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5 Ways to Promote Your Web Designs Online

promoteyourdesignsYou can be the greatest web designer in the world, but all efforts will be futile if you do not know how to promote your creations. In the internet, there are thousands more like you. You need to create an advantage for yourself, instead of waiting for opportunities to approach you. As a designer, learn how to market your skills by promoting them online. Below are some ideas on how you can tell the world how skilled you are:

  1. Put up an online portfolio. It’s good to compile all your best works and put it in one place online. It’s also a good way to showcase your skills in web design. Here, you can compile the works you did for your clients and even personal projects. Don’t limit yourself to just one portfolio, too. Try many platforms to gain as much exposure as you can. Though you can set up your own website for this, you can also try sites such as Behance and Dribble.
  2. Maintain a blog focusing on design. Here, you can post the behind-the-scenes of your works. You can write about the planning stage of your projects and simply post inspiration for your next work. A blog can help people see how and where you derive inspiration for your designs. It’s also a good way to connect to the people who are considering to commission you for work. Ideally, your blog can be a subpage of your portfolio.
  3. Submit themes on blogging platforms. To make your designs more accessible to a larger audience, you can try submitting your themes to blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr. Though it may be additional work and  you often work for free, it can increase your exposure. The themes you submit can always link back to your own website.
  4. Create a Facebook fan page. In no way is this egotistical, because this is merely one way to promote your works. Facebook is a great way to market anything, so why not use it to market your skills? You can easily connect with friends, families, and acquaintances, and show them your recent works. It’s more likely that they’ll check your Facebook page than your website. It’s not difficult to maintain. You only have to update when you have a new work up on your portfolio or a new blog post. It can be used as a way for others to easily contact you and see what design gimmiks you’re currently up to.
  5. Widen your social network. It’s not just Facebook that you need to create, but a whole lot of other social media accounts. Twitter may not be the best way to showcase your web designs, but it can help you connect with other designers and even potential clients. You can also connect your blog to Twitter for instant updates.

It’s nice to think that you’re skilled enough to attract potential clients. But hard work and promotion are in order to make sure that you can properly market your talents as a web designer. It’s not just for web designers, too. Be an essay writer, an illustrator, or a graphic designer, you need to understand that these days, talent can only get you so far.

About the author: As a Creative Writing graduate, Ella Myers enjoys reading novels and sleeping in on weekends. She writes for Bestessays and hopes to get her short stories published someday.

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