies


·          Opportunity to see the software through the customer lens


·          Maximizing our customers’ ROI on a daily basis


·          They are nice and smart – we are constantly learning from them


Our products!!!


·          Exciting technology


·          Exposure to many different subjects


·          Environment allows you to quickly learn how software is developed, deployed and maintained


·          Fast-paced environment with new challenges at every turn


·          Opportunities to learn and grow into new roles


·          Our products enable people work smarter, not harder


·          Dramatically improve the work experience for our customers




FullStack needs Front-End Designer

FullStack has become renowned in our ability to bring creativity, expertise, and sound development practices to notable and ambitious startups and scaling organizations. Our mission is simple: to build great products that propel our clients towards success.

We're looking for someone to join our team who loves designing and developing websites and user experiences. You will have the opportunity to work alongside a close knit group of very talented engineers and product managers to build software that changes the world.


At FullStack you will:

  • Design custom websites and Wordpress themes
  • Work with Product Managers, Engineers and client stakeholders to ensure that what we're  meets the needs of the end user
  • Effectively communicate user interaction through deliverables such as wireframes and prototypes
  • Wireframe and mockup user interfaces with your design application of choice or in the browser (when appropriate)
  • Participate as a Product Designer in creating UI/UX for web and mobile applications
  • Actively participate in design critiques/reviews and product discussions
  • Think deeply about the user experience and usability issues
  • You can build out your designs
  • QA the implementation of your designs

You're qualified because:

  • You’ve built custom websites before
  • You know how to work with Wordpress
  • Your ability to design exceptional user interfaces is second-to-none
  • Mobile and responsive design/development is not an afterthought
  • You have a burning passion for providing a great experience to users
  • You're proficient in handcrafting HTML and CSS (particularly HTML5 and CSS3)
  • You know enough JavaScript/jQuery to build out your designs
  • You get things done whether you're working autonomously or in a team setting
  • Communication skills and the ability to explain your design decisions come naturally

You'll get bonus points for knowing a little something about the following:

  • Version control with Git
  • Experience designing for iOS and Android
  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails
  • Familiarity with A/B testing
  • Ability to conduct user testing and customer interviews
  • Ability to create icons and logos in a pinch

This is a contract position, but it has the potential to turn into more.

If this sounds like a party to you and you want to work alongside some incredibly talented and passionate engineers and designers, we want to hear from you! We are a distributed team and welcome the potential of working remotely. Please send us a current portfolio of design and code samples, and tell us why you want to work at FullStack. It also wouldn't hurt if you sent us links to your Dribbble and Github accounts.

Aurea needs PPC ad copy and Landing Page Writer ($80k)

Are you an ad copy and landing page wordsmith who consistently delivers high converting copy that is levels above your peers? Are you easily bored and excited by the prospect of writing ad copy for over 50 SaaS products and constantly iterating and experimenting? If you’re looking to join a scaling rocketship on the ground floor while working from the comfort of your home office or favorite coffee shop with people from around the globe, this role is for you.


Aurea Software is a rapidly growing enterprise software company that delivers transformative customer experience through a variety of world class software products.  With the recent acquisition of Jive Software, the Aurea team now includes 2,000 employees across 5 continents and a roster of over 4,000 customers, including Disney, British Airways, and Apple – all of whom use Aurea technology to engage employees and customers to create meaningful and transformative experiences.

Aurea’s growth strategy has focused on acquisition growth coupled with organic growth driven through the installed base.  Aurea is currently building and scaling a world-class new customer acquisition capability using a combination of traditional enterprise software sales and the latest inbound/outbound marketing techniques


Team-specific background

The team you will be joining is tasked with building the inbound portion of this new customer acquisition capability. Currently the team is working with six different products and is ramping to over fifty products in the next two years. To generate these MQLs, the team produces PPC ads, landing pages, websites, and content which attract MQLs into our funnel. This role will need to be handle complexity: not only are we operating across 6 different products, but we launch 3 campaigns per product targeting differentiated personas with unique messaging. Additionally, we aggressively test and iterate our copy and design to yield the maximum return.


Job Description

  • Author ad copy for multiple PPC channels (adWords, LinkedIn, G2 Crowd, Captera, etc.)

