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Designer Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or freelance job, or just curious what kind of creative minds are needed, PSDbucket’s creative jobs  listings is the right place to stop by. We list employment opportunities for designers of all kinds – print, 3d, web, flash, etc.

We update this list daily, so even if you have not found a job of your dreams today, don’t hesitate to visit this page tomorrow!

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Disco needs Senior Rails Developer

Our business is growing, and as our CTO Gavin starts moving away from day-to-day development we’re looking for someone with Rails development experience to take a leadership role within our development team.

What you’ll be doing

  • Taking responsibility for technically leading small (2-3 person) development teams working to write and maintain Ruby on Rails Shopify applications that directly help our clients achieve success. This will involve writing and reviewing code, helping make design and architectural decisions, and empowering team members to develop their own skills and grow as programmers;
  • Leading the development of Disco’s application framework and making technology decisions for the company;
  • Using interaction with customers to design and implement new features on Disco’s own publicly-available Shopify applications;
  • Enhancing Disco’s reputation as a leading Shopify agency through community engagement, developing case studies, contributing to open source, and other activities.

Core skills required

  • You’re a communicator, who recognises that developing great products requires teamwork and close collaboration, not just code;
  • You have significant experience building web applications using Ruby on Rails in a professional context;
  • You have previously led small teams of software developers to successfully deliver a working product, or have been responsible for collaboratively delivering one;
  • You’re curious and like to dive deep into what you’re working on and learn new things.

Skills that are “nice to have”

  • You have had some exposure to Shopify, either as a merchant or as a developer;
  • You have front-end development skills, potentially having worked with things like React and Sass before;
  • You like to share and teach others, as evidenced by (for example) blogging, working on open source projects or speaking at events;
  • You have experience with other web frameworks beyond Rails (eg Django).

Things we don’t need

  • You don’t necessarily have a degree. You could be about to complete your studies or be completely self-taught - we’re more interested in the work you can and want to produce, not a piece of paper;
  • You don’t need to be located in Melbourne! While we’d love to be able to meet you face-to-face, we know that there are great developers in every corner of the globe. However, as you’ll be employed in Australia we do require that you have the right to work here, and will be able to visit the Melbourne office regularly (at least 3 times a year).

What we offer

  • We want you to be comfortable, so we will offer you a competitive salary with leave and benefits (these will vary depending on experience and location);
  • You will have a large degree of creative freedom in how you tackle design and development problems, but we’ll provide you with all the support you need to learn and grow your skills;
  • You can design your own work hours to suit your own needs. Three day weekend? Need the mornings off for daycare dropoff? No problem;
  • We’ll support your professional development however you need, whether it’s with equipment, courses, books or conferences;
  • Opportunities to work remotely anywhere in the world for extended periods of time;
  • Monthly wellbeing allowance you’re free to spend on new running shoes, yoga classes, mindfulness classes - whatever keeps you happy and healthy;
  • We match any annual charitable donations made by employees up to $250 per year.

How to learn more about Disco

You can find more information about us on this website, from our top-level jobs page, our general-purpose about page or by sifting through some of our case studies.

If you’d like to learn more about the position before applying, feel free to email jobs@discolabs.com or book a 15 minute call with our CTO Gavin.

Data Driven Safety, LLC needs Unconventional Software Developer

Wanted: A competent (read: excellent) developer who truly enjoys writing code and producing efficient, stable, long-running applications. We're looking for people who love to tinker with computers (hardware and software), who work with text terminals all the time (and prefer it!), and who work well remotely and under pressure. People who like to fix problems by finding solutions that fundamentally address any problems and improve the underlying systems. People for whom different languages are merely different tools--each with its strengths, weaknesses, and best applications. Does this describe you?

Skills & Requirements

  • enough experience to dive in quickly and be up-to-speed in moments
  • ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • strong coding skills, of course (essential familiarity: java, ruby, php, bash; extras: perl, lua)
  • self-motivated and object-based (we don't care about face time)
  • Debian or Ubuntu experience is very helpful; working in Linux essential
  • MySQL experience

Additional Details

Work remotely from anywhere (our employees often do), in-person frequently in Los Angeles, or on-site in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Looking for mid-level, but will consider junior and senior level as well, as long as you eat sleep and breathe this stuff, have been doing it as a hobby for a long time (in the case of the former), and aren't stuck in your ways (in the case of the latter).

Challenging environment: New projects come in all the time, so we build current systems to last, using the best tools for the job.

Full-time. Competitive compensation. Planning to hire by 1505458800.

No recruiters please.

About Data Driven Safety

How DDS is described by our employees: "No bs, no corporate politics, no dress code, financially-secure company, flexible work schedules, objective-based approach, employees all over the world, telecommuting is as normal as on-site, love what I do (at least most days), ... what did you want me to say again?"

DDS is a small company with a close-knit employee group. We have maintained a nearly 100% client and employee retention rate. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages to smart, loyal, creative thinkers that excel at problem solving.

DDS collects public record data (e.g., arrest, crash, judicial, etc.) directly from thousands of governmental agencies. This information fuels a number of unique services that are utilized nationally by large and small corporations, a state risk pool, municipalities, educational institutions, hospital systems and insurance underwriters. Our only publicly marketed service is Envision, a comprehensive driver improvement platform. However, most of our growth during the past several years has been driven by a set of predictive underwriting, fraud prevention and claims management services that were created at the request of our customers in the automotive and health care industries.

Data Driven Safety, LLC is dedicated to improving public safety. We have been in existence since 2009 and are owned through the Graham Group, a billion-dollar investment vehicle.

needs UI/UX Designer

We're looking for a really good designer who is also a really awesome person to work with.

You're a designer who specializes in design simple and intuitive websites and apps while maintaining the extremely high standard of design. You love the challenge of thinking through problems. Most importantly, you are always hungry for feedback that develops and perfects your work. You care about process, but you care about making clients happy. Your work is your baby, but you're not emotional about it.

You should have an amazing portfolio of website work. We're looking for someone awesome. Hopefully you're it!

  • 6-8 years of experience designing web and mobile applications or equivalent experience
  • Extensive knowledge in Adobe Creative Cloud. (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  • Good understanding of the development landscape
  • Ability to work fast and manage trade offs when faced with short deadlines
  • Ability to clearly communicate your thoughts with both peers and clients
  • Ability and confidence to take ownership of projects
  • Passionate about UI/UX (You are a perfectionist)
  • Strong understanding of responsive design
  • No ego — a willingness to admit you don’t know everything

We don't micro-manage our designers, so being trustworthy and hard working is a must. We're working on some very cool projects and would love to have another designer to dive in and help with the workload.

needs Remote Front-End Developer

We're looking for a developer with master-level skills. Ideally you should know WordPress like the back of your hand. You’ll help develop technical projects, contribute to strategic planning and collaborate on high-level user experience designs. The ideal candidate is a code expert who is passionate about clean and scalable code and is not afraid to push technical innovation.


