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Fesh Food Stationary Pack

By Lung
Fesh Food Stationary Pack

In this Package you will find:.

• 1x DIN A4 Letterhead (Front & Back)
• 1×3.5×2 Inches Businesscard (Front & Back)
• 1x Half-DIN A5 Compliment Card (Front & Back)
• 1x CD/DVD Label in Standard CD/DVD Size
• 1x DIN C5 Envelope
• 1x DIN A6 Stamp Card (Front & Back)
• 1x DIN A Long Menu Card (Front & Back)
• 1x Coaster (Front & Back)

You will find a link to the pictures in the description, so you can buy them, if you need them. Sorry, but Im not allowed to sell the Pictures with the package .

For the highest print quality, it’s all made up of vectorgraphics, so that you can print it in 300, 400 or even in 600 DPI (If you really need this high resolutions). You can make your change,like the colors, Text and the DPI (If you need a higher/lower DPI as 300) and your ready for printing. You will find fully organized Illustrator- and EPS -Files.


  1. You actually know your things… Keep up the excellent operate!

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