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Designer Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or freelance job, or just curious what kind of creative minds are needed, PSDbucket’s creative jobs  listings is the right place to stop by. We list employment opportunities for designers of all kinds – print, 3d, web, flash, etc.

We update this list daily, so even if you have not found a job of your dreams today, don’t hesitate to visit this page tomorrow!

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Thrive Marketing® needs Fabulous Facebook Ad Manager for Super Awesome Online Company


We're looking for someone who not only loves Facebook like a fat kid loves cake, but also how to generate leads and sales through Facebook Ads, create campaigns, track the right metrics, and integrate the best tools and practices. Taking an idea and turning it into a profitable Facebook campaign actually sounds like a fun way to spend a day to you! You are incredibly skilled at both micro and macro thinking — making sure the big picture is always moving forward by way of all the tiny details that need to get done.

-----ABOUT YOU-----

So let's start by talking about you.

You are extremely resourceful and possess great attention to detail — you can look at a goal that's been put in front of you, figure out the steps and pieces that are needed to solve the puzzle and will go and create the most efficient and effective way to make it all happen in a campaign.

You love sharing ideas and learning new ways of doing things. You thrive in the freedom, flexibility and autonomy given to you to succeed in your role. You are not afraid to ask questions and propose better solutions than what was handed to you.

You are extremely able to resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner; plans and works flexibly to deadlines.

You have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

You are an Facebook ad manager with proven results delivering leads and good ROI for eCommerce businesses and local services businesses.

You have command of the best practices and trends in Facebook ads marketing, enjoy being creative, and understand how to both build and convert a digital audience.


We are a virtual office — that means everyone (including you!) works from your own home office. This means you get all the best parts of interacting with a super fun team, with none of the commute and cubicles! Although your day to day will involve working closely with our small team, you need to be the kind of person that enjoys working from home and managing their own time.



  • • Build and manage the company’s Facebook profile and presence.
  • • Plan campaigns including ad copy, creative, and custom audiences.
  • • Run regular social promotions and campaigns and track their success.
  • • Split test campaigns to find the best performing and lowest cost ads.
  • • Analyze campaign results and know how to optimize for better performance.
  • • Track, measure, and analyze all initiatives to report on Facebook ROI.
  • • Understand and interpret analytics to determine if you KEEP or SCALE or KILL each ad.
  • • Research audiences for optimal targeting and create shareable content to spread both our brand and our content.
  • • Monitor and engage in relevant social discussions about our company, competitors, and/or industry, both from existing leads and customers as well as from brand new audiences
  • • Work alongside other marketers and content marketers to help distribute content that educates and entertains our audience and supports marketing goals.
  • • Drive consistent, relevant traffic and leads from our Facebook presence.
  • • Explore new ways to engage and identify new social networks to reach our target buyers.



  • • Active and well-rounded personal presence on Facebook.
  • • Know the ins and outs of using Facebook Power Editor.
  • • Excellent communicator and creative thinker, with an ability to use both data and intuition to inform decisions.
  • • Experience growing an online community.
  • • Experience implementing strategies and tactics that grew followers, engaged and retained them, and helped convert them into leads, customers, and active fans and promoters of the company

-----ABOUT US-----

Founded in 2004, Thrive Marketing® is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in marketing automation and building highly converting websites and funnels.

Thrive Marketing’s mission is to make an epic difference in the world by enabling our clients to serve as many people as possible – by promoting their life-changing services and products to the masses. And we accomplish this with the help of our ‘Code to Thrive By’ -- doing what we say we’ll do, working smarter not harder, keeping our culture drama-free, and being passionate about people and their dreams.

Our clients are established, reputable businesses in the health, technology, professional, consulting/coaching and eCommerce verticals. In other words, we serve the healthy, the geeky, the dynamic and the digitally-inclined people of the world!

Zaengle needs Front-End Engineer

Do you have what it takes to be Zaengle's next Senior Front End Engineer?  Our engineers help mission-driven organizations and forward-thinking companies build great tools for the other side of the screen. They also contribute to the technical community through topical writing, building products, attending events, and public speaking (if that’s your thing).

About Zaengle:

We're fighting for something to be better—a cause, a mission, a website, a digital product. We're Zaengle, a happy group of humans that help make projects "better" through code. We engineer medium-to-large scale websites and applications for non-profits, digital agencies, and cause-driven brands. Our mantra is "Be Nice, Do Good" and we infuse it into everything we touch. We’re committed to the highest quality work and being the nicest group of web professionals our clients will ever work with. 