  • Author landing page copy across different enterprise SaaS products

  • Continually increase conversion rates by analyzing data and iterating ad headline copy

  • Creatively connect and brainstorm with campaign managers and creative director to bring marketing campaigns to life

  • Working closely with designer to deliver consistent end product for multiple ad channels

  • Generate multiple versions of ad copy for testing


Qualifications and Key Selection Criteria

Core skills and capabilities

  • Able to produce high converting ad copy tailored for target audiences

  • Comfort authoring ad copy and landing page copy across multiple SaaS products

  • Comfortable designing experiments, measuring results, and increasing conversions

  • Effective collaborator with campaign managers and creative directors

Behavioral characteristics

  • A commitment to continually improving yourself and belief that current performance can always be increased

  • Unusually high bandwidth, and comfort striving towards aggressive goals

  • Process-oriented and metric-driven contributor

  • Curiosity and openness to a remote work culture with differentiated core values

Work history/experience

  • Demonstrated expertise in written high converting ad copy for adWords and LinkedIn

  • Experience writing copy for high converting landing pages

  • Experience testing ad and design iterations to optimize conversion rates

  • Experience authoring ads and landing pages for multiple B2B SaaS products

  • History working at B2B SaaS company


Compensation is $80k/year ($40/hour)

Time: Full time (40 hours/week)

Offer: 1099 if outside the US and W2 if within US
Location: Global (remote)


To apply, we request the completion of pre-interview work assignment – a thoughtful response to which will require investing 1-2 hours of preparation time.  We find both the willingness to invest this time – coupled with the insights we derive from the answers – help us find the truly capable and passionate candidates. Candidates who demonstrate excellence in these responses will be contacted for final interviews.

Cornershop Creative needs WordPress Developer & Support Specialist

Cornershop Creative (https://cornershopcreative.com) is seeking an awesome, U.S.-based WordPress developer to join our distributed team.

The core responsibility for this position will be investigating, troubleshooting, and coding solutions for WordPress-based websites and applications for our non-profit and small business clients. The person occupying this role will spend his or her time making iterative changes and bug fixes to design, functionality, and backend improvements of the dozens of websites Cornershop manages and maintains. Tasks may include setting up WordPress custom post types, fields and taxonomies; troubleshooting server errors and migrating sites to hosts; and minor HTML, CSS (SASS), and JS coding for custom themes. Additionally, this position may be responsible for developing and maintaining custom WordPress plugins.

Our ideal candidate is a hard-working, curious troubleshooter comfortable working independently with little supervision, but who also enjoys working as part of a team that includes developers and non-developers. Since we're a distributed shop, you’ll get to work from home! Cool, right?

Specifically, the things we’re looking for include:

  • Experience with receiving potentially vague end-user bug reports, recreating the issues, and diving into the codebase to quickly identify root causes
  • Significant experience with WordPress theming: template hierarchy, hooks, WP_Query, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of HTML5 markup and CSS3
  • Ability to write CSS/SASS for cross-browser, responsive design (not just by using Bootstrap)
  • Decent JavaScript skills (particularly in jQuery and/or the Node.js ecosystem)
  • Experience managing codebases and deploying websites onto third-party hosts via git, and/or sFTP, making DNS record changes, etc
  • Past experience with quickly and effectively maintaining/troubleshooting/supporting code written by other developers
  • Familiarity with command line tools like git, gulp and wp-cli
  • Ability to laugh at our stupid jokes (and the occasional good one)
  • Familiarity with current (and evolving) best practices in front-end dev regarding semantics, performance, cross-browser consistency, etc.
  • Ability to not lose your s#!% when you occasionally get feedback like “can we make the logo bigger?” or “change the padding by 1px” (and then getting asked to change it back), which may happen despite our best efforts
  • Willingness to work in a fast-paced environment (we keep pretty busy!) and manage a workload of several projects at a time
  • Superb written and oral communication skills

Other stuff we’d love it if you’re good at, but aren’t requirements:

  • Working with and customizing BuddyPress
  • Troubleshooting mySQL performance issues (and writing performant queries)
  • Familiarity with Apache/nginx configuration, tuning and troubleshooting
  • Ability to understand and work with common third-party REST APIs
  • Develop ingenious scripts to facilitate complicated cross-platform content migrations
  • Using Photoshop and understanding challenges in designing for the web
  • Working with nonprofit CRM tools such as Salsa, Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Blue State Digital, and Classy
  • Remembering to un-mute yourself before talking on conference calls
  • Being passionate about progressive causes
  • Writing basic bash scripts and performing other devops/Linux sysadmin kinds of stuff

Cornershop Creative is an award-winning online services agency committed to listening carefully to our non-profit and small business clients and helping them achieve their goals. Our designs are beautiful, and our websites are creative and innovative. Learn more about us at https://cornershopcreative.com/.

