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Action Filmatic Photoshop Styles – text effects

By Koolgfx
Action Filmatic Photoshop Styles – text effects
    The Best Styles for Magnificent Text Effects
    Works great for texts and icons!

  • .Asl files
  • .Psd files
  • Detailed Read Me
  • Previews Images; Thumbnail
    For apply the styles, just select the text or layer to use and make click one of the styles you have downloaded.
    These styles are 100% Scalable and they works individually, just using the “Scale Effect Command”.


    1. I have several of your styles from Graphicriver and Deviantart and am pleased with them. At 71 and disabled, I have Alzheimer’s also. I have requested help over the past year from several sites with no response 🙁 My question must be so dumb and simple they ignore it.

      QUESTION: I downloaded from the above sites Styles that for each style shown has 3 to 5 steps. I tried holding the Shift key down and selecting each step (backward, then tried forward) ! Does not look right even though using same font, etc. as original of the creator.

      Would you please be kind and do a simple Step by Step example with no extensive explanation?
      Thank You.

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