We're a small, remote team of professionals (both of which are on purpose) that has operated for nearly a decade (WOAH!). Each team member has autonomy and critical influence, which means we only hire folks who are highly motivated, accountable, and operate with the utmost integrity. We're small and agile, which means you’ll be encouraged to develop creative solutions to problems, communicate and defend your ideas to clients, manage your responsibilities, and stay up-to-date on the latest best practices and principles. If that sounds like you, read on!


What We’re Looking For: The Most Important Things

We want to talk to you if you are:

  • Self-motivated. You don’t want to be micromanaged or have your hand held. You don’t shy away from hard work and always embrace new challenges.  
  • Self-aware. You’re confident in your strengths and aware of your weaknesses. These don’t discourage you, rather, they make you even stronger.   
  • Honest. You aren’t perfect and neither are we. Integrity, honesty, and humility are hallmarks of your life. 
  • Generous. You love helping others, sharing your expertise, and creatively giving back.
  • A genuine communicator. You may not be the best public speaker, but when you talk to clients, or your teammates, you’re clear, to the point, confident, and genuine.  
  •  A learner. When you don’t know something it’s not a roadblock — you passionately seek answers and solutions without being told to. 

What We’re Looking For: The Less Important Things

We want to talk if you are proficient in (or willing to learn):

  • Well crafted HTML
  • Modular CSS (Sass, Tailwind CSS)
  • Efficient handoff between design & front-end development
  • An eye for design fidelity and detail
  • Interactive Experiences (JavaScript, VueJS, React)
  • Experience in emerging tech (i.e. Web VR) a plus
  • Mid-level engineers may also be considered

Other Details:

  • Zaengle is a remote team with folks spread out across the US (Currently:  WI, TX, WA, NY, FL)
  • Compensation is competitive, along with paid holidays, flexible paid time off, and health care benefits
  • Additional perks include profit sharing, semi-annual "ZaengleCon" events, conference & education budget, and more
  • As we seek to live out "Be Nice, Do Good" we also provide time/budget for our team members to give back to their communities and underprivileged people groups

How to Apply:

Send live sample of your work, link to your GitHub profile, CodePen, or whatever else. In addition, we’d love to hear about challenges you faced, obstacles overcome, or reasoning behind the decisions you made. Give us a glimpse into your process!

  • Link to a blog post, article you’ve written, or presentation you’ve given in the past year on any topic.
  • What is one cause, organization, global challenge, or initiative you’re most passionate about?
  • What is one challenge you've faced (in work, life, anything!) and how did you overcome it?

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Creative Market needs Back-end Engineer

Help independent creators make a living doing what they love! Every day, thousands of customers use Creative Market to buy ready-to-use design content (fonts, graphics, templates, website themes, 3d models, etc) directly from top designers around the world. Join the team to help us continue our meteoric growth, and your work will be used by millions of people every month. As a back-end engineer, you'll work on a team of talented individuals working closely together to ship the best possible product.

Creative Market needs Front-end Engineer

Help independent creators make a living doing what they love! Every day, thousands of customers use Creative Market to buy ready-to-use design content (fonts, graphics, templates, website themes, 3d models, etc) directly from top designers around the world. Join the team to help us continue our meteoric growth, and your work will be used by millions of people every month. As a front-end engineer, you'll work on a team of talented individuals working closely together to ship the best possible product.

Creative Market needs Full-stack Engineer

Help independent creators make a living doing what they love! Every day, thousands of customers use Creative Market to buy ready-to-use design content (fonts, graphics, templates, website themes, 3d models, etc) directly from top designers around the world. Join the team to help us continue our meteoric growth, and your work will be used by millions of people every month. As a full-stack product engineer, you'll work on a team of talented individuals working closely together to ship the best possible product.

TrendyMinds needs Web Developer

We’re on the hunt for an experienced Web Developer who is passionate about building fast, accessible, modular and responsive websites—whether that’s using HTML, CSS or JavaScript. We’re searching for a bright, energetic person who can work closely with our creative and development teams to bring complex websites to life—all while being mindful of the latest development trends and keeping both the client’s goals and the end user in mind.

Please note that we will consider remote applicants for this position, but you’ll get bonus points from us if you live in the Indianapolis area.