To apply, send an email to jobs@cornershopcreative.com with the following:

  • Your résumé, which should include an indication of which American state you live and work in
  • A brief cover letter, explaining why you’re excited about this opportunity
  • Links to work you’ve done that we should see, such as recent websites, git repos, or contributed plugins/modules/themes
  • Ideal salary range


U.S. Applicants only!

Please be sure to include all of these items — to save everyone valuable time we’ll throw out incomplete applications. Thanks for understanding.

Cornershop is an equal opportunity employer.

Modern Tribe needs Senior WordPress Frontend Developer

Modern Tribe is looking for a talented WordPress frontend developer in North America to join our team.

We’re currently working on high-profile WordPress implementations that range between conventional to seriously bleeding edge. We will want to see plugin code examples – public plugins are ideal. We want people that are able to develop code that can withstand high profile sites and intense loads. You should be comfortable working as part of a team – your code will have to integrate into an existing architecture. If tightly optimized code get’s you excited – you’re probably a good fit.

Do you have a dog eared copy of ‘Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja’ beside your bed? Would you be excited to work on large scale WordPress projects that actually require your JavaScript skills? Would you be stoked to push the limits of where JavaScript and WordPress can play nicely together?

The opportunity calls for a mixed set of skills. We need someone with expert level CSS skills, impeccable WordPress experience, and solid JavaScript, PHP & MySQL skills. Experience building sites with extremely large loads is a plus. We like our stuff to run fast and smooth. 


  • ARCHITECT: Work with design team to architect and document theme solutions using best practices
  • ADAPT: Integrate code into existing theme architecture
  • COLLABORATE: Coordinate with designers, back-end developers and other theme devs
  • PERFORM: Produce code solutions that load quickly and smoothly
  • REVIEW: Be a part of QA team and optimize / review other team members’ code

Personal Competencies

  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working as part of a remote team
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented
  • Strong organizational skills and a methodical approach to all tasks
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines
  • Fluent English speaker

Required Knowledge & Experience

  • Experience with LESS or Sass
  • Experience with es2015 and Babel
  • Comfort in advanced JavaScript projects
  • Mid level to advanced PHP Skills
  • GIT
  • Experience with extending and customizing the WordPress media manager and other JavaScript in the WordPress admin
  • Experience with API requests and parsing responses in JavaScript

Additional Experience (Bonus Points)

  • Knowledge of WordPress theming best practices
  • Examples of plugins / code that you’ve released to the open source community
  • Proficiency at local environment development
  • Experience with JavaScript templating. We like: Angular, Backbone, Handlebars, React and Underscores templating. Basically we hope you will be pro at one of the many different templating options out there right now.


Work from anywhere in North, Central or South America. Please do not apply if your timezone is outside of the US range and if you are not totally fluent in English. You just need a computer and a strong wifi signal to support daily video chats with the Tribe.


Pay range is between $50-$75 US per hour commensurate with qualifications and experience. We are currently looking for both Full Time devs and freelance contractors about 15-20 hours a week for this gig.

Who We Are

Modern Tribe, Inc. is a rapidly growing software & design company. We develop custom solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, government institutions and smaller growing organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge people and technology and to bring the passion and dedication of an entrepreneur to every project. Our team is composed of talented employees and freelancers around North & South America (and a smattering across the globe).

Who You Are

We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work primarily with freelancers and coordinate their talents for large projects. To be on our team, you must be:

  • Happy: Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a positive disposition allows us to achieve great things and to support each other.
  • Helpful: Always looking for ways that you can help others.
  • Curious: It is essential that you have a passion for learning. Technology changes daily, and life has a way of constantly raising the bar.
  • Accountable: Our clients expect us to get the right thing done on budget and on time. Communicating expectations and meeting them is the cornerstone of success.

ePublishing needs Front-End Developer

ePublishing is looking for a kick-ass front-end developer to join our team.  We specialize in creating beautiful, modern, revenue generating sites for Magazine and Newsletter Publishers.