  • Masterful with CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and PHP
  • Awesome WordPress theme development, plugin development and general customizations
  • Understanding design, UI, and UX concepts, and being able to translate these concepts to technical implementations.
  • Develop HTML for sites to function on multiple browsers, maintain CSS framework, identify and resolve all issues
  • Work with designers who prepare all production files in Photoshop and then translate them into HTML templates
  • Work with the technology team to ensure thorough and effective documentation during the development process
  • Aid in the preparation of project time plans and adhere to them
  • Excellent trouble shooting, time management, attention to detail and communication skills (we use Slack!)
  • Extremely detail-oriented, and comfortable working in a fast paced environment


  • 4+ years professional experience
  • Proven track record of coding cutting-edge interactive projects
  • Must be a self-starter with an extraordinary work ethic
  • Flexibility, sense of humor, and a team mentality are assets

Better Marketing, LLC needs Freelance UX/ Web Designer / Front-End Coder Needed

We’re a marketing agency looking for an experienced front-end design and coding professional to (re)design websites for our established clients. We generally pay between 2k and 3k for a full re-design, including installing the newly designed site on the client’s server to replace their old website. We generally have a new job every month or two. You should be quick, reliable and detail-oriented. If you’re interested in speaking further, please send a resume and recent work samples to brad@bettermarketingllc.com. Thanks for understanding and we look forward to working with you!

Perch needs Web Developer (PHP - Wordpress)

Perch is a progressive design and development shop based in Little Rock, Arkansas that recently celebrated its 3rd birthday. We do a number of things, but ultimately, what we do best is design and develop beautiful things for humans. We do everything from marketing websites, UI/UX design, web apps, and a little bit of everything in between. Our clients range from startups to mom-and-pop shops to mid- to large-sized companies. Ultimately, we do all things web in order to serve the needs of our clients. We have a roster of great clients, but we’ve felt the pinch as both us and our clients have grown.

That’s where you come in.

Who, What, When: Working Terms

This is an (approximately) 5-month contract position (as close to August 1 as possible through mid- to end of December). We strongly prefer someone who is willing to work regular daytime hours* alongside (remotely) our 2-person team 4 days a week (Monday - Thursday).

While this is a contract position, there’s a possibility that it could turn into a full-time position†.

This is a remote position, but you must have a permanent United States address. (Sorry! We know there's awesome devs around the world, but things like taxes and other working dynamics become a big headache.)

\*We are seeking someone who is willing to work "normal" daytime hours that are dedicated solely to Perch work. What that means is that we'd prefer for you to work 8 hours a day and at least 5-6ish of those hours overlap with our team (somewhere in the 8am - 6pm range, based off Central timezone hours). During that time, it would be super duper awesome if you were working on only Perch work and plugged into our Slack channel (and responsive to email/Basecamp).

While there is no guarantee of contract-to-hire, if the fit is good and the need persists, we are open to bringing you on as a full-time employee at the end of the contract period.

Show Me the Money: Compensation

This is a 1099 position that will pay $2,100 twice monthly. While this is a flat rate, it's calculated based on the equivalent of 8-hour workdays for approximately 8 days in each bi-monthly payment cycle. As a contractor, you aren't required to adhere to these exact hours/days, but we are looking for someone who is honest and fair when it comes to putting in a reasonable amount of time to make sure the projects you'll be working on turn out awesome. We think someone working "normal" daytime hours, Monday - Thursday, alongside our team is the best way to achieve that.

Beyond the bi-montly compensation, there are no other benefits (health, 401k, etc) offered, but we've got some nice perks listed below.

The Goods: Key Things We’re Looking For


This is different than other contract positions where you’d go off and work on a project on your own, isolated from our team. There will be back and forth sharing of ideas, design, and code (don't worry, we’re all about not bothering each other and preventing focus).


Considering the audience and the goals before jumping into a project is critical. We do our best to create well-considered, pleasing web experiences. Paying super close attention to details (especially in the front-end) and crafting custom experiences is what our clients expect and what sets apart our shop.


As mentioned, close attention to detail is critical to our success. Whereas design-to-dev isn’t a walled-off, isolated process, our developers are expected to execute designs as delivered. You are expected to work with design (and our lead developer) to assure the designs have been properly thought through to assure project success.


Professional interactions with clients (email/Basecamp, chat, video conference, etc.) is a regular and important part of your job. In addition to clients, clear and professional communication internally is at the core of every project’s success (or lack thereof). The good news, though, is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so joking around and keeping a super laid-back atmosphere is super important to us.

Dessert First: Small Shop, Big Perks

Whereas we offer fair compensation, we doubt you’re gonna be making it rain in the clubs. What we lack in providing all your spare kindling money, we make up for with a really great company culture that includes some pretty sweet perks. Here’s a few of the biggies:

  • A 32-hour work week — we're closed on Fridays. As a contractor, you're not required to those work hours (although that's ideal), but we state this simply to express the fact that we value time away from projects in order to relax and to get recharged.
  • Flexible schedule. As stated, we're looking for someone willing to work "normal" hours alongside our team, but in general, we're pretty flexible with time and understand that life doesn't get put on hold for work. Also, we're closed for Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), and Christmas (Monday and Tuesday) You're certainly free to work on those days, but Perch will be officially closed.
  • Super laid-back, casual environment.
  • Work from anywhere (in the US).
  • No meticulous time-tracking (woo hoo!)

The Basics: Requirements

  • Demonstrable experience building WordPress themes/plugins
  • Understanding of all things WordPress: WP installation, coding & security best practices, Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom Fields, etc
  • Git version control
  • Own a reliable computer* that can handle development work and design applications (Sketch, etc)

\*For contract positions, Perch does not provide a computer. You must supply your own. Some software will likely be purchased or made available by Perch.

Bonus Points: Not required, but preferential

  • Having a Mac makes life easier for everybody, but Windows computers are fine
  • LAMP/LEMP server management/understanding (our lead developer will handle all this, but it's super awesome if you understand the ins and outs.)
  • Competent in or at least cursory knowledge of Sketch (for design hand-off)

Day-to-day: What You’d Actually Be Doing

  • Building custom websites (front-end and back-end)
  • Working alongside our lead designer and lead developer to plan and execute projects
  • Handling existing support tickets/issues (mostly via Basecamp and Slack)
  • Communicating with clients (mostly via Basecamp)
  • CMS training for clients (this will likely be handled by our lead developer, but it's possible that this could be a responsibility)
  • Collaborating on estimates/proposals

Show some Personality: Application Notes

This is your opportunity to stand out. Please let us know you care. We’re a small team, so finding someone we can relate to and feel good about working alongside makes a huge difference. And knowing you actually want this position is a big bonus.

