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Classic – Free Blog Template (PSD)

By designerfirst
Classic – Free Blog Template (PSD)

Modern blogs are more focused on producing revenue rather than content. These days, advertisements are everywhere! On the sidebar, hovering to the left or right, in the middle of the blog, and the worst kind…popups. These are huge distractions when trying to focus and read an article.

6Wunderkinder has one of the visually appealing blogs on the web. It’s clutter free, clean, and incredibly easy on the eyes. Only thing to focus on is the content itself.

Having been inspired by 6Wunderkinder’s blog, this template was designed to be content focused with a classic clean-cut feel to it. Hopefully in the future more sites will produce more content oriented blogs and reduce the advert noise.

As always, good or bad…would love to get some feedback!



File Details

Author: Designer First
Date Created: February 6, 2013
File Type(s): ZIP, PSD, JPG, TXT
Layers: Yes
Dimensions: 1400×3602
File Size: 2.6 MB
License: Commercial & personal use without any restrictions. Attribution to author will be appreciated, but not required.


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  • Blog
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