Here’s a snapshot (but not all) of your technical responsibilities:

We assume that a person with your experience has handled a website launch or two in your life, but just to clarify, here are some things we keep in mind when reviewing your application: 

  • Ample experience. What does this mean? While we won’t put a requirement on the amount of years, we do want to see your portfolio of web work. We also want to know that you’re familiar with the tools and thinking we apply to our work:
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Front-end patterns, such as BEM, Atomic Design and object-oriented CSS
    • Frameworks, such as React, Vue.js and Angular
    • Templating tools, such as Twig and Handlebars
    • Module bundlers, such as Webpack, Browserify and rollup.js
    • LAMP-based CMS platforms, such as Craft, ExpressionEngine and Wordpress
    • Git and GitHub
    • Writing and debugging PHP
  • Get with the program. While our solid team of UI/UX designers design things that people will gush over, the more you have a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Sketch, the better. From time to time, we might ask you to provide technical insight to our web team.
  • Nerd out with data and process. Know how to scale websites as they increase in traffic and complexity, and understand the importance of progressive enhancement and graceful degradation.
  • Be a catalyst. Be vigilant about web standards, performance, accessibility and usability by researching and providing recommendations on services/technologies for various projects. We’ll also want you to be cognizant of site performance and speed, including best practices for reducing HTTP requests, browser repaints and mobile overhead.
  • Juggling master. You should be able to handle multiple projects and deadlines while also being focused enough to remain committed to those that span multiple months.
  • Stunning interactions. You should be able to show how you think in development as it relates to UI/UX. Show us what you’ve been working on!
  • Troubleshooting skills. Yeah, we want you to be able to figure it out, whatever “it” is.
  • Taste matters. Our clients come to us because we care about making them look amazing in their customers' eyes. Show us that you know what people like. 
  • Start to finish. You can go from brainstorming with the team to delivering thoughtful mock-ups for all digital platforms. You can see a project through to completion, no matter what obstacles stand in your way. Stick to budget. Not only are you wise with our clients’ money, you also know how to accurately quote your work. 
  • Don’t procrastinate. Initiate. You know how to suggest and spearhead development. Here, your ideas matter. We expect you to put them into action when you see an unfulfilled need.
  • Play on a team. Participate in internal meetings on behalf of client accounts—and be willing to jump into the fray when help is needed. We expect you to follow our standards while working in the pipeline with other team members, including the UI/UX team.  

If you have a great personality, enjoy cracking difficult problems and are an all-around team superstar, you’ll go far with our agency. If you're wondering what makes TrendyMinds a great place to work, check out some of the perks here. Join us!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • At least three years of professional, post-collegiate experience
  • A B.S., B.F.A. or equivalent work experience
  • Must be a U.S. resident. Bonus points if you live in Indianapolis.

Slicedbread Agency needs Jr. Front End Web Developer, Remote only

(Full Time Contractor - REMOTE ONLY)


Who We Are

We are Slicedbread - a boutique digital creative, marketing, and advertising agency based in Santa Monica, California. With the endlessly evolving digital landscape that is the world wide web, we are constantly striving to find creative and inspiring ways to communicate with the broader audience through the tools and platforms that helped us make information so widely accessible. With commitment, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly, the right team, we have no doubt that our unique methods toward online marketing and advertising will pave the way for more efficient, effective, and meaningful relationships that can be built between people from all walks of life.


What We Want

With big dreams come big needs. We are looking for a full-time, front end web developer that not only has a passion for their craft, but also the desire to grow with our team and the drive to constantly challenge the status quo. Our team comprises of individuals that never settles for complacency and we seek to find like-minded individuals that share the same philosophies in their skill and in their environments. This front end web developer will need to have the ability to handle virtually any front end development need, changes, and integrations across a variety of hosted and open-source eCommerce and content-centric CMS platforms. Expertise on platforms such as Shopify and Wordpress are critical. He/she will also need to be comfortable with Waterfall style work environments and using collaborative version control infrastructures (Git) with different team members.


We’d like to talk to you if:

  • You are a front end web developer who has a passion for coming up with creative solutions

  • You see development as part of design and UX.

  • You believe there is more than one “right” solution to any challenge

  • You believe that testing is as important as coding

  • You value expression of intent as much as performance in your code


The Ideal Candidate Should Have:

  • 1-2 years of working experience as a front end web developer.

  • Proficiencies and experience in the following platforms:

    • Shopify

    • Wordpress

    • Drupal

    • Magento

    • BigCommerce

  • Proficient in front end web development languages such as HTML, CSS3, and jQuery/Javascript.