If that’s you, please submit the following:

  1. An introduction to yourself. It doesn’t have to be a novella, but a little something about where you live, what you like to do, and why design/dev excites you will go a long way.
  2. Link to your portfolio and/or examples of your work (both front- and back-end work)
  3. Resumé (primarily to show work history)
  4. A link to the weirdest/dumbest/most awesome thing you’ve seen online lately. (For example, this piece of cinematic excellence.)

Creative Market needs Full-stack Engineer, Conversion Team

Contribute directly to the success of independent creators around the world. As a full-stack engineer on our conversion team, you'll work to grow our marketplace through data-driven experimentation, A/B tests, and product improvements. Work in a highly accountable, transparent, and fast-moving environment that also demands precise, well-constructed PHP and JavaScript.

Floopi needs Creative Graphic designer

Creative Graphic Designer

Position type: Freelance

Location: New York/Remotely

Are you a talented Creative graphic designer? if yes please apply for this job :)

Wr are Family company located in Brooklyn, N.Y.

we sell many types of products from clothing to shoes and accessories.

many of our items are sold online & in Big Box Retailers

we are looking for a designer that has creativity and uniqueness, to design for us a Logo for our brand.

we want our brand to stand out.

our brand is called Floopi.

Please include A hearty portfolio & Resume

Key Qualifications:

• 3 – 5 years of graphic design experience

• Open to freelance on a part time or per project basis, future full-time position may be considered

• High proficiency with Adobe Programs

• Energetic, positive attitude with the ability to be flexible and solution oriented

• Desire to work hard and have fun

Midwest New Media, LLC needs Web Designer

Midwest New Media, LLC, a Cincinnati web design and development company, seeks an energetic and experienced web designer for a part-time contract position. The time commitment for this position will vary depending on the required workload, and is negotiable. We are looking for someone who has:

  • A passion for communication and consistent availability during business hours (U.S. Eastern)
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • The drive to get things right the first time and to pay attention to the smallest of details
  • The ability to deliver work on time and on budget
  • A positive attitude and the ability to receive and adapt to constructive criticism and differing viewpoints
  • The ability to solve problems independently and creatively
  • A flexible mindset, with the ability to adjust the approach to a project depending on a its requirements and budget

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of five continuous years of professional web design experience, with some freelance experience
  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience building and managing websites using WordPress
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with responsive design principles

Preferred, but not required, qualifications include:

  • Familiarity with the Genesis framework for WordPress
  • Experience with PHP and MySQL
  • Familiarity with concepts relating to disability compliance, particularly WCAG 2.0
  • Experience with videography and motion graphics
  • Knowledge of organic and local SEO principles
  • Proximity to Cincinnati, Ohio and/or the ability to travel occasionally

The person we select for this position would report to and collaborate with our small team of project managers. Responsibilities would include:

  • Assisting with planning and information-gathering for upcoming projects
  • Preparing custom design concepts for website and web-based applications
  • Occasionally designing logos and other graphics such as banner ads and icons

To apply, please send us a quick note about yourself, explaining why you would be a good fit for our team, and include your resume, desired compensation (hourly and/or per project), the number of hours you are available per week, and at least five examples of your best work (a link to a portfolio is fine). To help us weed out those who don't read instructions, please include the exact phrase "I'm an excellent designer with a positive attitude" somewhere within your message. (Of course, we wouldn't want anyone to lie, so if that statement isn't true, then it would be best to not apply!)

We are seeking individuals only; no agencies or recruiters. Must be located in the United States. No phone calls, direct emails, or messages sent through social media, please.

BuySellAds needs Ad Ops Specialist

The Role

In the Ad Ops Specialist role you are the person always crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s. Meticulous is your middle name.

You take a deal that has been closed by Sales and work to both implement and monitor during the entire campaign lifecycle.

You are THE most detail oriented person on the planet.

You can turn chaos into clarity. Your spreadsheets love you. Customers will love you.

Our business lies at the intersection of relationship building and technology. We help quality advertisers and quality publishers make advertising work on the web, and we have lots of fun in the process.

About Us

BuySellAds transformed the way advertising was transacted online with the introduction of its Marketplace in 2008. BuySellAds’ advertising technology platform provides advertisers with direct access to the industry’s top performing display, native, dedicated email, and sponsored content inventory. Our platform empowers both advertisers and publishers by bridging the ad tech divide. Today, we work with more than 12,000 advertisers and help them connect with the internet’s most passionate audiences. We are a remote company that primarily works around an EST schedule.

Your Responsibilities

  • Implement campaigns across all BSA product lines
  • Debug creatives, third party tags or any related campaign issues.
  • Monitor campaign pacing and performance on a daily basis to ensure proper delivery of campaigns.
  • Create ad hoc custom reports on an as needed basis.
  • Assist the Sales Team with forecasting and campaign performance inquires.
  • Have a “whatever it takes” mentality when it comes to client and company success.
  • Collaborate with your team to not only maintain ad operations, but improve and streamline processes when possible.


We don’t have strict requirements for formal education or years of experience in a specific career, but needless to say, we’re looking for someone with proven success who is ready for the next stepping stone of their career. To that end, these bullet points should seem comfortable:

  • Comfortable working remotely.
  • Excellent communication skills. Remote work is much different than in-person, in-office, and requires great communicators.
  • Articulate, charismatic, and all of the associated personality traits of a likeable human being.
  • Previous experience in ad operations with a solid understanding of ad serving and campaign management.
  • Ability to get things done as a “self-starter,” i.e., without micromanagement.
  • Eligibility to work in the United States.

needs Full Stack Dev Intern: Art & Design Startup

Ever wonder what's happening in tech startups for art and design fields? We're a startup with a big vision for this space. Frankly, we think we're on to something and need talented developers to join us to make it happen. We're looking for a Full Stack Development Intern passionate about solving problems for the creative industries.

Work directly with the startup Founders Art Director, Tech Co-founder and UX designer to walk through the process of fully designing and building from scratch a web and mobile app based on our MVP set of features. So, if you have the energy, passion, and drive to make a ding in the lives of thousands of creatives please read on.