Our front-end developers and designers are responsible for:

  • Advising on content strategy and UI / UX Design
  • Implementing that design in Ruby on Rails templates
  • Evolving and advancing our CMS features through work on our product roadmap
  • Working directly with our developers to achieve success
  • Can implement modern RWD (Responsive Web Design) techniques and solutions

We're a fun group of people who are passionate about building awesome sites and apps.  We are super obsessed about making our customers and our staff members successful.

Now the really good part.  Pants are optional!  (Shirts are required on skype but bad hair is acceptable)

We are a completely virtual organization and use email, Slack, task management, and Google Hangouts. We look out for one another and have a wonderful working environment. Support and teamwork come naturally to everyone at our company. It's what drives our success.

So if you want to work with a team of highly skilled and awesome individuals and you're passionate about building beautiful web sites, get in touch with us. You just might be the next part of our family.

Let’s get some basic requirements out of the way:

  • An eye for great UI / UX Design
  • Semantic HTML5, Modular SCSS, CSS3
  • jQuery (you understand event handling, AJAX, promises)
  • Client-side performance best practices and tools
  • You’ve been doing RWD for years
  • Git
  • Experience working in a remote position; A proactive, goal-oriented, reliable and self-structured way of working
  • Write clean, maintainable, and idiomatic code using established best practices
  • Curiosity and passion for the latest and greatest development paradigms
  • RequireJS (or other module loaders)
  • Grunt and Webpack
  • ES6 / ES2015

Where we’ll really need you to shine:

  • An understanding of the CSS BEM naming convention
  • Proficient at writing vanilla Javascript (think Prototypal Inheritance, general OO best practices)
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
  • Rails (or MVC) experience
  • React and Redux

Aha! needs Sr. UI / UX Designer

Do you want to change the way people innovate? Are you a problem solver who loves to visualize complex data in order to find the right solution?

We are looking for someone who wants to deliver beautifully designed experiences in a fast-paced, user-centric environment. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

As a Senior UX Designer at Aha!, you will have an excellent opportunity to join a breakthrough and profitable company that is growing fast. Aha! was founded by a proven team of Silicon Valley veterans whose last two businesses were acquired by well-known public companies. More than 100,000 users trust Aha! to link their brilliant strategy to their team's work and create visual roadmaps.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has at least three years of experience on a product or user experience team for a SaaS application
  • Loves to see their work ship — quickly
  • Partners across teams at every stage to deliver the highest level of quality
  • Understands product management in addition to user behaviors and motivations
  • Enjoys crossing back and forth between UX and graphic design
  • Wants to take responsibility for and measure the success of new designs

We are committed to being great, and we want someone who:

  • Is nimble and thrives in a feedback cycle measured in hours rather than weeks
  • Has a "get it done" attitude and proven background of delivering beautiful work again and again
  • Is seeking a career-defining opportunity with a proven, results-oriented team

We are building a distributed team, and you can work from anywhere in the United States for this role. We offer generous salary, equity, benefits, and a profit-sharing program to the right candidates.

For immediate consideration, please follow these helpful guidelines and contact us at Design-jobs@aha.io. If you have the right background, we will quickly follow up with you. We are not working with recruiters or third-party agencies.

InVision needs Lead Full Stack Engineer, Product Teams (Multiple Openings)

InVision is the world's leading product design platform, powering the future of digital product design through our deep understanding of the dynamics of collaboration. We provide three million people with the power to prototype, review, refine, manage and user test web and mobile products. InVision drives the product design process at leading Fortune 100 companies, including at Disney, IBM, Walmart, Apple, Verizon and General Motors. Backed by Accel, ICONIQ Capital, FirstMark Capital, Tiger Global and others. InVision is a globally distributed team with over 400 employees around the world.


What You'll Do:

You will contribute to an environment that enables you to do your best engineering work, and you’ll do it with new web standards and frameworks like ES6, React, MongoDB, Node.js, Go, and Docker. We empower engineers by being laser focused on maximum developer velocity through automation of tests, builds, deploys and tight customer feedback loop to continuously improve the product.