  • Proficient in the front end needs within PHP.

  • Proficient in Shopify’s proprietary “Liquid” language.

  • Proficient in front-end frameworks, specifically Bootstrap and Zurb.

  • Proficient in using and altering MySQL databases.

  • Proficient in using version control (Git) from the command line only.

  • Proficient in extracting using Photoshop to extract assets from PSDs.

  • Familiarity with server structures, specifically Apache and Nginx.

  • Familiarity with Agile and Waterfall work environments.


Nice to haves:

  • Familiarity with PHP and JavaScript backend.

  • Proficient with SSH from the command line.

  • Proficient in setting up development and staging environments.

  • Proficient in working with servers such as AWS and Media Temple.

  • Proficient with SASS/LESS.

  • Proficient with build tools such as Gulp/Grunt.

  • Proficient in systems administrative tasks, such as cache setup/configuration, server load balancing, CDN technologies, etc.

  • Familiarity with deployment services and processes such as RightScale.


What we offer in return:


  • A highly collaborative work environment that takes a team first approach.

  • Freedom to work in the comfort of your home office, cafe, etc.

  • Flexible remote work schedule and hours that make sense for your time zone and daily life, as long as delivery dates are met.

  • Opportunity to spend 10% of work time on self-directed projects/experiments/etc.

  • Paid vacation, holidays, sick days (it’s important to take time off to recharge).

  • Eligible for project completion-based commissions after probationary period.
  • Really awesome people. No joke.


Applicants will receive a test to demonstrate certain competencies and will need to have completed within a certain timeframe. The details of the test will be provided to applicants separately.

ThemeIsle needs FrontEnd Developer


I bet you don’t want to end up being that person who always complains about their work when talking to friends and family, do you? Bet you’d much rather have something to brag about instead and do something that has real impact on the community and possibly on hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This is the kind of job we want you for!

Hi, we’re ThemeIsle and we’re looking for a skilled front-end developer to join our team.

We’ve been on the WordPress themes market for a couple of years now, and we’ve developed a number of successful themes during this time. For instance, our flagship creation – Zerif Lite – is used on 150,000 websites, and if we safely assume that each of those sites has 20+ visitors, that’s a reach of over three million people. Additionally, two of our free themes are in the top 20 most popular themes in the official WordPress directory.

If you feel that your skills can get us even further, read on.

The first thing we expect from a front-end developer is to be very result-oriented and have the dedication to get the job done. You’ll be given a lot of freedom, and you’ll have real impact on our biggest and best products.

But as you know … with great power comes great responsibility. Ideally, you should be ready to lead our front-end development across all of our WordPress themes and the rest of our projects. 


(Remote work from the other side of the globe is okay. But if you’re from Bucharest and willing to work with us at the office, that's bonus points for you.)

  • Extensive WordPress development skills/experience, an understanding of the platform, its abilities and limitations
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3, SASS
  • Good sense of UI and UX design
  • Responsive Web development with Bootstrap 
  • Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator 
  • Ability to work with a team in an organized way
  • Genuine goal of helping people through the creations you’re building as a developer

Nice-to-have skills:

  • Angular, React experience 
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with WordPress themes development

You don’t need to have years of experience, but you have to be willing to learn things quickly and not be afraid to experiment with technologies that are new to you.


You’ll get to work with a young team of WordPress enthusiasts, programmers, designers, and even active bloggers and writers. WordPress themes don’t have to be boring(!) – that’s our primary motto – and we’re doing everything we can to prove it … starting from our site design (focused around pirates and rum), to our whole work attitude in general.

- Be part of a diverse team - we're 20 people spread across three continents 

- Flexible times - results are more important then the time you arrive at the office

- Super nice workspace (dual monitor environment, standing desk)

- Downtown office, in an easy to reach area (Piata Romana). Remote working is also an option.

- Yummy coffee 

- Private medical insurance 

- Attending yearly WordCamp Europe (the largest WordPress conference) with the rest of the team

- Fun activities and retreats

ConvertKit needs User Experience Designer

ConvertKit is looking for an experienced user experience designer. Come join our amazing, rapidly growing company!

About ConvertKit

  • We are a fully remote team of 30, scattered across 8 states and 4 countries.
  • We are bootstrapped, profitable, and growing very quickly.
  • We put a high emphasis on work / life balance, and we value and strive for 40 hour work weeks. There aren't set hours, but there's a lot to get done!
  • We have a positive, vibrant, and genuine culture.
  • ConvertKit is used by 17,000+ bloggers, podcasters, authors, and creators!