From you:

  • You will play an integral role in application development and creative problem solving
  • Ability to help us build a modern technical stack Ruby on Rails, React, Angular and make any 3rd party integrations recommendations
  • Experience with Javascript, and common libraries
  • Amazing front-end implementation skills using CSS
  • Experience with Web Apps
  • Able to take role in testing to troubleshoot bugs across browsers and devices
  • Willingness to adopt agile mindset and to prioritise to get to MVP launch
  • Experience working with an agile design team using Sketch app
  • Plus if you've developed scalable, user-friendly front-end services, on social platform before

From us:

We’d love to see demos of your technical skills and interests in any recent project URLs, GitHub accounts or portfolio links.

We’d love to tell you more about our exciting and purposeful project with a big vision to impact creative life and industries.

We’ll ask that you sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement for the project.

Students and experienced folks making a career change are welcome- the project should be near full-time hours until the MVP launch.

Excellent opportunity for someone who wants to create and be part of a game-changing project in the arts and creative industry. This posting is an unpaid internship for 3 months following a successful candidate will have opportunities to grow with the startup venture. Need to be available outside the typical 9-5 hours to be able to meet with our team. We are minority and woman owned Startup and take inclusive culture in creative industries seriously.

Healthy Building Network needs Engineering - Senior IT / Product Manager

Join Healthy Building Network (HBN) as our Senior Product Manager to help shape our growth trajectory and lead innovative products like Pharos and Portico. HBN conducts research and builds data platforms that allow global and national partners to evaluate and select healthier chemicals, materials, and products.

The Senior Product Manager leads and works closely with our engineers to guide technology products from conception to launch, bridging the technical and business worlds as you design products and services that our customers and partners love. You will work with partners like Google, Harvard, Georgia Tech, Perkins+Will, and non-profit affordable housing practitioners (to name a few). You will also work with HBN’s research and leadership teams. You have a bias toward action and can break down complex problems into steps that drive product development and technologies that improve improve human and environmental health through hazardous chemical removal.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial Product Manager to help innovate and execute product initiatives across the organization. This position is full-time and reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

About Healthy Building Network: HBN’s mission is to advance human and environmental health by improving chemical hazard transparency and inspiring product innovation. Since 2000, HBN has been the leading organization to pioneer tools, research, and policies that elevate human health to a top priority in the building industry. HBN’s work falls into four (4) core programmatic and service categories: 1) Research – Uncovering cutting edge information about healthy building materials and chemical hazard impacts that negatively impact human and environmental health; 2) Policy and Advocacy – Advancing systems change; 3) Data Systems – Influencing and cataloging product transparency, chemical hazards, and quantifying and measuring results; 4) Education and Capacity Building – developing others’ capabilities to make informed decisions.


  • Supervise and Manage a 3-person Engineering Team, and engage in growth plans.
  • Lead the ideation, technical development, execution, and launch of innovative products
  • Define the strategy and feature roadmap and articulate user stories
  • Establish shared vision across the organization by building consensus on priorities leading to product execution
  • Structure and execute early experiments and tests to validate the efficacy of the product and prioritize feature development
  • Integrate usability analytics, value proposition, and market research into product requirements to enhance user satisfaction and drive product improvements
  • Define and analyze metrics that inform the success of products
  • Understand competitive analysis and deliver products that are recognized best in the industry
  • Maximize efficiency to ensure creative solutions are completed and performance requirements are met
  • Develop new products and enhance existing products
  • Engage closely with the engineering team to help determine the best technical implementation methods as well as a reasonable execution schedule.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of product management experience with a focus on software products and technologies
  • Organizational and analytical skills
  • A proven track record of products you have led and delivered on time
  • 5+ years of experience in technical architecture of web applications
  • 5+ years of experience working with Agile development teams
  • 5+ years experience creating examples through wire-frames and mock-ups
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or relevant background
  • Entrepreneurial drive and demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in an innovative and fast-paced environment
  • Supervisory and Management experience, and demonstrated ability to lead a team.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with proven ability to quickly absorb technical concepts and effectively communicate them to a non-technical audience.
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Applicants will be required to submit a portfolio of their projects.

LOCATION: Preference for Washington, DC or San Francisco, CA, though we have staff located across the country and will consider other locations.

SALARY: Commensurate with experience

HBN is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.

DockYard needs Senior UX & Visual Designer

DockYard is looking for a great designer to join our team.

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Can demonstrate a strong user-centric approach to their work
  • Has been part of the user research process in the past
  • Has previous client services experience
  • Shows strength in typography, color, and information layout
  • Has experience and is comfortable working remotely

We value diversity and strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

More about the job

We’re a design-driven software consultancy. We make web applications, focusing on Progressive Web Apps. Our projects can last between 2-3 weeks and several months. Many of our client projects are “greenfield”, so you’ll have the opportunity to define the core concepts that will have impact throughout the application and be built upon as the product grows.

Our designers work with the most innovative clients in the industry, and provide design leadership in collaboration with DockYard’s Engineering team. Designers don’t code their own HTML/CSS, but a familiarity with how the web is built is a big plus.

This is a position in Boston, MA – but we will consider US-based remote for the right candidate. Some flexibility to travel is expected.

Because designers start projects and communicate directly with clients and the rest of the team each day, we value writing and communication skills. We also help you develop these skills, and grow professionally in other ways: a conference / education budget, DockYard Friday projects, and internal training are all part of the deal.


  • Work directly with clients
  • Gather project requirements from various stakeholders
  • Create visual assets to support product discovery: from rough sketches to user flows to wireframes
  • Create polished visual design layouts
  • Collaborate with HTML/CSS engineers to ensure quality and implementability

If this working style interests you, we’d love to hear from you! Individual applications only, please: we do not work with recruiters and aren’t looking to outsource work.

ConvertKit needs Account Migrations Specialist

This is an opportunity to join the Customer Success team at a self-funded, fast growing startup that’s on a mission to help bloggers earn a living from their craft. If you love connecting with customers and have a knack for project management and getting things done, then you’ll be a great fit for this role.

ConvertKit is email marketing software for professional bloggers. We have 14,000 paying customers, send 200 million emails per month, and are growing revenue quickly.

Think of ConvertKit as the power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp. We're a remote team of 24+ people in 10 states and 6 countries.

About the Role

As an Account Migrations Specialist, you are one part project manager, one part customer advocate, one part email marketing expert. The customers you will work with are experienced bloggers, generally earning a full time income from their blog. They may be experts in email marketing, or they may need a helping hand adding email marketing practices to their business. It is your job to not only set them up in ConvertKit, but set them up on the right foot.