  • You'll be part of a small team that operates like a mini-startup - you’ll transition between front-end styling to client-side and server-side logic, write unit and functional tests, and verify before deploying
  • You will build and ship all components necessary for your product, and work with Product Managers and Designers to determine the functionality, look, and feel
  • You’ll build small, robust backend API services in GoLang that need to perform under load and deliver data pulled from large datasets
  • You will frequently interface with other Product Engineering teams and Platform Service teams to take advantage of and incorporate their services and tools into your product
  • You will have a variety of work every day with an opportunity to contribute new ideas, and the ability to share your knowledge
  • You’ll have the support of brilliant developers at all times to keep the workday challenging and fun whether you’re working from a beach house in Hawaii or a coffee shop on the East Coast.



 What You'll Have:

  • 8+ years of full stack experience designing and building high volume, scalable SaaS applications from end-to-end
  • 2+ years of experience leading / mentoring less experiences engineers
  • Strong proficiency preferably in either Node.js, or Golang or solid professional experience in one of the following backend languages: Java, Ruby, Python, PHP
  • 5+ years of strong experience debugging complex issues at every level of the stack; can debug a web application problem single-handedly all the way from the browser, through the transport, through the application and servers and databases and asynchronous queues. Not afraid of logs and core dumps
  • Use of continuous integration and delivery technologies at an expert level and ability to teach others best practices.
  • Curiosity to iterate and improve on solutions; you view unknowns as challenges and enjoy them
  • Motivation to understand the business and our users, their requirements, and deliver results
  • Passion for continued learning and achieving personal goals through developer community involvement and contributions



What We'll Provide:

InVision offers an incredibly unique work environment. The company employs a distributed team worldwide. Each InVision team member is given the freedom and tools to do their best work from wherever they choose. Among our benefits we offer competitive health plans, 401k, a flexible vacation policy, gym membership, paid holidays, MacBook Pro, unlimited Starbucks cards for each employee, and unlimited books related to your profession.




InVision is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know.


Sembit Corp needs Work from Home in Oregon as a Full Stack .NET Web Developer

Enjoy coding, but also enjoy talking to business users? Want to report to a manager you can respect technically? Like the idea of working from home in Oregon with a team distributed around the Portland area? If so, read on!

A little about us:

  • We are Sembit - a small Oregon-based consulting firm. We're a team of 12 diverse developers living in Oregon, mostly in the Portland area.
  • We focus on project-based contract work. We focus on specific-duration, greenfield development projects. While we sometimes do open-ended hourly work for clients, it's not the norm.
  • We work for clients of varying size. We have clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to smaller Portland-based companies. In general, though, we focus more on the Enterprise end of the spectrum.
  • We really, really care about employees. We will treat you how we want you to treat us: with respect and friendliness. We won't waste your time, and we won't micro-manage you.

A little about you:

  • You have 5+ years experience writing software (8+ preferred). You have the right instincts for how to write good code.
  • You have 3+ years using C# / ASP.NET / JS for web development. You know HTML, CSS, and Javascript well. For example, you have experience with CSS float positioning and associated browser idiosyncracies, you know how various HTML tags are rendered, and you have experience using JQuery and DOM manipulation beyond just form validation. You can take a PNG mockup from a graphic designer and match it exactly using HTML and CSS. Experience in Angular helpful.
  • You have strong SQL database skills. Ideally, you've written and tuned very complex reporting queries with multiple subqueries and 10+ tables in the join clause. Since you're full-stack, you've modified the database layers as you coded against the UI. You've likely done some integration work as well.
  • You know how to collaborate online. You've used Jira (or a similar tool) in the past, and you know your way around distributed version control. You can write email, interact with customers on the phone, and can explain things clearly. You take notes during meetings and you track your action items carefully. You're happy using IM, VOIP, screen-sharing, and other online collaboration tools.
  • You are reliable and know how to be successful working from home. Since we're not sitting there micro-managing you, you have to be able to manage your own time well. You stay focused on your work, and are available during business hours. (We do have an office that some of us work from, if you prefer that environment.)
  • You enjoy working with capable people. Want to work with someone who has well over 10,000 hours of direct, high-intensity experience coding C#/.NET? Check! Want to work with someone who maintains a Go driver for a major DBMS? Check! Want to track your time to bill clients using a streamlined, custom-built app? Check! Want to work with someone who is building experimental demo applications on Android for ARM-based systems? Check!

Come check us out at sembit.com. Our interview process is friendly and painless. Send us your resume - we look forward to talking to you!