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Creative Web Designer/Developer Business Card

By ShermanJackson
Creative Web Designer/Developer Business Card

Are you a Web Designer or a Web Developer? This business card is a must have, it’s all about who you actually are and what you actually do. The card features real code on the back and a nice clean presentation on the front, which is what makes the card unique. You don’t have to present mundane business cards to your “potential clients or customers” anymore.
Note: The code actually represents the elements displayed on the front of the card. The code isn’t there for show.

Print Ready – CMYK @ 300 dpi with 0.125” bleed
Professional Looking
Standard Size – 3.5×2 inches, bleed of 0.125 included
Unique Design
Real code on the back

24/7 support – Super Quick to respond to queries
Links to free fonts are included in download help file.

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