You will manage a customer’s migration from beginning to end, being the primary point of contact for a customer during that time. You will delegate tasks to a team of migration experts, keeping the team on task and poised to deliver on deadline or before. You will communicate with the customer in a timely and effective manner that ensures a high quality migration and overall positive customer experience.


  • Incredible attention to detail.
  • Follow-up and follow-through—no hesitation to ask for what you need to move a project forward.
  • Project management experience.
  • Knowledge of ConvertKit and/or the blogging industry.
  • Exceptional communication skills - written and verbal.
  • Willingness to think creatively to solve problems
  • Ability to process and identify important information
  • Effective time management and prioritization skills
  • Friendly and helpful!

Nice to Haves

  • Account management experience.
  • Customer support experience.
  • Email marketing and/or blogging expertise.


  • Acting as an expert in all things email marketing, to provide recommendations to new customers.
  • Guiding customers through the process or supporting customer questions via video calls.
  • Quickly navigating and understanding an unfamiliar platform or tool.
  • Overseeing multiple projects at a time.
  • Sending follow up communication with the team and customers daily.
  • Continuously optimizing the migration process to speed up the lead time and project time for migrations.
  • Teaching everything you know.

Aha! needs Sr. UX Designer

Do you want to change the way people innovate? Are you a problem solver who loves to visualize complex data in order to find the right solution?

We are looking for someone who wants to deliver beautifully designed experiences in a fast-paced, user-centric environment. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

As a Senior UX Designer at Aha!, you will have an excellent opportunity to join a breakthrough and profitable company that is growing fast. Aha! was founded by a proven team of Silicon Valley veterans whose last two businesses were acquired by well-known public companies. More than 100,000 users trust Aha! to link their brilliant strategy to their team's work and create visual roadmaps.

We are looking for someone who:
  • Has at least three years of experience on a product or user experience team for a SaaS application
  • Loves to see their work ship — quickly
  • Partners across teams at every stage to deliver the highest level of quality
  • Understands product management in addition to user behaviors and motivations
  • Enjoys crossing back and forth between UX and graphic design
  • Wants to take responsibility for and measure the success of new designs
We are committed to being great, and we want someone who:
  • Is nimble and thrives in a feedback cycle measured in hours rather than weeks
  • Has a "get it done" attitude and proven background of delivering beautiful work again and again
  • Is seeking a career-defining opportunity with a proven, results-oriented team

We are building a distributed team, and you can work from anywhere in the United States for this role. We offer generous salary, equity, benefits, and a profit-sharing program to the right candidates.

For immediate consideration, please follow these helpful guidelines and contact us at Design-jobs@aha.io. If you have the right background, we will quickly follow up with you. We are not working with recruiters or third-party agencies.

Duarte Inc needs Designer

Duarte is looking for a graphic designer who wants to puts the skills they’re most proud of into making great visual presentations, graphics, and media work. You’ll be joining an agency that has been dedicated to being the leader of this space for 25+ years, helping the great speakers move audiences around the world, and executive teams from industries as diverse as tech, consumer goods, entertainment, media, financial services, and healthcare tell their stories to the world. We dissect complex stories, digest information and visual story challenges, and make the best visuals and stories for audiences around the world to see. We work on projects that move people and influence change in the world… while not every project falls in that category, we strive to pass such opportunities to designers that aspire to work on those projects.

If you believe in these things....

- Working collaboratively to make the team’s work successful
- Be recognized for the best of what you bring and recognizing the best of what others bring
- An environment where we support each other to get things done
- Investing in yourself and others to grow

...and want to work in an environment where people work together to make this a reality, keep reading.

You'd be a great candidate if you hit many of these traits below:

- Your up-to-date portfolio speaks for itself
- Adept at shifting gears between the whiteboard to your sketch book to Adobe CS
- Lives a streamlined workflow between CS apps while being well-versed in Illustrator and Photoshop
- Visual problem solver—you dissect complex information to simplify and abstract it for easier audience digestion
- Process thinker—addresses design challenges and can clearly articulate a step-by-step approach for coming up with a solution
- You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves to get into the work because you know that there’s a time to design and there’s a time to build—both being equally important to create great work
- Professional and diplomatic
- Asks questions until the next steps are absolutely clear in their mind’s eye
- Communicates well to listen and understand client and stakeholder needs to make the project successful
- Ability to prioritize projects, communicate progress, and deliver on time
- Finds or helps others find solution to challenges without waiting or asking for permission first
- You hold yourself accountable before you hold others accountable
- Have worked in a world where design is seen as communication rather than fine art
- Enjoy guiding and teaching others as much as doing
- You’re a lifelong learner, always up on the latest trends and tools
- Bonus if you’re into print design, interactive tablet-based information/interactive design, or motion graphics
- Big bonus if you’re a mastermind at PowerPoint, but if you’re not, your visual problem solving skills is what will make your designs successful at Duarte and we’ll train you on the deployment platforms


- Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design or related field/experience and 2-3 years of equivalent relevant work experience
- OS – Primarily, Windows. Secondarily, OSX
- Solid or expert-level knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software (especially Photoshop and Illustrator)
- Proficiency in PPT and Keynote.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Excellent self-management skills
- Experience working in agency environment a plus

ConvertKit needs Marketing Optimization Specialist


This is an opportunity to join the marketing team at a self-funded, fast growing startup that’s on a mission to help bloggers earn a living from their craft. If you love data analysis, A/B testing, design, copywriting, and conversion–… all in the name of earning more customers at every step of the marketing funnel–, then you’ll be a great fit for this role.

The marketing team’s goal is to build a powerful brand that speaks to our customers while creating a growth trajectory for the company that allows us to continue to invest in our product, our team, and our customers.

ConvertKit is email marketing software for professional bloggers. We have 14,000 paying customers, send 200 million emails per month, and are growing revenue quickly.

Think of ConvertKit as the power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp. We're a remote team of 24+ people in 10 states and 6 countries. We hire A-players and treat them like A-players because we believe in the power of great company culture to help us grow.


This role is designed for an experienced full- stack marketer and requires a variety of skills and competencies. As a ConvertKit Marketing Optimization Specialist, you’ll be responsible for increasing conversions throughout our marketing funnel. Measures of success include being the resident expert on the full marketing funnel; running multiple, effective optimization experiments at a time; and ultimately driving more account signups by driving higher conversion rates throughout the funnel. Like everyone on the team, it’s always your job to help the company meet our growth goals and to treat our customers like they’re the reason we exist (because they are!).

