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5 Tips to Create Impressive Design for Educational Site

An educational website may be for a college, University or teaching academy/institution, or it may be a website where people may learn (distance learning). Here are five tips to help you build and create an impressive design for your educational website. Just remember to build your design with your target audience in mind. Find out who they are and what they like before confirming your design plans. Do not be afraid of scaring away people that are not part of your target audience.

1 – Give people what they know because that is what they like

Innovation is slow to appear for two reasons. The first is that if you ask people what they want, then they will tell you what they like. The trouble is, they often have what they like, which means they do not really want more. The second reason is because often when an idea is a good one it needs to be forced on the public before they realize it is something they want.

The good news is that your website does not have to be innovative. You do not have to come up with something new and shove it down the public’s throat until they finally realize it is good. With your educational website design, you can just give people more of what they know and like. Just be wary of copying other people’s websites too closely. Consider a well-blended mix of another two websites if you want to give people what they already enjoy.

2 – Build at least three navigation methods into it

The first can be a search bar, the second should be text links, and the third could be buttons or widgets. The search bar needs to be at the top of the page on the left or the right. People are so used to seeing the search bar there that they will assume you do not have one if you do not place it there. The search results should be programmed manually. Do not use a Google search bar. The Google version will only show your web pages that have been indexed by Google, and its results may not be relevant to the user. You should customize how the search bar works so that the results are suitable for the user and so that the results are more than a list of links (like with Google).

The text links are common enough, and you should put them running across the top, down the middle or in one of the sidebars. The buttons and widgets are there to make clicking a little easier because the target is bigger, and because they look better than just text links.

3 – Do include lots of pictures but not of students in classes

Yes, there are a lot of educational websites that have pictures and photos of students, so you will be forgiven for putting modeled pictures of students up there, but those pictures always alienate some students. For example, show a bunch of white students and a Chinese student may feel as if he or she does not belong. Show people of all different races and ironically you show all races they do not belong because there appear to be no substantial groups of people with their race or cultural background.

4 – Use images and text for links to educational resources and lessons

This is impressive because it looks good and it makes navigation easier. It also makes life a little easier if you have a mobile website and you want to make it easier for people to click on your links.

You can just use big images if you wish, but it is better to put text underneath. The text will clarify where the link goes and it is search engine friendly. There are also people that may not know you can click on the larger pictures, so it is a good idea to have text underneath. If they also do not know they can click on the text, then there is not much you can do about it. You can add in a big image-link that actually has writing within the image itself instead of a picture. It is a common trick for adding fancy text and making a link at the same time.

5 – Show people what to expect with images, videos and snippets of text

If you are selling a service online, then show them snippets of learning videos or show them snippets of the textbooks as lessons you provide. If you are promoting your learning institution, then show them your grounds, and people taking part in clubs, and the lessons, and the facilities and dorm rooms. Your design should aide this purpose. It should not clash with the media and text you put on the website. Design a website that shows people what to expect and you automatically create a website that is impressive.

About the author:
Cindy Bates is the freelance writer at Bestessaytips.com and the private tutor for college students. If you’d like to improve your writing skills, ask her how.

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