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High Impact New Year’s Eve Countdown Flyer/Poster

By PSD Bucket
High Impact New Year’s Eve Countdown Flyer/Poster

Nothing grabs the imagination or locks your promotion into memory like the end of the world! Disco ball impacts and ground collisions play off the end times disaster prophecies in a modern lighthearted way. Regardless of whether believed or not, it stirs the imagination into thinking maybe one must do more, party more, spend more “just in case”… or simply because it’s new, different, and exciting!

Time to start the NEAR END COUNTDOWN !

Or maybe it just has some cool looking disco balls crashing into each other. :)

Item Details

  • Editable organized Photoshop .PSD. Move the entire image block, disco balls, and text up or down.
  • All Editable Text including Year to anything you want.
  • Don’t like impact points? Reposition them to hit somewhere else by just moving the group! Duplicate and resize for absolute chaos! Turn everything off for just an ordinary disco ball!
  • Ready made groups for whether you have 5, 4, 3, 2 or just 1 image. Just open the appropriate folder, drop them in, reposition/resize. Adjustments layers to enhance your images by default.
  • Plenty of space for all your information or other logos and graphics.
  • Lower graphic is comprised of smaller version of the title disco ball graphic with added elements such as drinks, champagne popping, speakers, etc. All moveable or can be turned off with 1 click.
  • 2 subtle color overlays, #1 retro purple as seen in preview and #2 vivid retro saturation. Or turn them off for a clean non-adjusted look.
  • A few extras thrown in as well. Year text extras to give the year a sliced text effect, halftone overlay, grunge/distressed effect overlay, and 2 gold text faces. You can edit the layer styles of the year text easily as well.
  • Dimensions: 8.5×11” with .25” Bleeds (2625×3375px) flyer/poster.

Download Contents

  • Editable Organized Photoshop .PSD file.
  • readme with font download links & help notes.
  • preview image!

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