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Build and maintain a marketing experimentation plan that is available to the entire ConvertKit team, including experiment purpose, key performance indicator(s), hypotheses, results, and notes.
  • Run marketing experiments designed to increase conversions throughout the funnel, from ad clicks to email signups to demo signups to account signups.
  • Work with the marketing team designer to test new pages in the marketing site funnel with alternative designs, copy, and calls to action.
  • Design, write and test alternative creative, headlines, and body copy for ad campaigns.
  • Write and test alternative headlines and body copy for email broadcasts and sequences.
  • Work with the marketing team designer to design, build, and test demo signup flows.
  • Work with the marketing team designer to design, build and test trial signup flows.


The right person for this position will have:

  • Enthusiasm and belief in the ConvertKit mission.
  • A passion for the iterative growth process required to find new growth opportunities.
  • Minimum three years experience in growth marketing, data analysis, or funnel optimization roles.
  • Familiarity with growth experimentation frameworks and general knowledge of growth strategy for startups.
  • Great organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work well with others and initiate consistent communication across teams.
  • A genuine desire to build meaningful relationships within the ConvertKit team, including the ability to drive constructive conflict that leads to great ideas and positive outcomes.
  • Expertise in building and growing genuine relationships with partners, media, and content creators.
  • A deep understanding of the blogging industry.
  • Strong and demonstrated written and verbal communications skills, including the ability to pitch ideas, tell powerful stories, and sell our vision.
  • Comfort in working as part of a remote team.

The ideal candidate will also have:

  • Strong data analysis skills, including the ability to gauge statistical relevance of data-driven test results without getting caught up in the weeds.
  • Intuitive taste for branding and design that resonates deeply with the ConvertKit customer base.
  • Extensive experience with A/B testing tools like Visual Website Optimizer.
  • Ability to jump into tools like Sketch or Photoshop to build a mockup that demonstrates a design concept.
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS to the extent that you can edit copy and layout on an existing web page with relative ease.
  • Basic copywriting skills that will allow you to test headline and body copy alternatives in emails and web pages.


  • Competitive salaries
  • Generous equipment budget
  • Work from anywhere
  • Bi-annual team retreats
  • 3 weeks paid vacation (With a 4th week added after one year with the team)
  • 7 paid holidays
  • 3 sick days
  • $1,000 yearly vacation bonus
  • 401K with match
  • Health, vision, and dental benefits

Insight Catastrophe Group needs Lead Front End Engineer

About Insight Catastrophe Group

Insight Catastrophe Group is an innovative insurance portfolio manager and solutions provider that supports its clients with risk management consulting and software solutions focused on property insurance exposures. Insight performs these functions thorough its two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Insight Catastrophe Managers (“ICM”) and SageSure Insurance Managers. SageSure is the largest independent residential property Managing General Underwriter in the US with more than 100,000 policyholders. ICM is dedicated to assisting clients in achieving superior returns through advanced financial analytics, catastrophe modeling tools, and a revolutionary policy management system.

Position Description:

Our team is growing and we are looking for a lead front-end engineer with strong core Javascript experience to join us. You will use creative problem solving and work with a cross-functional team to deliver high quality software for our insurance platforms. We are looking for someone with significant Javascript/HMTL/CSS project experience, excellent customer focus, strong work ethic, and outstanding problem solving skills.

About You:
You have a positive outlook: You start each day looking at the bright side and share that enthusiasm with others.

You trail blaze: You will go beyond just coding and help to shape the culture, best practices, and the needs of the client

You Love Work, Growth and Learning: You live the mantra of "Do or Do Not, there is no try". You are constantly learning and finding new ways of solving problems with the use of technology.


• Analyze business and technical requiremnts with Product Management to determine system design, potential issues, and best practices
• Develop implementation strategies that preserve the availability, performance, integrity, stability, and scalability of platform systems
• Evangelize and implement the use of best practices in front-end development
• Help develop and refine front-end pattern libraries for use across internal applications
• Lead, train, and advance the members of the team
• Provide documentation to effectively communicate solutions to business stakeholders and infrastructure partners
• Interact with internal and external technical leaders to develop innovative solutions that meet business needs
• Ability to deliver software in an agile and dynamic team setting


• Excellent written and oral communication
• Experience leading a team of front-end engineers
• Fluent in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript
• Advanced Javascript application development using OOP and functional programming
• Single page application design and architechture
• Cross-browser design solutions
• Experience with the following (our current stack):
• jQuery
• Underscore
• Require.js
• Backbone
• Bootstrap
• Sass
• Experience with the following desirable (our current and future stack:
• React
• Redux
• NPM/Webpack
• Node.js
• Sass and other CSS-in-JS solutions
• Demonstrate strong attention to detail and analytical ability
• Think and work effectively under pressure and accurately complete tasks
• Willingness to learn and dedication to continuous improvement

Education and Experience:

• 5 years of active software development
• 4-year college degree preferred or equivalent experience

ReCharge needs Agile Software designer for ReCharge


We’re looking for an agile designer that who is passionate about designing interfaces that work wonders for customers and teammates.

You’ll work closely with the product team to prototype and develop great user experiences.

Being one of two designers at a fast growing profitable company with thousands of real users, we believe this is a huge growth opportunity for a talented designer to make his/her mark.

About ReCharge

We have two missions at ReCharge: make it easy for people to sell subscription products online, and make our company an amazing place to work. The first mission began as three people working out of a small apartment, trying to solve one of the biggest problems facing Shopify merchants: recurring payments. Now we’re at the forefront of recurring billing software, empowering thousands of entrepreneurs to sell their products as subscriptions, and processing tens of millions of dollars in sales every week.

In two years we’ve gone from processing 50 orders per month to over a million a month. Our culture is remote-first, so we stay connected every day using Slack and video chat. Being part of a small, fast-growing company is exciting: the opportunities to grow and take ownership at ReCharge are endless. And we’ll make sure you have everything you need to do your best work and make a big impact. Learn more: http://rechargeapps.com/about

If this sounds like the right environment for you – read on.


  • Working on a agile team on designing out new interfaces
  • Interacting with customers and team members to understand the best possible design solutions
  • Rapid prototyping possible user experiences with product team
  • Contributing to a fast moving exciting project


  • Photoshop and/or Sketch
  • Attention to detail
  • At least a basic understanding of the tools of the web software UI trade - html / css / javascript
  • An open mind (You’re OK with paradox) - can appreciate challenges and find new ways to make it easier for front-end developers, engineers, and support. You create designs that are both great And buildable with available resources

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re self-driven, great at running with ideas and executing them independently
  • You’re resourceful: you figure out what needs to be done, and you find ways to make it happen
  • You have a passion for problem solving. Nothing gets you more excited than a tricky problem or a new challenge
  • You believe in what we’re doing and you’re excited to help us grow


  • Apple equipment
  • A competitive salary
  • Flexible hours and vacation time
  • Autonomy to do your thing
  • Support from your manager and coworkers
  • Team retreats throughout the year
  • The best GIFs ever

Elegant Themes needs Product Designer

Elegant Themes is a design driven company; it’s at the heart of everything we do. Every day work together to build tools and create resources that empower designers to create amazing websites. Our flagship product, Divi, is visual website builder for WordPress that has quickly become the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world.