About the role

You'll be part of our engineering and product team, helping to build our SaaS application. Our mission is to help creators earn a living by building and refining our product to meet the needs and solve relevant needs creators are facing.

You'll spend your time designing new features for our SaaS application, coding new marketing initiatives, designing animations and interactions, and a lot more.

It will involve working closely with our team of two designers and eight engineers. We primarily use Sketch, Ruby on Rails, React, Sass, and MySQL to get the job done.



In order to be perfect for this role you'll need to be a great designer with the ability to code your designs in HTML and CSS. Software design experience is required—not just graphic or web design. While we primarily design the ConvertKit web application, experience designing mobile apps is helpful as well.

You should also be experienced writing Sass that follows a set style guide and is easy to maintain. You should be quite familiar with using Github to share code and files.

Because everyone on the team is quite self-sufficient, we'd like you to have experience implementing your designs inside a Ruby on Rails app. If you don't have that skill now, that's fine, but you'd be expected to learn quickly.

We're a 100% remote company, so you should be autonomous, self-driven, and remote-disciplined.


  • 3 weeks paid vacation, 7 paid holidays, and 3 sick days / year. 4 weeks paid vacation after your first year.
  • The team gathers twice a year in-person for fantastic team retreats.
  • Excellent health benefits.
  • 8 weeks paid maternity / 4 weeks paid paternity leave.
  • $2500 equipment allowance given every 2 years.
  • 4% matching 401k.
  • Yearly conference credit.
  • $1,000 yearly vacation bonus.
  • Substantial profit sharing.


The application period for this job will close Friday January 26, 2018.

Creative Market needs Product Designer


Creative Market is the platform where independent creators around the world buy and sell digital design assets. Our mission is to help creators around the world turn passion into opportunity. As a Product Designer, you will help make this mission a reality by building strategic growth initiatives within a cross-functional product team. You will collaborate with engineers, designers, researchers, and analysts on the entire product lifecycle. You will plan and design a range of small to large tests and features aimed at increasing our MoM growth rate and improving user experience.

Design Team Purpose

As a Product Designer, you are the embodiment of the design team’s mission, vision, and principles. These should be reflected in all aspects of your work. You live & breathe brilliant product design thinking and execution. You're passionate about a/b testing, conversion optimization, user experience design, and user research.

Our mission is to create a unique, cohesive experience for our community through one unified design system. Our vision is to balance and improve long-term growth with great user experience across our products and brand.

Design Principles

1. Design For Everyone

2. People Over Pixels

4. One Brand To Rule Them All

5. The Details Are The Design

6. Design Is A Shared Responsibility

7. Creativity Fosters Community


  • Work close with your cross-functional product team to produce fast, effective cycles of product design work.
  • Discover, research, and validate opportunities that can make a big impact for our business and users.
  • Design clear and simple product design solutions. Navigate complex product system dynamics and user behaviors.
  • Write detailed scopes for your design work. Produce realistic timelines for each design cycle required for the project to be completed and successful.
  • Build a/b tests that iterate on our existing features and craft new features that are optimized for activation and retention by device.
  • Balance using our product design system's elements, patterns, and interactions with evolving them.
  • Recommend improvements to our design tools, process, and documentation.
  • Own your work. Work closely with the design director to ensure best results.

Who You Are

  • Communicative: You start with listening and empathy. You keep others updated on all aspects of your work. You proactively reach out before critical questions or roadblocks become an issue. You speak and write with clarity and brevity. You articulate your decisions clearly, explaining what problems they solve and why.
  • Collaborative: You honor and compliment the contributions of your peers. You value receiving and giving feedback. You believe great design is the result of good collaboration because design is a shared responsibility across the team.
  • Professional: You hold yourself to high standards of decorum. Your productive, perceptive, honest, supportive, transparent, compassionate and self-controlled. You lack ego and put the best interests of the company and team above your own.
  • Learner: You love learning and share what you discover with the team. You pursue tackling new challenges. You stay curious and open about what’s possible.
  • User-Focused: You always build things with the end-user in mind. You make sure the team is talking to the right users before, during, and after building product work. You take pride in removing friction at every point of the user journey in our product. You value the time and effort our users invest in our product.
  • Detail-Oriented: You sweat the details because you know that millions of people rely on what you’re designing. You balance big-picture thinking with polishing the tiny details. You ensure all details in the UX and UI design work are thorough before the build goes out the door.
  • Systematic Thinker: You understand how all components of the system fit together to create a unified experience. You see how new projects will impact the larger system and are able to clearly communicate these dynamics to the project team.
  • Passionate: You care about the creative and design communities. You take it to heart when you hear how your work helps our users achieve success or lessens their frustrations. It’s natural for you to over deliver because you want to elevate Creative Market to a highly competitive state in the industry.

