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Custom Made Certificates Design

By metrodesk
Custom Made Certificates Design

These are the finest designs you can buy because you are getting a copy of the original Illustrator Certificate Art, in VECTOR format. The files are made with Illustrator. The files are best used by Adobe Illustrator CS3 .

  • Custom Made Corporate Certificates, Edit type then print as many certificates as you need.
  • Color: 3 Color files include zip
  • Custom type setting as you need
  • Create an award certificate to signify the completion of a class or sporting event.
  • Use a certificate as a funny gift, such as a certificate of graduation from a funny college.
  • Customize the certificate so that it meets your particular needs.

The Font name : a) Arial Rounded MT Bold b) Affair

You can buy or download font from

Help File included. Please contact me if you need any kind of work.

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