As a designer at Elegant Themes, you will be tasked with creating thematic and diverse website design collections while working closely with our product team and photographer. These templates will be used to empower an incredibly passionate design community of over 420,000 customers.

Designers at Elegant Themes are creative innovators, visual ninjas, and systems thinkers. As a designer here, you’ll delight and inspire millions of other designers, developers, and end-users with world-class web templates and UI kits. If you have an eye for the details that most people can’t see, an intimate relationship with the latest UI trends, and have trouble turning off that creative part of your brain, we would love to start a conversation!


  • Conceptualize and design new templates that are usable, refined, and marketable.
  • Design page layouts on a variety of topics.
  • Collaborate closely with a photographer to build truly unique content.
  • Work with our marketing team to create promotional materials.
  • Oversee a project’s creative process from concept to launch.
  • Get in the heads of our customers, understand their needs and develop creative solutions.


  • A pixel perfect obsession.
  • A portfolio of compelling, modern website designs.
  • Familiarity of the most up to date trends in design.
  • Experience building and extending UI systems.
  • Experience building and extending icon systems.
  • Experience using creative and collaborative tools such as Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Invision.
  • Familiarity with basic HTML and CSS.


  • Motion design experience.
  • Experience creating sites on platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.
  • Proficient in writing front-end code such as HTML and CSS.

A portfolio of responsive web design work is required for consideration.

Bonus: Please share any other online design presence such as a Dribbble, Behance, or Tumblr profiles.

Elegant Themes needs Photographer

Elegant Themes is a design driven company; it’s at the heart of everything we do. Every day work together to build tools and create resources that empower designers to create amazing websites. Our flagship product, Divi, is visual website builder for WordPress that has quickly become the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world.

As a photographer at Elegant Themes you will be empowered to take amazing photos on a variety of subjects. You will be tasked with building thematic photo collections while working with our product team to create an extensive library of website designs. This position is reserved for a self-driven individual who can research and conceive photo shoots here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It will be up to you to find subjects, book models, scout for locations and gather the necessary resources to create great photos that our team can use to design stunning templates. You will own the process from start to finish.

If you have a passion for thematic stock photography, a serious eye for those perfect moments, and an appetite for life and culture, we would love to start a conversation!


  • Capture thematic stock photography collections.
  • Collaborate closely with our product and marketing teams.
  • Own the creative and logistical photography process for the entire company.


  • A keen eye for composition and the ability to imagine how your photos will be used in a web design context.
  • Experience working with graphic designers to build web and editorial content.
  • Experience with running your own photo shoots.
  • Good post production skills.
  • Experience using creative tools such as Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, etc.


  • Video production experience.
  • Graphic design experience.
  • Experience creating sites on platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

A diverse portfolio of photography is required for consideration.

Bonus: Please share any other online design presence such as design community or stock photography profiles.

Lean Labs needs Front End Designer @ Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency

Lean Labs is a web solutions agency that creates engaging, responsive web solutions for deserving brands. Our team of 12 is distributed across multiple states and 5 countries. We're a Platinum HubSpot Partner specializing in Inbound Marketing and building engaging, high conversion brand experiences.

No "one and done" projects here. We partner with deserving brands to continuously improve their website until it's remarkable. We act as an extension of our clients' team as we work with each of our clients on an ongoing basis. If you're tired of jumping from project to project without much ownership of the project and you want to make a bigger impact with longer term engagements with a smaller number of brands, then this might be for you.

Seeking Talented & Motivated "Front End Designer".
Essentially this is a combination of UI/UX Design & front end development.
We're looking to design (and then refine) brand experiences to align with solving client problems and achieving growth objectives.

If you like not just creating design elements and coding elegantly, but helping solve user experience challenges by a leading role in design strategy & UX refinements. The desired outcome is to build brand experiences that customers love.

Got mad design skills? Love a Challenge? Love working in lean teams? By all means, read on!

Your Attributes:

  • Super Talented "Senior" UI Design Skills
  • Bootstrappin' Coder who loves CSS, JS.
  • Experience in UX & Data-Driven Refinements
  • You are detailed oriented and browser test your work.
  • You work hard to consistently deliver your best work.
  • You care about clean code. You take pride in bug free work.
  • Mojo. It's really important to fit in with the positive, professional, can do attitude that exists in our organization.
  • Online portfolio to show your front end awesomeness! If you don’t have one, stop here.

Here's what makes you an even better fit:

  • Are you familiar with HubSpot? Comfortable learning their CMS? We use it, a lot.
  • Git - If you're used to Github or Bitbucket - you're speaking our language.
  • If you can help with light development such as JS / Calculators / API connections, great.
  • Familiar with lean/agile processes and happy to work independently or collaborate as well as find alignment with clients. Essentially, communication about design is part of design.
  • At the end of the day we build brand experiences to earn attention, build trust, and foster lead and customer conversion. As such, some marketing knowledge is a plus. (We provide killer training too)
  • If you happen to have a blog, share the link! It can be on any topic.

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Founded in 2002. (rebranded in 2013) Not one layoff... ever.
  • Proven track record of satisfied clients.
  • Proven track record of positive work environment.
  • Strict adherence to core principles.
  • Flexible work environment. 100% remote.
  • A fantastic team of talented professionals.
  • Competitive wages with perks for great performance.

What's our Secret Sauce?
Well it's a combination of flavors really. Our team members enjoy:

  • Telecommute from your home office, or that local coffee shop!
  • Design your Schedule. Change it as needed. Flexibility!
  • Agile Methodology. Short sprints of focused work for great results!
  • Minimal Meetings. Minimal Wasted Effort. Minimal BS.
  • Mojo driven workflow. We'll let you get in that groove and eliminate distractions!
  • Paid Professional Development. Continuous Growth is part of our job.
  • Performance Based Pay

Bottom Line: Lean Labs is a place where you can (correction: are expected to) deliver your very best work on a consistent basis. Very little “code monkey” work here. We’re the place where a talented front end developer can feel unleashed to create top level deliverables.
Ready to talk? We are.