Skills Required

  • You have a well-rounded knowledge of product systems, design thinking, and what’s possible to execute in code.
  • You set a very high bar for product design execution, process, and documentation. You hold the entire team to the same standard.
  • You deliver projects on time. You communicate well in advance if a due date needs to move and the reason. You are responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of your work because the business depends on it.
  • You balance qualitative and quantitative data in order to identify and solve complex problems that benefit our business and users. You have experience and passion for using data to improve user experience.
  • You think deeply about product design decisions before delivering them to the team. You have a track record of being open to others solving design challenges alongside you. You mentor best practices in design thinking in the team.
  • You have a strong desire to grasp the entire site from all our users’ perspectives: shops, buyers, affiliates, and visitors. You're committed to developing an acute understanding of their desires, motivations, and problems.
  • You thrive in a fast-faced, dynamic environment. You work well in remote and office settings.
  • You are comfortable in Adobe CC, Sketch, and various prototyping tools.
  • You actively build relationships across the team.

Experiences Desired

  • You have 2+ years working on web and digital product design work. eCommerce and responsive design experience is preferred.
  • You have a B.A. or B.F.A. in Design with a focus in one of the following areas: web, UI/UX, product design(or an equivalent level of education).
  • You have experience working on a marketplace or eCommerce business.
  • You have experience working in a startup environment.

We're Offering

  • Location: San Francisco preferred. Remote(U.S. only) opportunities available in the following states: CA, TX, NC, CO, WA and NY.
  • Competitive compensation
  • Stock options
  • 401(k) plan
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Generous paid time off
  • New workstation

BriteCore needs UI/UX Designer

Do you want want to make a difference solving interesting problems? Do you want to influence the direction of your career and play a key role in shaping an application’s design? Do you love good typography and are excited about creating a scalable design system?

If you answered "Yes!" to all of those questions, then you might be a great fit for BriteCore. As a member of our design team, you will work with an excellent group of engineers to solve complex problems with clear, effective design. Currently, we are looking for a UI/UX designer who is able to contribute to the entire design process at BriteCore. This includes:

  • Creating initial design sketches and workflows
  • Coding up designs in HTML and CSS
  • Testing designs with real users.

If you have expertise in these areas, please apply with us today!

Benefits and Compensation

  • $40k-$60k based on experience and proven performance
  • Benefit from working alongside and observing a team of world-class engineers and designers
  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage including medical, dental, and vision
  • Flexible schedule
  • Relaxed work environment
  • Remote work
  • Flexible learning time — explore your ideas and new technologies on the clock

Technologies You Will Utilize

  • Sketch, Balsamiq, or other wire-framing tools
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML5
  • SCSS, PostCSS
  • Javascript experience a plus (our developers use jquery, vue.js)
  • GitHub
  • Command Line (previous experience a plus, but not required)

We’ll expect you to

  • Create usable designs around complex workflows
  • Inform design decisions with data, user testing
  • Communicate clearly
  • Welcome feedback and collaboration
  • Be friendly, confident, and patient with others
  • Self-direct
  • Have a keen sense for what makes an attractive UI
  • Stay up on industry best practices and trends

About the Company

At BriteCore, we build gorgeous, scalable, and usable cloud-based insurance software. This is a company where design is deeply valued and has a seat at the table. We have created a team of top performers developing modern systems for the insurance industry. Our team enjoys working together, and takes tremendous pride and ownership in our platform. The environment is progressive – we are building a modular design system for use across all of our products. We love great technology and design and it shows in every aspect of our product. Our team enjoys a flexible, balanced, and stimulating environment. We promote a high quality of life for our employees by allowing them to choose their own schedule and location. Bring creativity, focus, and productivity to your job, and enjoy 40 hour work weeks, flexible paid time off, and remote work.

