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11 Elegant & Modern Styles

By crozer
11 Elegant & Modern Styles

These are 10 Photoshop Styles which will enhance, automate and improve your designing progress. Quickly beautify and visually appeal any current project of yours. This file comes with 3 professional, unique and elegant styles that offer light and dark variations each; plus 4 glossy, modern, sophisticated and funky bonus styles.


  • 1 .PSD file with all the styles for easy copy/paste and a general overview
  • 1 .ASL file to load-in all the styles into Photoshop
  • 1 Help file for guidance


  • Two versions for each type of background
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Grouped & named layers
  • 1000×1000 pixels file size
  • .PSD for fast copy-pasting & .ASL file for stable usage of these styles

Thank you 🙂

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