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Company Pylon Sign Mock-up

By idesignstudio
Company Pylon Sign Mock-up

Show your Company Logo with style! Create a realistic Company Pylon Sign Display in few seconds. These PSD files uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly.

It’s easy! You just need to double-click the Smart-Object, paste your Logo, save, and you’re done.

Help file included .


File Size: 3000×2500px
3 Uniques models
Easy Pylon Colors
Smart Layers
Easy to use and to edit
Layered File
RGB Colors
72 Dpi


  1. Johnny #5 needs more input: all good logos come from something, so I ask you this what is the ewl brand? what is the main binfeet it offers to the user? what was your vision for it’s creation? these may seem like pie-in-the-sky questions, but the awnsers will give you a solid foundation for creating a memorable, accurate visual representation of what EWL really is.

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