CleverTech needs Talent Acquisition Analyst


Clevertech is looking for a gifted talent acquisition analyst to work with us in our people operations department. to join our worldwide team. Help create the culture for the developers who are creating world class software products for the most exclusive companies in the world.

From ensuring standards, to providing access to training and development, to organizing online talks attended by hundreds of participants you help set the mood for our developer teams.

You get excited about getting the best out of team members and have demonstrated the finesse required for people operations.

You enjoy doing puzzles, talking to new people and insightfully understanding their strengths and weaknesses.You can tell the difference between a type A and type B personality and flesh out strengths in your candidates. Familiarity with technology and software development is a plus, as well as HR best practices and community management.

No cold calling. No passive recruitment. This position is about doing an initial screen of existing candidates and growing our community of developers and designers.


Own Your Time

We are a completely remote team. That means we have a large amount of trust and a lot of flexibility. World travellers, young parents, nature lovers, and commute avoiders love working here. We are a collective of like minded people in over ten countries, and our global perspective shapes our every move.

Focused Work

You will work together on a dedicated team with your eye on one finish line at a time. Our teams are nimble and agile, and cover the technical range you would expect in world class product delivery teams. And keep your eye on the mail - we send out swag everywhere in the world and there are celebratory pictures of Clevertech socks, hoodies, and mugs all over slack.

Learn at your edges

We believe in learning and provide unique programs that improve your tech skills, leadership skills and even challenge you in personal development. CleverFridays, guest speakers, mentorship opportunities and in-depth industry exposure are all on offer here.

And of course, if you speak at a tech conference, we cover all expenses.

Recharge Time

We insist that you take recharge time. We are closed for major holidays and then require that you take at least two weeks a year to refresh.

Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out why.clevertech.biz.

Clevertech needs UX/UI Designer


Clevertech is looking for a UX/UI Designer to join our global team. We are looking for team members to help us develop world class software products for the most exclusive organizations in the world. We have been at this for seventeen years, and continue to grow off our best asset, our people.

In this role you will have significant responsibility in one of our project development teams to ensure client satisfaction by executing on the deliverables.


Clevertech looks for craftsmen developers who take ownership of their designs. You can deliver quickly while being clever to avoid missteps. You have an effective positive attitude that shines as you show your care about client and colleague concerns. You are always learning and are a transparent communicator even when it is challenging. You thrive on challenging yourself daily and seek to surround yourself with like minded individuals.

You understand good UX and good UI and what that means and love to create successful designs (that delight customers) and you can successfully bring a whole concept from idea to wireframe, to mockup/prototype and have the deliverables to prove it. You have worked in significant mobile projects and have participated in the full design cycle to deliver world class, pixel perfect designs.


Own Your Time

We are a completely remote team. That means we have a large amount of trust and a lot of flexibility. World travellers, young parents, nature lovers, and commute avoiders love working here. We are a collective of like minded people in over ten countries, and our global perspective shapes our every move.

Focused Work

You will work together on a dedicated team with your eye on one finish line at a time. Our teams are nimble and agile, and cover the technical range you would expect in world class product delivery teams. And keep your eye on the mail - we send out swag everywhere in the world and there are celebratory pictures of Clevertech socks, hoodies, and mugs all over slack.

Learn at your edges

We believe in learning and provide unique programs that improve your tech skills, leadership skills and even challenge you in personal development. CleverFridays, guest speakers, mentorship opportunities and in-depth industry exposure are all on offer here.

And of course, if you speak at a tech conference, we cover all expenses.

Recharge Time

We insist that you take recharge time. We are closed for major holidays and then require that you take at least two weeks a year to refresh.

Want to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out why.clevertech.biz.

Analytics Data App - Funded by Tier 1 VCs needs iOS Engineer (Remote)

iOS Engineer (REMOTE)

At Analytics Data App - Funded by Tier 1 VCs

About us:

We are working on something extremely cool that solves some extremely big problems. Pretty vague, we admit: that’s because it’s a secret, for now. Let’s talk in person, we can tell you more.


The Role:

We are looking for an iOS Engineer to join our team to create never-been-done-before technological solutions to complex, global challenges that impact millions of people and businesses. This person is a deep expert in iOS. We're not looking for "app developers" but someone who knows the guts of the mobile operating system.