Modus Create needs Senior Front-End Engineer - Angular 2

You are a forward thinking, creative problem solver with a passion for core JavaScript. If you’ve got the chops and want to ditch the cubicle, apply to the best lean startup development team on the planet. At Modus Create you will collaborate with a cross-functional Scrum team to deliver high quality innovative products in short sprint cycles.


  • Develop features a new device agnostic mobile app for a medical device platform using Angular 2, Ionic 2 and Cordova
  • Collaborate daily with a cross functional team in a distributed environment
  • Consult to our end client regarding development best practices

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Experience delivering high value, heavy UI front-end products
  • good understanding of front-end MVC architectures
  • Strong experience with Angular 2
  • Previous Experience building apps with Ionic
  • Previous experience building apps with Cordova
  • strong Javascript basis and very good understand of the JS core (ES6/7)
  • good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3
  • experience with at least one of the SCSS compilers Sass or Less
  • Experience in following Agile/Scrum SDLC
  • Be comfortable communicating in a virtual environment
  • A consistent, reliable internet connection

Let’s Talk about You

You value outcomes above all else: You have a proven track record shipping great mobile and web products. By understanding the big picture, you articulate strategy and vision with strong written and verbal communication.

You Lead by Doing: You realize that the big picture is worthless without getting your hands dirty in the technical details for strategic and tactical problem solving. You understand the value of situational leadership and can adapt to the needs and strength of your team.

You Love Work, Growth and Learning: You dream of working in a culture that values hard work, continued learning and innovation with a commitment to building amazing products for clients and their end users. You’ll stop learning when you are dead, and until then you desire to gain deeper knowledge in technology and business.

Let’s Talk About Us

Modus Create is a Product Studio offering consulting services and SaaS products for strategic planning, design and and execution of web-based and mobile products. We work across multiple industries with Fortune 1000, ISVs, and startups to validate, plan and launch new products. Headquartered in Reston, VA, we are a bootstrapped team that has grown from 2 to 70 people in 10 countries in 6 years, committed to building the best product consulting firm on the planet. We offer a highly collaborative, autonomous and effective working environment. We love and believe in what we do. This is your chance to be part of building something great.

The perks:

Competitive compensation
Ability to work remotely / telecommute
Working side-by-side with thought leaders in emerging tech

Do you have what it takes to join the DC area's most awesome tech startup? Let’s start a conversation.

Casumo needs Full-Stack Developer with a love for UX and Growth Hacking

We’re currently looking to strengthening our Growth Team with our first Full-Stack Growth Engineer - a crossover profile combining an interest and flair of user behavior, UX research, rapid experiments and conversions with a strong and up-to-date knowledge of both frontend and backend languages.

What would be your role?

Here at Casumo, we have our lovingly crafted and award-winning online casino product and a suite of bespoke tools to support us in being the best we can be. These are all constantly evolving through the combined creativity of everyone here. As part of the team, you will help guide this evolution in collaboration with a full stack team of developers and designers, while working closely with our content producers, marketing gurus, player ambassadors and anyone else who wants to get involved.

You will join a small team focused on optimizing the user experience in the acquisition funnel, a business critical part of our product, in order to drive more conversions and help Casumo achieve more for less. But that’s not all - you’ll be touching many different areas of the product, with the common goal to drive conversions, engagement, retention and virality in order to grow the business. So put your growth hacker hat on, brainstorm with the team, build experiments, launch A/B tests, integrate new tools and have a relaxing beer at the office terrace on Friday!

Who are you?

You are a full-stack developer who’s been working closely with multi-disciplined teams focusing on growth, CRO, UX and complex technologies. You love data, both in the shape of hunches and hard metrics. You find it equally interesting to dig into data, study user behavior and conduct user tests, as going into crunch mode and coding the perfect UI treatment to launch as an A/B test. You are an open-minded, honest and driven problem solver, who is not only hungry for more learnings but also able to spread knowledge and enthusiasm to others around you.

Does this sound like you?

  • Looking forward to working in a small and fast-paced growth team crafting and launching experiments.
  • Cool words like UX, CRO and Growth Hacking don’t sound alien to you. You’re genuinely interested in these areas and maybe you’ve even been working in a team tackling these things before.
  • A curious cat, interested in how users perceive and use online technology and UIs.
  • Up-to-date and fluent in both backend and frontend languages, in particular Java and JavaScript.
  • Worked with some distributed systems in the past. Familiar with message queues, micro services and tools like Docker, Spring, Jenkins/TeamCity.
  • Comfortable working with single-page JavaScript applications (experience with Knockout is a plus). Eager to keep up to date.
  • Enjoy the challenge of finding the optimal compromise between user experience, monetary performance and artistic value.
  • Has a true interest that reaches beyond any course or education.
  • Independent and self-motivated. Idling is not your thing, you are a team-player and a self-starter.
  • Can create positive changes, without losing friends over the existence of semi-colons.
  • A jolly good sentient being.
  • You appreciate this video https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat and you get these http://saijogeorge.com/css-puns/.

What will you be doing?

At Casumo, we strive to create the optimal developer experience. We believe in every individual’s needs and desires to be unique and let each developer be the main force for creating their best work environment. This includes being in control of your own schedule, tools, meetings and projects. As a developer at Casumo you will work with an international, distributed and highly skilled team. We strongly value team spirit and a respectful environment. A humble and open mindset is key to reach higher aims.

This role is a new one at Casumo, which means you will have a great impact on how we work going forward. We usually look for jacks-of-all-trades and the same is true here, but we believe that this role could add a lot of value to the team and the company as a whole. Here are some examples of stuffs you’d probably find yourself doing:

  • Implementation of new UX research, analytics and A/B testing tools.
  • Crafting of highly-converting start-pages, landing pages, registration flows, onboarding flows and payment flows.
  • Working on viral product features, focusing on increasing the K-factor.
  • Taking part in analysis, investigations, brainstorming sessions and all the other nice things orbiting actual development.
  • Developing JS and Java web apps for mobile and desktop.
  • Evangelizing for the importance of data-based decision making and showcasing our achievements.
  • Fiddling with Knockout, Durandal, RequireJS, Lodash, Moment, Greensock, jQuery, Bluebird, our in-house bespoke A/B testing framework, Mixpanel and more.
  • Continuous integration, you deploy when you are ready.
  • Dedicated time for experiments, it can be new frameworks, ES6 or whatever rocks your boat.

Stuff you probably know:

  • Java, Spring, CQRS, MySQL, Bash
  • Docker, Vagrant.
  • JavaScript, Knockout, Bluebird.
  • NPM, Bower, Gulp.
  • Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Intern, Karma.
  • Git, Github, Zenhub, Slack, Screenhero.