Our Ideal Candidate:

You have the right combination of software engineering theory and the practical experience needed to build reliable, scalable, high-performance products that our clients love to use. We are looking for someone with a real passion for mobile, teamwork, hustle, good communication, creative problem solving, learning, and having fun. This job might be for you, if you:

  • Are an expert in mobile and full-stack performance, scalability and system architecture

  • Have the ability to reverse engineer systems and deconstruct complex problems into simple, straight-forward solutions

  • Can serve as a technical lead on our most demanding, cross-functional projects, while being self-directed and collaborative

  • Are dedicated providing the best customer experience Have a burning desire to improve the world of software through software


You Have:

  • 5+ years of overall software product development experience

  • BS in Computer Science or related field

  • Extensive experience with compilers, debuggers, UI Frameworks, and code generators,

  • Extensive knowledge of iOS, Swift and Objective C

  • Knowledge of the iOS SDK and writing multi-threaded apps.

  • Experience with Swift and/or hybrid code, bridging headers, etc.

  • Experience with version control – Git preferred

  • Proficiency in object-oriented development and ability to apply OO concepts

  • Demonstrated experience and passion for delivering exceptional UX

  • Experience with the tools of the trade, including a variety of modern programming languages ( C/C++, Python, JavaScript) and open-source technologies.

What We Can Offer:

  • Excellent Medical, Dental, Vision options. We pay 99% for employees and 75% for dependents.

  • 401K through Vanguard


The company is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.


Greentech Media needs Freelance UX/UI Designer

About Greentech Media:


Greentech Media, A Wood Mackenzie Business delivers business-to-business news, market analysis and conferences that inform and connect players in the global clean energy market. Our coverage area extends across the clean energy industry with a focus on solar power and the electric utility market's evolution. Greentech Media's industry-leading coverage is provided by a team of analysts from our market intelligence arm, GTM Research, A Wood Mackenzie Business, as well as our world-class journalists and a global network of expert contributors.


GTM Research, A Wood Mackenzie Business is the research, advisory and consulting side of Greentech Media. With an industry-leading analyst team, GTM Research produces reports, data services and strategic consulting for clients throughout the advanced energy market.  


Greentech Media and GTM Research come together to produce all of Greentech Media’s industry conferences throughout the year. These summits provide a deep market intelligence platform and draw the most important industry players to convene, interact and learn from one another in concert with our team of analysts, executives, and journalists.


Greentech Media has offices in Boston, New York City and San Francisco. For more information, visit www.greentechmedia.com and www.gtmresearch.com. The location for this position is our New York City office, located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.


Job Description:


We are looking for a user-experience (UX) designer able to understand our business requirements and any technical limitations, as well as be responsible for conceiving and conducting user research, interviews, and surveys, and translating them into sitemaps, user flows, customer journey maps, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. The UX designer will also be expected to design the overall functionality of the product, and to ensure a high user experience, iterate upon it by user-testing.




  • Translate concepts into user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes that lead to intuitive user experiences.

  • Facilitate our vision by researching, conceiving, sketching, prototyping and user-testing experiences for digital applications.

  • Design and deliver wireframes, user stories, user journeys, and mockups optimized for a wide range of devices and interfaces.

  • Identify design problems and devise elegant solutions.

  • Make strategic design and user-experience decisions related to core, and new, functions and features.

  • Take a user-centered design approach and rapidly test and iterate your designs.

  • Requirements

  • Three or more years of UX design experience. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience designing complex solutions for complete digital environments.

  • Expertise in standard UX tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure, InVision, UXPin, and Framer.

  • Ability to work with the internal team to understand detailed requirements and design complete user experiences.

  • Extensive experience in using UX design best practices to design solutions, and a deep understanding of mobile-first and responsive design.

  • A solid grasp of user-centered design (UCD), planning and conducting user research, user testing, A/B testing, rapid prototyping, heuristic analysis, usability and accessibility concerns.

  • Ability to iterate designs and solutions efficiently and intelligently.

  • A clear understanding of the importance of user-centered design and design thinking.


What your projects will be:


Creating and expanding on existing UX/UI guidelines for internal team, while implementing and maintaining design standards across platform by our style guide

Guide us in user research testing from research phase through launch

Modifying and create new wireframes, low to hi-fidelity prototypes, and all product visual design components from our desktop to the mobile site.

Brainstorm and prototype new website/landing page and translate them into flexible, dense layouts




Knowledge of front-end coding languages, tools, and version control software


The location for this position is remote. Hourly rate is negotiable and dependent upon the candidate. Greentech Media is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a work environment that is free from all forms of discrimination.